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Krissybaby food diary

First weigh last night and lost 4lbs :D
Thought I'd better start a food diary to keep track of things as this is the point in a diet when I usually think it's ok to treat myself because I've lost weight!

I do extra easy every day

Here goes:-

Breakfast: raspberry & cranberry muller light - was surprised how tasty this was, really fruity but with no lumps

Snack: 2 Dairylea tri-bites (hexA)
Tea with sweetner & milk (1/2 syn)

Lunch: gammon, pineapple ring(1syn), new potatoes, peas and carrots
Tea with sweetner and milk (1syn)

Tea: free prawn tikka massala from scratch, rice, bananas and custard muller light.

I seem to be eating my weight in muller lights this week!

I must admit I had a sneaky bar of mint aero after weigh in last night, but it really didn't taste as good as usual. Must be the guilt:rolleyes:

I don't really seem to need to use many syns through the week which is good as I can use them for a night out at the weekend. I did that last Saturday.

Am staying in this weekend though so trying to do a 100% weekend if that is humanly possible:D Wish me luck!!
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Addicted to Minimins!
S: 19st10lb C: 16st10lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 3st0lb(15.22%)
well done on your loss 4lbs is a great start! Your menus are lovely but I would say make sure you eat your superfree, keeping a diary keeps me motivated, i have been exceptionally busy this week and i am struggling - I am convinced its because i haven't been getting my required daily "minimins" fix
Thank for the advice guys. I do find it hard to eat my superfree for lunch when I'm at work. I was out for lunch yesterday so didn't get a choice of veg. I put lots of superfree veg in my tikka massala though it was delish. I love SW :D
Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on 2 slices toast (HExb)Tea with milk (1/2 syn) 1 smartie, 1 malteser (1/2 syn??)

Lunch: low fat super noodles, tuna, strawberries and vanilla & chocolate mullerlight, coffee with milk (1/2 syn)

Tea: pasta, tomatoes, peppers, chilli, onion, broccoli, mushrooms, cumin, garlic, herbes de provence, red wine vinegar, sweetener, quark, BBQ chicken chunks (1.5 syn), low low cheddar (HExA)

Treat: flake (8.5 syns) cadbury highlights dark (2 syns)

Staying in on my own tonight. Flatmate is away out on the town. Trying to keep my comfort food within the limits :(

Planning another treat tomorrow - ben & jerrys at cinema. Taking my nephew to see Toy Story 3
Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, 2 slices toast (HExB), quark

Lunch: 1 scoop ben & jerrys choc fudge brownie ice cream at cinema:D (13 syns)

Tea: leftover pasta from last night, low low cheddar (HExA), muller light orange with dark choc


Addicted to Minimins!
S: 19st10lb C: 16st10lb G: 11st4lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 3st0lb(15.22%)
Kristin - I have been roasting up loads of veg for dinner and then reserving a portion for the next days lunch - red onions, peppers, cherry toms, courgettes, aubergine (but you can use anything) with a bit of frylite, balsamic vinegar and mixed herbs - I actually prefer them cold. Don't forget fruit are included in the superfree - so how about having a couple of pieces of fruit - nectarine, apple, strawberry, grapes etc with your lunch?
Mmm that sounds good Donna. Would be nice with some couscous for lunch. I will give that a go. I think preparation is the key with this diet eh? Thank for the advice :)
Breakfast: Raspberry & cranberry mullerlight

snack: chicken noodle mug shot, tea with sweetner & milk (1/2 syn)

lunch: baked potato, tuna, sweetcorn, 4 laughing cow extra light triangles (HExA), couple of sips of latte with full fat milk:eek: (2 syns??)

