Kristen's Journey! :)


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Hey, I'm Kristen (newbie! :) ) and this is my journey to lose those pounds!

It really isn't easy to lose weight when you're a student... It's really not easy to lose weight at any time, really. But I figured that now is a better time than any - before I start my life, settle down , have kids. It would probably be a LOT harder to acheive down the line with baby fat. SO I decided to start NOW, while I'm still young and my metabolism is still ticking at a fairly high pace!

I've been overweight for a VERY long time... the first time I really remember it becoming a problem was when I was in grade five, I'm pretty sure... I overheard one of the boys in my class saying "There is nobody decent to have as a girlfriend in this class... meghan is just so skinny and kristen is just so fat." Even though I had no interest in this or any of the boys in my class at that age, that comment has stayed with me ever since, and it probably always will, especially since it's the only time I can remember any of my peers saying anything about my weight. My parents would always encourage me to eat healthier foods, and to exercise, but I was always VERY self-conscious of my body, and joining sports wasn't always the easiest thing to do when all I could think about was how paranoid I was that people were watching and criticizing me. It was hard to deal with the fact that ALL of my friends would eat cookies, pizza, ice cream or pop for lunch while I had fruit and veggies, and a diet drink. It made me feel REALLY left out and secluded, even thought my parents were just doing what was best for me.

While my self-esteem did get better over time and I learned to love my body the way that it was, I never really got better. I can honestly say that I was AFRAID to weigh myself, starting fights and crying whenever my parents would bring it up. My first boyfriend (who, when we started dating was less than 100 pounds, versus me, who was probably 180 at the time) would try to coax me into losing weight for health reasons, but I would never do it. I needed to do it on my own and on my own time - not because somebody else wanted me to.

The last time I remember weighing myself was probably in the ninth grade. I was 187 pounds at the time. Between puberty, a job at McDonald's, stress, lack of physical activity and just a simple LOVE for food, I managed to gain 50 pounds over the course of highschool and my freshman semester of university - I recently weighed myself and I was 234 pounds. I couldn't beleive it! I finally decided that it was time for me to take control of my habits and disorder (if you could call it that.. I was legitimately AFRAID of weighing myself.) and lose the weight. Ultimately - I want to lose 100 pounds. Unfortunately, I don't have a weigh scale in my dorm room. However, I plan to weigh myself weekly when I go to visit my grandparents.

I've already started on the weight watcher's flex points plan - I get 28 points a day and 35 flex points a week - more if I exercise. I've gone to the gym twice so far this week, which is excellent for me!

I get inspired by TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress".. I LOVE that show, and one episode there was this girl who lost 120 pounds! I couldn't believe it! Just the thought of weddings and stuff get me really inspired to look good and lose the weight - not to mention the fact that a pregnancy with a bmi of 36 would not be good!

I'm really excited about this and I REALLY hope that I can keep it up! :D
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Hi Kristen

Welcome to the board and thanks for sharing your story :)
Its terrible the things that stick with us as kids , i was never bullied and always had friends but i remember this one guy when i was about 11 saying to me... "ho ho ho green giant".... lol the song from the pea advert... anyhow, its hillarious now but for years i couldnt wear green anymore ( that day i was wearing green denim shorts and a green and white stripped t-shirt! shocking i know laughing, but i was very colour coordination back then lol)...

I just thought id share that even though its embaressing to say your not alone and from reading your first post, it shows your onto a good start have good motivation and are planning ahead, i am 27 and just got married last Aug and i wanted to lose the weight for it, now my day was lobely and my husband loves me for me, but i found i got stressed to lose it so put it on instead .... so use it as positive motivation nothing else.....

Well done on gym twice this week. ...



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Pubescent boys sure can be cruel! :( and yeah, it's ridiculous to think that I got offended by it now, because I was just so interested in him, but I really think that THAT'S what got me started on this whole downhill thing.

Oh yeah! it's definately JUST positive motivation! I know a lot of people see university as the start of their lives - I did before I actually came here. but being here for almost a year now, I've really realized that this is still just the beginning, and I really feel like I need to actually START my life on the right foot. :)

Today has been good so far, although I slept in and skipped first class! :p I ate pretty well, although the dining hall lady put way too much meat on my sub... so I settled for a bowl of soup instead. :) My bf (brandon) and I are going to a chinese new year celebration tonight (i'm not chinese... haha, it was just happening and I found it interesting!) and it includes a meal. I don't really know what it entails, but hopefully it will be something half-decently healthy? we'll see! :)


S: 16st10lb C: 16st10lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
So The chinese meal last night wasn't your average Chinese-Canadian food - It was pretty much ALL really spicy, saucy veggies!
It was also served in a styrofoam dinner plate in which it had been sitting for some time - soggy veggies and chicken... yum..?

although I really loved the idea of the meal and it was really healthy (I only counted 8 points for the whole meal - including a can of regular sprite!!) I really wasn't satisfied and was really hungry afterwards.... which led to me asking brandong to make a trip to subway in order to avoid getting mozzarella sticks at the on-campus take out! (5$ of the take out is FREE if we skip/miss meals... how can a girl resist that!? :O )
So anyways, I went two points over yesterday which isn't too bad considering. I could have made some better choices, but I guess that's just life.

Brandon made me "breakfast in bed" this morning - it doesn't get much better than crackers and cheese and a bottle of water while you're living in residence, but the cheese was so good. :) 5 points.

lunch was really good, I ate cheeze whiz toast and special K, which was delicious, I had bananas in it! they didn't even give me a bad belly this time... maybe it's because I've changed my eating habits? :)

I haven't had anything to eat since, and guess what? i'm not even hungry! :D Brandon and I are going out to montanna's tonight for a valentine's supper, it should be fun! :) I've been feeling a LOT better in comparison to the last few weeks. No heart burn OR upset stomach! I'm really liking my results so far!


S: 16st10lb C: 16st10lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
eating well has really been a struggle for me this weekend. I had so many times that we ate out - I really should have stuck with meal hall. Although dinner tonight was DELICIOUS, I think I'm going to start counting points again tomorrow - AFTER my midterm exam. I'm still watching what I eat though, so it will go alright. Just a little stumble upon the way! I weigh in on saturday morning. I wonder how that will go? :)


S: 16st10lb C: 16st10lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
the past few days have been so harddddd.
my skinny best friend and my fit boyfriend just don't understand how hard it is for me to lose weight. >.<

Yesterday, my boyfriend brought me tim horton's (it's a coffee + donuts shop here in canada if you didn't know! :) ) after we got in a spat and because i had been eating so well all week - it would have been fine if he had brought me just the hot chocolate or a coffee but he brought me a hot chocolate AND a chocolate chip muffin. and I had to eat them, because he had been so sweet and walked accross campus to get them for our afternoon together. ( I love him. :) )
so anyways. that was a setback, but then at supper, we had surprise pancakes for pancake day.


not to mention mother nature pays a visit tomorrow. awesome.

God help me.