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Kitty's OLD diary... now in silver members section :D


Start Weight: 24st 7lbs :cry:

First Goal Date: March 3rd 2012 <-- my wedding day!
Goal: Lose 1 stone or more before the wedding!

Main Goal: Get to a size 14/16. Probably about 14 or 15 stone for me. So 10 stone to lose!!!!!!!!!

Weigh Ins
6/1/12 - RESTART - 24st 7lb

Mini Goals:
336 / 24st 20/10/12
322 / 23st
308 / 22st
306 / 10% Lost!
299 / Into the 200's!
294 / 21st
280 / 20st
266 / 19st
252 / 18st
240 / 100lbs off!
238 / 17st
224 / 16st
210 / 15st
209 / BMI Overweight
199 / Into the 100's!
196 / 14st
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Its day 4 of SW today, been 100% all week, rezally proud of myself. I really cant get my head round how eating this much food can mean i will lose weight though! Eating things that i never would if i dieted myself. Fingers crossed that me and OH will have a great first week loss :)
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Minimin Addict
Yey you're back!!!
No point dwelling on the the last attempt just focus on this one and the guys and girls in the sw diaries are pretty amazing.
Well done on the 4days at 100%, are you going to group or from home?
Me and my OH are going to group together, he wants to lose weight too and because i do better at groups hes going with me for support :) He wants to lose 3 stone for the wedding too.

Making Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch, OH has his half day off from work today so he's having a nap and I'm slaving over a hot stove.... or rather the chicken is cooking and im on here! Lol! I have my fingers crossed that we both have good first week losses on Thursday, OH cant seem to believe he can eat so much and lose weight, neither can i really, but Im sure we will find out on Thursday! Fingers crossed!
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Hey Kitty, I am wanting to loose 3 stone too, well done on an excellent week! Hope it shows on the scales which I'm sure it will :)
thanks katie :)

just sat and eaten cheese... actual cheese and its in the diet, its great i think i love slimming world lol. i really hope we both get great losses tomorrow night, we deserve them! :)
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weigh in tonight, eeeeeek! im convinced i wont have lost weight though, stupid brain!! 4 and a half hours till weigh in, i havent had my lunch yet but i dont want to eat too late and then it weigh heavier lol. the things i do on weigh in day so i dont weigh more!!
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Thanks to Divster and Nicki's inspiration I'm now a 'slimpodster' too :D I've got the Slimpod system from here incase you're new to it like I am only yesterday I'd never heard of it! I've got the Drop 2 dress sizes or more one as well as the Chocoholic and Stressbusting ones, cant wait to listen to them tonight and hopefully see some changes like Nicki and Divster have :D
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well i listened to my Slimpod last night, me and OH did and today.... i feel the same apart from a bit sick lol. Ive been up for a few hours and I've only just remembered the Alpen bars i got when I woke up and ate one of them... Had a cup of tea and thats about it. I really dont feel hungry but then mornings and food have never really gone hand in hand for me. Maybe that'll change... who knows! I was feeling very positive yesterday wondering how i'd feel this morning after listening to it. now i feel really like its been an 'anti climax' lol.

In other news my coat from littlewoods came this morning, its lovely :D So glad to have a winter coat now its getting soooo cold at night. I usually just live in hoodies but this seems such a more grown up coat and im liking it! This is the coat :D. Its pretty lol :) Also got a floaty long warm cardigan and its lovely too, my 'christmas dress' that i ordered was so vile! It was that material that clings to EVERYTHING and even by the time I've lost about 4 stone it would still CLING! so i've sent that back. I may have to go for a walk today so I can wear my new cardi and coat lol. I need to find my gloves, wherever they have gone during summer! I wore them constantly last winter, i neeeeed to find them!

Long post or what! Im in a typing/writing mood today it seems :D Oh and Nicki I'm stealing your colourful posting idea ;)
Its Saturday, yey i love saturdays :D OH only works till 12.30 then hes all mine :D and then tomorrow hes off woooooooop! Listened to slimpod again last night and then reaslised i havent done my 3 positives for the day so...
1. Drank more fluids than usual
2. Didn't snack at all! STRANGE!
3. Went for a walk :D

And i thought it hadnt made a difference lol, who knows if thats from listening to slimpod or not but they are still good changes :) Something rather weird happened as well last night, i had my tea (pasta with pork) and I had my second to last bite of it and then had to run to the sink as i felt like i was going to be sick :/ I wasnt but I realised it was because I was full... now that never happens, I can usually eat and eat until I feel uncomfortable but last night I was going to finish my bowl of pasta and I must have just had one too many fork fulls and my body decided enough was enough! I definately didnt finish it after that haha. I dunno if thats anything to do with slimpod but I was thinking last night, someone said its meant to have a similar effect of hypno gastric band? and i suppose that would make sense with me nearly being sick when I ate too much? Very STRANGE!!!

Anyway, I think today we are going to maybe go shopping, I need some winter shoes and I really fancy doing something active... Nicki mentioned swimming in her diary, and now I can't get that out of my head! Ive not been swimming for about 10 years but now Im wondering what time the local pool is open for lane swimming?! Who is this woman and what have you done with Kitty?!?!?

Well done to you and your OH on your fantastic weight loss.
What a great start to your diet.

Just been having a read of your diary and you seem to be dong great so far.

I know this is probably a stupid question but what is a slimpod?

See I told you haha

anyway good luck to the both of you x

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