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Have booked my holiday! Will be going away at Easter for 10 days to Lanzarote...we're staying a rather gorgeous and luxurious looking place called Sands Beach Villas. Has anybody been there?

Went to Gran Canaria earlier this year and loved it so looking forward to going to Lanzarote now as well.....

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! :)
You will love it. We stayed at Costa Tequise and it was wonderful. You must go to Teguise market on a Sunday it is brilliant and very lively. Locals dance in the square on the hour, its wonderful.

Also if you can visit the caves of Cesar Manrique (I think that's how its spelt). He has done most of the artwork on the island, and his giant scultures can be seen on almost all roundabouts. He excavated a cave, and built beautiful buildings and laid out wateralls, and gardens around it, it is fantastic.

Have a lovely time! I am soooo jealous!
Thanks Cheryl I'm really looking forward to it....we are staying in Costa Teguise so should be fun!
I'm sure it was called the Lanzarote beach Club when i went a few years ago as it looks the same and seems to have the same location and facilities. We had a wonderful time and my daughter had a great time as there was loads to do for children

Which travel company are you going with? I'd love to go again.
Irene xx
I booked it with them direct as it worked out much cheaper than a package....having a real problem getting flights though for Easter....they are quite expensive....any ideas???
HIya Sam

Flight all sorted a great deal with can't wait! I tell ya' its 100% sole source after Chrimbo!!! :D