Tea: homemade chilli & rice, 0% fat greek yogurt (instead of sour cream YUM!!! Dark choc with black cherry layer muller light (2 syns)

Total syns: 4.5

Total syns for week so far: 33.5/70

Should I be eating more syns??:hmm:I usually save them up for booze at weekend but stayed in this weekend. Will this affect my weightloss?? HELP PLEASE??
Breakfast: peach & pineapple muller light

snack: spicy sweet n sour mug shot, coffee with sweetener & milk (1/2 syn)

Lunch: smash & beans

Tea: leftover chilli, rice, broccoli, lowlow cheddar (HExA), 0% fat greek yogurt

snack: flake (8.5 syns) cadburys highlights (2)

Total syns: 11
Total for week: 44.5/70
Breakfast: muller light strawberry, 2 slices toast (HExB) 2 laughing cow extra light triangles (HExA), Tea with sweetner & milk (1/2 syn)

Lunch: baked potato, chicken, 4 laughing cow extra light (HExA), 2 cups tea with sweetner & milk (1 syn)

Tea: More leftover chilli!! with pasta, 0% fat greek yogurt, muller light

Total syns: 1.5
Total this week: 46/70

Weigh in tomorrow so nervous. No sneaky peeks at my own scales so no idea how I've done
Thursday Food Diary

Breakfast: Muller light

Lunch: Mug Shot, muller light, tea with milk & sweetener

Tea: BBQ Chunk chicken (1.5 syns), microwave rice (1 syn), salsa (3 syns), cheese (HExA), 0% fat greek yogurt, flake (8.5 syns), Highlights (2 syns)

Total: 16.5 syns
Total for week: 62.5/70

Wasn't a good day as hardly has time to eat I was so busy at work. Everything kept breaking. Then one of my braces brackets came off so had to travel 35 miles to dentist!! Lost 3 lbs at weigh in :D Probably a pound of that was due to the hardly eating though. Wonder how it will affect next week's weigh in :hmm:
Oh dear I consumed rather a lot of alcohol last night :(

Too hungover to write it all down but safe to say I have consumed 44.5 syns out of my 70 for the week yesterday. It wasn't even worth it.:sigh:

And I am going to TGI Gridays for tea tonight! Oh help :wave_cry:
Saturday 31st July


Lunch: pasta, savoury mince( beef mince, beef oxo cubes, tinned tomatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms, peas), v low fat fromage frais, coffee with milk (part HExA)

Tea: 2 slices toast (HExB), 2 laughing cow extra light(part HExA), savoury mince, v low fat fromage frais, muller light

Snack: 1 scoop ben & jerrys mango berry swirl sorbet (5 syns)

midnight snack!: mug shot

Total syns:5
Total for week: 49.5/70

Gave TGIs a miss. Phew!!
Sunday 1st August

Lunch: Savoury mince on 2 slices bread (HExB), v low fat fromage frais

Snack: 3 teas with milk (1.5 syns) 2 packets sugar (2 syns), large fruit scone (11.5 syns), jam (4 syns)

Tea: pasta, tomatoes, broccoli, onion, mushrooms, garlic, bbq chunky chicken(1.5 syns), chilli powder, red wine vinegar, sweetener, Cheese (HExA), v low fat fromage frais.

Snack: strawberries, raspberries, vanilla
muller light

Total: 20.5
Total for week: 70/70:eek::eek::eek:

Must be 100% for rest of week
Must be 100% for rest of week
Must be 100% for rest of week
Monday 2nd August

Breakfast: Cranberry & raspberry muller light, tea with sweetner & milk (part HexA)

Lunch: left over pasta from last night, 2 laughing cow extra light triangles melted on top (part HExA), tea with sweetner & milk (part HExA)

Tea: Moroccan chicken & chickpea stew: chicken, chickpeas, onion, turnip, green beans, carrot, tomatoes, cumin, chilli powder, cinnamon, juice of half an orange. Served with couscous made with chicken stock cube & juice of half an orange - YUMMERS!!!:D:D:D

Snack: strawberries & raspberries with muller light (vanilla with dark choc sprinkles

Am trying to save money so that is why I am eating the same thing for days in a row. I don't mind doing that when the food is so good

