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Knock, knock


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S: 20st4lb G: 10st0lb
I'm coming to join you, swapping over from exante. I've done a lot of reading the last couple of weeks on atkins, it would be great if someone could read this over to make sure I'm doing it right though. I will be reading and rereading the book but you can't beat the voice of experience.

Is the 20g of carbs a day made up of my green leafy/other veg on the allowed list? Can I have a splash of soya milk in my tea (redbush which is naturally caffeine free)? I am reluctantly going to costco to buy a bag of decaff beans tonight, so giving up the proper stuff. I don't want to bend the rules in my swapover as I know I'm probably in for a regain or at least static couple of weeks so going to strictly stick to induction.

Today I was rushing out of the door as something last minute came up, I do normally eat breakfast but didn't. I had my smallest school play and my dad had decided to visit so had to pick him up from the station. Would someone tell me if my planned food is ok?

S: cube cheese & a bit of ham whilst prepping dinner for the girls
L: Half mattesons no carb smoked sausage, half cup mushrooms with garlic (garlic is ok isn't it?) and 2 scrambled eggs made with butter mmmm.
D: Steak, green herby salad (1/2 bag), maybe another 1/2cup of mushrooms and I might bake a camembert to drizzle over it, use the rest for dh's pasta.

Lots of redbush tea, lots of water, I'm already used to drinking a lot of fluid due to the VLCD.
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You don't have to decaf as long as you're not drinking gallons. Welcome, Atkins seems to be a natural progression from Exante, there's lots of us here.
jump aboard .............. and good luck xx


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WooHoo!! We've stolen another one!!!!

Welcome! Have a seat, take your shoes off and stick yer feet up! Nice to have u here!


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Your day is largely fine, but low carb wise. Mushrooms have practically zero carbs so try and add some more green veg in with lunch, breakfast or as a snack. You can have slightly higher carb veg, you just need to keep track of it. 1 regular courgette is about 4g carbs, for example. Half a bag of cabbage about 2g. Are you taking vitamin supplements? You need to get some nutrients from the veg but Aldo done fibre/roughage. Keeps you regular ;) garlic is fine.

Around 15g of your carbs should officially be from veg. Unofficially people might use say 10g for that and 10g for a little real milk and some pate, say. Just make sure you do spend some on veg, and the rest goes on low GI stuff - so not 20g carbs worth of choc or crisps!

We have lots of ex exanters - good luck & good start!


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S: 20st4lb G: 10st0lb
Thanks Rosebug, that's helpful. I'm going to shop properly tomorrow, check out a localish farm shop that always has good meat deals advertised and maybe go to market for some more veggies. Today was a chasing my tail kind of day, I still haven't had my tea yet but I'm also not feeling that hungry which is odd as I have still been starving in ketosis on exante most days.

Going to enjoy it after I've picked my dd1 up from brownies. I picked up a lovely caeser salad dressing in costco which is only 2g carb per 100g so going to make a steak caesar instead of doing the camembert.

Is a bit of onion allowed on induction? I miss onion.

You will almost certainly love this 'diet'. If you are swapping straight over from a TFR VLCD you may regain a bit at first or STS. Don't panic! It's only water/glycogen and it will soon be gone.

Atkins used to advise no caffeine at all. Now it is permitted in moderate amounts but I choose to drink decaf coffee on the basis that there must have been a good reason for suggesting a limit to caffeine intake. I don't like rooibos tea, alas, so I drink regular tea in limited quantities. I have tried the half-caf tea but would rather have less of the real thing.

Losses on Atkins are of course slower than on a VLCD so please don't be disappointed if the weight doesn't fall off. Those who have come to Atkins from a 'normal' i.e. high carbohydate diet do usually see a very good loss the first week or two - moreso if they are heavily overweight at the start.

You will soon feel fantastic. Ketosis is wonderful as you already know and to have it along with actual decent tasty real food is just amazing lol.

Good luck!


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S: 14st10lb C: 13st0lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 1st10lb(11.65%)
Onions are one of the carbier of our vegetable friends. You can have a little now and then but you need to keep track. Spring onions are less carby, and personally I sprinkle a tblsp of chopped chives over salads for an oniony taste without the actual onion.


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The chives grow like weeds in my garden, I have an endless supply over the next 6mths or so. I'll try using them to replace in cooking too, great idea. I often have them in salads and don't eat raw onion so won't miss them there.


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Hi, and welcome


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Hi Smaller and welcome, you'll love it here :)

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