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Kirsty's Atkins Diary

Hi there, I have been on Weight Watchers diet for the past 10 weeks and after having a rollercoaster ride and not doing too great I am now thinking about joining you all on the Atkins diet.

Had my first day today:
Breakfast: Kiwi fruit
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Tin tuna with chopped peppers and lettuce
Dinner: 2 Chicken breasts
Snack: Kiwi

This is my first day on it and not sure if I am doing it right? Any advice?

My OH did the low carb diet for 2 months and lost 3 stone, he has now slowly added in carbs and is maintaining and is doing and looking great! Will try to find before/after pics of him for you all.

I'm just really looking to get some knowledge behind me re the diet. My OH has tried to explain Ketosis to me but can't really get my head around it? Also Induction... What should I be doing? And how long should this last for?

Thanks, Kirsty xx
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Hi Kirsty, no love, you aren't. There is 11G of carbs in those Kiwi fruit so that took you over you 20G of carbs for the day, read the stickies at the top of this forum for allowable foods, generally it's unprocessed meats, and green leaf veggies.
Most fruit is quite high Kirsty hun. I've only ever had a few berries (strawberries n raspberries) n that was only after i'd been on the diet for a few weeks. It's all about keeping your blood sugars n glucose levels steady you see..
Ah thanks so much Jim and Claire, I feel like a right idiot now! lol. I never actually realised how many carbs were in fruit! I shall do the rest of the week without. I just don't know what I am going to eat?? But I am determined to cut out the carbs!

Does anyone have a food diary I could go by for the first couple of weeks?
Is it correct that I should do induction for the first 2 weeks?
You can do induction for up to 6 months Kirsty, but you don't have that much to lose, I'd give it a month or two and see how it goes. There are several food diaries on here, I'd try Claire's.
Day 2 - Tuesday 6th October

Gym: 30 mins bike, 15mins x trainer, 15mins walk, 3 sets 20 sit ups (including sides = 180 sit ups)
Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs and wee drop cheese, 3 strawberries
Dinner: 2 chicken breasts, brocolli

Am looking for any decent advice on what I am eating. I also like to snack quite a lot and need to do my research to see what I can have for snacks...
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Kirsty, there is a "What are we eating" thread, post there and I'll certainly comment.
Day 2 - Wed 7th Oct 09

Woo hoo! Lost 1.5lbs last night! Come on the 14's! So happy! Hopefully will lose some more next Tuesday!

Day 3 Induction diary:
Gym: 40mins bike, 15mins x trainer, 15mins treadmill
Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs, sprinkle cheese
Snack: Cheese cubes
Dinner: 2 chicken breasts, green veg
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LOL, good for you Kirsty. :bliss: :bliss:
Well done, you are doing great!!
Thank you all! I have decided that I am going to aim to do the induction phase up until Christmas albeit with a few treats on the way. October is a really bad month for me with birthdays and nights out coming up so will not be expecting to lose as much as what would probably be normal if I stuck to the diet the whole way. So I am going to aim to be 14 stone by Christmas (16lbs and 11 weeks) we'll say 1.5lb a week - this does sound really achievable!

I am actually really surprised with how I am doing on the diet. I know it's only been 3 days but I used to eat toast with everything and I'm not missing it at all!
Well done Kirsty :) I used to eat nothing but toast during the day and I don't miss it all now either! I'm going into my second week on Atkins tomorrow, I'd be happy with a stone by christmas.. a stone and a half would be amazing though! :D good luck!

Colette x
I was a huge toast eater as well, not unusual for me to scoff 6 or 8 slices as a late evening snack. :)
Hey kirsty.

Hows atkins going? are you finding it easy/hard?

I'm failing miserably but back to the gym today whoooo! so hopefully that will get me in the right direction. Is atkins similar to the south beach diet? xx
Hey Soph! How are you getting on with Rosemary Conley diet? I have no idea what the south beach diet is lol but Atkins is basically cutting out all carbs altogether. I'm still pretty new to it, this is my first week! lol but so far so good. Not even craving any carbs at all which is crazy as I used to eat so much toast with everything! lol xx
South Beach is a less strict version of Atkins I believe. Hi Soph.
I never started rc oopsie, I've just had one of those weeks! grrr!
Hi Jim, I think your right about south beach as my friend has just filled me in some of the details so may give it a go.

I hope your first week goes ok Kirsty :) You never know this may be the diet that suits you the best.

That my problem, i've tried all sorts and give up cos i can't stick to them or get bored very easily ...humph xx
Aw I hope so, I'm much more positive on this, well so far! It sounds funny but on WW you can eat what you want as long as it's within your points and I think that was my down fall because it didn't really feel like a diet and wasn't being as strict with myself so was going over my points too easy. With Atkins it's really strict and know that I will see good results soon. Just trying not to think about all the bread and toast I am missing out on! lol

But I have my treat day on Saturday so have that to look forward to.

Good luck Soph xx

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