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Lady problems!!

Hi All!!.... I am feeling pretty freaked out!!! last month was my first month of SS'ing and had TOTM just fine at the start of CD....

I have been on CD about 37 days and am now about 6 days overdue and am usually spot on with dates for TOTM..... last weeks weigh in was pitiful (half a pound - indicating TOTM was on its way) so am expecting a better result this week but cant weigh until they actually arrive!!!.... dear God I can't be pregers?!?!......

Have your cycles gone heywire on CD?.... I have been SS+ing for a little while now.... I do go to the gym 5 days a week though.....

EEEK! Thanks!!
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Yes. My totm was all over the place. It went from being 30/31 days to around a 26 day cycle. Sometimes it would come slightly earlier. From about 7-8 months in it went back to 30'ish days, but this time I was 10 days late. They're more painful too. Since I came off SS they have started to get a bit heavier too.
Mine started to get really painfull & alot heavier (for me) literally as soon as i started dropping alot of weight

They are just starting to get very regular again (near on 7 months on into cambridge) but still painfull on day one :(

Have read it from sooo many ladies on here with same experiences.
I hoped dropping weight would improve my irregular cycle,but my pmt now seems to last about 3 weeks, a couple of weeks before my weight loss really slows down and I think my cycle is even longer-don't know if it is the diet as I have always had odd cycles. x


Can hug her knees :)
Mine wAs like yours I came on as expected at the start of my cd journey, but my next one was almost 3 weeks late my CDC said I shouldn't have anymore problems and athough the date would be different I should go back to normal, and 28 days later my 3rd cd period arrived, try not to worry and your weight loss will catch up mine did xx


please try again
ive wasted alot of pregnancy testers on cd, lol
Oops i just posted a thread an then red this! Im 6 months into cd and have just missed my first period on cd... just totally missed it , Im not pregnant but have spent much money on tests as well! How strange
Ohhhh ladies!! thank you all so much for replying to my thread and easing my mind!.... TOTM still hasnt showed up so I am now convinced it wont show this month!! although i might do a preg test tomorrow morning just in case!!!!! i jumped on the scales this morning and am down another 2.4 pounds! so better than last week but not a massive loss...

Good luck to you all and thanks again for responding!!


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