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Knee pain on LT


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Hey don't know if anyones experienced any trouble with their knees on LT? i'm on day 4 now and day 2 and 3 my knees were in agony! never had any trouble with them before, it looked like water retention? Don't know whether i'm drinking too much/too little water (drinking about 2.5 litres) or whats wrong....they aren't so bad today but was hoping one of you might have an idea?
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I'm on day 5 today and my knee was killing yesterday. I didn't think of it being to do with this just thought it was abit restless leg or something. Will keep an eye on it thoug.
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Hi, I am on day two and when i woke up this morning it was like i had done a full body workout.

It is just the body going through ketosis and these are all side effects.
But it should go away after a week.
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wow! av felt and still feeling my knees ache but i didnt associate it with the lt diet. ooh ooh, we have to besr it, dont we? i had to have muscle rub last night. i can honestly say av been taking enough water so i dont know what it is but am trying to ignore so many things and stay focused cos am enjoying the compliments. lol


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Hi Myckala,

Hope its going ok for you. This diet has no negative side effects that I am aware of. I did it three years ago and lost almost four stone in 10 weeks. I could have kept the weight off very easily but I had some trauma and ate for comfort. It seemed less important cos I hadn't reached my goal weight and I always had it at the back of my mind that I would go back on lipotrim to finish the job off so why not have that packet of.... So here I am on Round 2 and I am on day 11. I have suffered from Knee pain in the past due to being so heavy and water retention but I haven't had knee pain because of the LT diet and I really dont think it can cause knee pain. Call your pharmacist to see what they say (thats what they are there for).

In the first few days try to focus on the positives and remain determined. I can't deny that the first few days do hurt and its easy to find an excuse to give up. I have heard it so many times "the diet to tooo hard" they say or "I didnt feel well on it". Excuses cos this diet is the one diet that makes you feel great if you stick rigidly to the plan. Then a lot of people are side tracked by fears (often they are misinformed) and they fall off the wagon.

Stick with it for one week and you will be a believer. This is the easiest diet once you are on it. But you must stick rigidly to the three shakes a day and nothing else (dont even eat a fingernail). And make sure that you have lots and lots of water. Preferably about 3 litres a day mostly in the morning. I found that the weight just falls away, melts, to reveal you.

Take care



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S: 18st11lb C: 16st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st3lb(11.79%)
Hey thanks for all your responses, it's nice just to know i'm not the only one whose had problems! Bellerine four stone in ten weeks is amazing! Most other diets out there you wouldn't dream of being able to lose the amount you can on LT! I went to see my pharmacist today but she didn't really know what caused the knee pain, the main thing is it has gone now, along with all the other horrid first few day pains...still feel a hunger pain every now and again but other than that I feel great and its day 5! When i was there I had a cheeky mid week weigh in and so far this week i've lost 8lb, thats spurred me on now and i'm looking forward to my actual first week weigh in on tuesday thanks for all your responses again and I look forward to joining you all in becoming healthier, slimmer and happier x

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