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Kit's Diary

Hey Everyone,

Attended my first group last night and starting the plan today (Extra Easy), wish me luck! :)

Starting Weight - 11st 12.5lbs

I don't have a goal date in mind, so long as i lose steadily i'm happy - but i'd love to feel comfortable in a bikini this year as i never have done... so maybe at least by August whilst it's still sunny :p
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Plodding on.......
Hi Kit,

Welcome to SW. It sounds as though you have some really sensible targets which is great. I love EE (it's what I do most of) as it gives me the flexibility to eat a bit of pretty much anything I like :)

Hope you get on well. Let us know.

Gail x
Just got back from my second weigh in...
*drum roll*


-4lbs!!!! yay!!!!


i'm incredibly happy!

and just enjoyed my first hi-fi bar, scrumptious :)


Plodding on.......
Well done Kit. Great news.

Which flavour HiFi did you get ? I love them :)

Gail x


Plodding on.......
LifesDesire said:
Hi Gail,

i got the deluxe one :) i'm going to try a new flavour each week i think! hehe
Now if you want to talk cereal bars, I am definitely your woman !!!! :)

Gail x


Plodding on.......
You're talking my language..............................;)

I LOVE oaty bars although not the milk chocolate ones. I love the white chocolate ones and the new toffee flavoured ones although I haven't tried the strawberry one.

Alpen lights - really like the chocolate and fudge and new double chocolate ones. Like the apple and cinnamon and summer fruits but not that bothered by the chocolate and orange ones. They are a bit synthetic to me.

HiFi bars - Love the new chocolate one and mint and chocolate, like the lemon one, chocolate and orange and the cranberry one. Not bothered about the mince pie one (was a special edition I think) or pecan one.

Haven't tried any others. Let me know how you get on !

Gail x
I've only tried the milk and white chocolate oaty bars (delish) going to have to get hold of the others :)

Alpen lights i have only tried the chocolate and fudge and the summer fruits, both nice though

HiFi bars i bought the deluxe chocolate ones but i haven't tried any others, going to get a new flavour each week, which should i try next do you recon?


Plodding on.......
Oooooh definitely mint choc then probably lemon. Have fun :)

Gail x
I lost another pound this week!

Which i literally did in a day as yesterday i was very depressed that i had gained! so i played dance central for 2.5 hours and burned over 600 calories, and today 50% of the food i've eaten has been superfree (so since yesterday i've lost 2lbs :p)

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