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Ky's Diary

Hey all,

I'm new here and I'm starting this because then it makes it offical that i'm trying to lose weight! I used to go to group and I should really go back but I can't afford it at the moment so I'm trying to go it alone. I know what I need to do and I know the rules and how to follow the plan, but I lack motivation sometimes and have no willpower it seems! I thought perhaps if I put myself 'out there' I might be more inclined to keep at it!

I weighed myself today (my group was always on a Thursday anyway) and i'm 10st 11lbs. I had gotten right down to 10st 1/2 lb so I'm really annoyed with myself for gaining the weight back. It's piled back on since I finished uni and got a job where I'm mostly sat down and bored out of my brains and like to eat. I'm hoping to get back into my zumba class and into my good eating habits. It doesn't matter much if nobody reads this or anything, I'm just hoping it'll help me a bit to have written it down.

So, my current weight is 10st 11, I don't actually have a target weight, but under 10st would be good, I think about 9st 8 or 10 would be about right, i'm not sure though. I'll start writing in what I eat from tomorrow and see how I go. Eek!
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Okay, today has been an EE day, as most of mine are, and i've had...

Breakfast : coffee, tiny bit of milk, 1 sugar, banana

Lunch: Tea with one sugar and a bit of milk, cheese mugshot, apple and plum

Tea: Tea with one sugar and a bit of milk, and a SW recipe my mum cooked and t'was free

I have just made myself another coffee, with one sugar, small bit of milk and I'm feeling like i've done really well so far :) Not many syns used and I managed to say no to cake earlier! Go me!
I've been really good today food wise! I had a minimal amount of syns, 4 on sugar in coffees, and 2 on an options hot chocolate for bed :) I had pickled onions for dinner and for lunch I had 3 slices of WW Danish stuff with fried eggs (used fry light) and some beans :) completely free as I had no butter or anything! I'm going back to sleep now before I get hungry lol, night all
Ok so yesterday I had a couple of coffees (3 syns worth of sugar), toast for lunch with jam on, (4 syns as I had bread as healthy extra) and then a chinese, but I was really good and had boiled rice and chicken in oyster sauce - another part of the forum said that it was about 4.5 syns. I also had 4 prawn crackers, so 3 syns worth there. I'm pretty sure that's it!

Today I had 4 syns worth of sugars in my drinks, dinner was spicy mince and mashed swede, and I had ham sandwhiches, about 3 syns worth of stuff in there, a banana, an apple, and now a couple of maoam sweets :) Feel like it's going quite well so far!

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