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Ladies: Mirena coil advice - bit fed up now!


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***WARNING*** (too much information ahead!)

I've posted previously about the Mirena coil, so I know there's a few knowledgeable ladies on here who may be able to give me some advice.

I had the coil fitted for two reasons really - since losing weight my periods had become heavier and more regular (gah! :mad:) and were making me feel drained every month, and as a long term contraceptive (I can't take the combined pill because of a DVT in the past, and I'm rubbish at remembering to take tablets at the same time every day).

I was hoping that my periods may become shorter after a few months, but I'll have had it in for 5 months on 15th and they're no shorter. In fact they're longer and heavier, and more painful. This is far TMI, but out of the last 5 months I've probably only had about a month where I haven't been bleeding. At the moment I've been 'on' for 8 days, and I thought it was finally coming to an end, but no such luck! :(:(

So I don't know what to do...whether to persevere with it for a couple more months, or to consider having it removed. I don't really want to have it removed as my contraceptive choices are then basically limited to latex-free condoms (latex allergy :eek:) as higher dose choices such as the implant are not advisable.

Anybody have any advice? I'm just feeling so fed up at the moment :(


Sian xxx
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Have you been scanned for Fibroids?

Despite everything my doctor prescribed mine got heavier and heavier until I told my doctor to refer me to gynae. It turned out I had a 24 week sized uterus!!!!

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Hi hun, I can't help but I do think you should go back & speak to your Dr. Good luck hun XX
def go back to your doc i have a marina coil but i've never had any probs with it Good luck on getting to the bottom of it x
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I have had the Mirena coil in now for 4.5 years and i have no problems with it, i used to have a old copper T coil before and had no end of probs, long heavy painful bleeds with all the charming things that come along it.

I am starting the sw diet tommorow- i have to have a hystrectomy next year so need and i must add i am ready in my head to do it at long last, so fingers crossed....

But good luck and hope u get help from the doctor very soon hun.


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I think talking to the doctor is for the best. My periods are longer with mine in, but the are so much lighter and less painful.

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