Total syns: 0
Total for week: 70/70
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Tuesday 3rd August

Breakfast: Bananas & custard muller light, tea with milk & sweetener (part HExA)

Lunch: More leftover pasta from Sunday!! 2 laughing cow extra light triangles (part HeXA), coffee with milk & sweetener (part HExA)

Tea: Moroccan chicken & chickpea stew with couscous again!! Strawberries, raspberries, vanilla with choc spinkles muller light

Total syns: 0
Total for week: 70/70

Exercise: 1 hour tennis
Wednesday 4th August

Breakfast: Muller light, coffee with sweetener & milk (part HExA)

Lunch: baked potato, chicken, 3 laughing cow extra light triangles (part HExA), tea with sweetener & milk x 2 (part HExA)

Tea: Moroccan chicken & chickpea stew, couscous, vanilla with chc sprinkles muller light

Went round to my friends to watch a DVD and had to sit and watch them all tuck into cheesy chicken nachos - my favourite food. That was torture :( I hope it pays off at weigh in tonight
Thursday 5th August

Breakfast: Roast chicken mugshot - weird I know I just fancied it, coffee with milk & sweetener (part HExA)

Lunch: baked tattie, beans, 3 laughing cow extra light triangles (part HExA), tea with milk & sweetener x 2 (part HExA)

weigh in: lost 0.5.

Am ok with that. My scales weigh exactly the same as SW every week and last week on weigh in day morning I was down 2lbs. I didn't have time to eat very much that day - only a muller and a mug shot so by the time weigh in came around I was down 3lbs!! I think it was just emptiness however. Based on that I am down 1.5 this week so that's why I am not too bothered.

Not sure if I am eating enough for breakfast, going to try eating more this week to see if it helps weight loss. Also eat more superfree and super speed

Tea: chicken kebab, 1/5 of a pitta bread, v low fat fromage frais, a piece of dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids), couple of mouthfuls of Highlights dark hot chocolate drink - syns??? 3 for kebab, 2 for pitta, 0.5 for hot chocolate, 5??

Total syns: 10.5
Total for week: 80.5/70 :rolleyes: oops
Friday 6th August

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, 2 slices toast (HExB), 2 LC extra light triangles (part HExA), tea with milk & sweetener (part HExA)

Lunch: salmon, peppers, onions, (cooked in oil 4 syns) new potatoes, peas, carrots, tea with milk & sweetener (part HExA)

Tea: chicken tikka massala SW style, rice, strawberries, blackberries, grapes, blackcurrants, cherries, muller light

Total: 4
Total for week: 4/70

Saturday 7th August

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on toast (HExB), 2 LC extra light (partHExA), mushrooms

Lunch: lentil soup, left over chicken tikka massala, microwave rice (1 syn)

Tea: (hen night)copious amounts of vodka & diet coke, cheeky vimto, sex on the beach, shot of apple sourz....:sigh:1 chicken goujon with the batter taken off dipped in BBQ sauce

Midnight munchies: 1 dairylea tri bite (part HExA), mushy peas, low fat supernoodles - least I managed to be good foodwise even when plastered!!!

No syns for the rest of the week me thinks. Hope I can pull it back by Thursday
Sunday 8th August

Brunch: chicken & mushroom pasta n sauce, peas, tuna, quark, 2 slices toast

Tea: roast chicken, new potatoes, 2 LC extra light triangles (2 syns)

Snack: toffee muller light, tinned spaghetti, cheese (HExA)

dark chocolate 4.5 syns

Total 6.5 syns

Monday 9th August

Breakfast: strawberries, Onken fat free vanilla yogurt

Snack: Thai Mug Shot (yum by the way) 1/2 syn

Lunch: lentil soup, wholemeal roll (HExB), chicken, 2 LC extra light triangles(part HExA), salad, tea with milk (part HExA) and sweetener

Tea: homemade SW chilli, rice, v low fat fromage frais

Total: 1/2 syn
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