kizzib's 2010 diary


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okay thats me back on the EE diet after a naughty xmas period and stress of my gran's illness. I *so* want to reach target so I need to get my bum in gear. 2010 is the year I turn 30 and I want to look good for then.

I plan to do EE and also do exercise 3 times a week and vary my exercise - wii fit, exercise video, exercise class and walking (once the snow melts!). I also plan to try some things from the EE cookbook!

so today's meals are:

B - 2 wheatabix with SS milk (HEa & HEb)

L - chicken sandwich using small w/m roll (4 syns) diet coke

D - burger and chips from the EE cookbook (minus salsa sauce and the roll so FREE)

exercise - 20 mins of hannah waterman dvd (first day of trying it and I actually think it is sh*t)
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B - 2 slices small w/m bread and glass milk (HEa and HEb)

L - ate out, went waay over my syns. no tea due to big lunch and no snacks at all today.

excercise - wii fit 30 mins


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B - had a lie in so none

L - roast chicken sandwich using HEb, diet coke, apple,

D - chicken noodle soup from EE cookbook (free) then got hungry later and had small bag of chips (17.5 syns) :( oh dear...

no exercise :( as my toddler will NOT go to bed grr


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B - w/m toast and glass milk (HEa and HEb)

L - mullerlight and cuppa soup (tesco healthy living chicken noodle - 2 syns), diet coke

D - FREE chicken stir fry, diet coke

snacks - special k bar (4.5 syns)

exercise - 30 mins of dancing around to boogie beebies with wee one, walking to friend's house and back.


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B - toast & milk (HEs)

L - roast chicken sandwich (4 syns), diet coke, tea (black)

D - breaded chicken goujons (6.5 syns) with low syn mccain rustic chips (2 syns)