Hi everyone

Can anybody recommend a travel company that does the full monty set up like visiting santa, husky sleding etc.?

I have been looking at Canterbury Travel (well expensive!) and their packages seem out of this world so am really tempted.

I am hoping (everything crossed) I can get my lovely OH to agree to spend christmas there with our 6 year old son. It is a 4 night break and costs the earth but to be honest, what the heck!

Any advice will greatly be appreciated.

Annette x
Sounds good! I wanted to take our two to lapland for the day but can't find a good deal yet

Get it booked!!!!!!

I went last year with Canterbury Travel and found them to be very efficient and organised.

We just went for the day, my mum treated me and my 2 kids (12 & 9) my SIL and her DD (4) and my MIL. We all loved it, I thought it was a fortune to spend on a day trip but as it was her treat I wasn't going to say no! We had such a lovely day I now feel it was worth every penny and would love to go again.

My Mum took my kids a few years ago but I'm not sure which company she went with but Canterbury worked out better value in the end. Everything was included whereas the other company charged extra for the activities.

We went by coach from the airport to The Santa village, there were husky dog sleigh rides, reindeer sleigh rides, skidoos for adults and kids, sledging, a sleigh ride took us across fields to visit Santa in his cottage and another took us for this fantastic 15min ride through the forrest to Santas toy workshop. Lunch of soup and pasta and warm drinks were included and all the activities could be done as many times as you wanted.

It was sooo beautiful despite being touristy. It was absolutley fantastic and I cannot reccommend it enough!!!
I got a price of £1456 all in for the kids and I just to go for the day!!

Day One
  • The children will love being greeted at Ivalo Airport by a reindeer with its Sami handler and one of Santa's elves presenting a delightful photo opportunity to capture your family's first view minutes in Santa's homeland!
  • A short, comfortable 25-minute coach ride transfers to your hotel or cosy chalet in Saariselka, just enough time to see if you can spot more reindeer or Santa's hut through the forests bordering the road.
  • Time for your 'Michelin-man' impersonations, as we get you fitted with your special complimentary thermal over-suits, boots, gloves and hats.
  • Fun-time - a chance to explore and get your bearings in this winter wonderland, make snowmen, go tobogganing or just relax in a fragrant Finnish sauna.
  • For chalet guests and hotel guests on the full board option, a wonderful welcome dinner in you hotel or chalet, a chance to meet and socialise with our other guests and build your anticipation for tomorrow!
Day Two
  • The highlight of the day is our 1½ hour Snowmobile Safari adventure! Adults ride with a partner, taking turns (if you wish) to drive or ride pillion, whilst children are towed in special sledges behind the guides, or older children may choose to ride pillion behind a parent. The memorable trip is broken halfway for hot drinks around a crackling campfire, with toboggans laid on to keep the youngsters happy!
  • Lunch is also included either before or after your snowmobile adventure in one of the cosy local restaurants. This will be a simple 2-course meal with separate options for the children and plenty of hot berry juice, squash, tea and coffee available.
  • Our 4-day trip also allows you a little bit of extra time to relax and enjoy Lapland life at your own pace, so for the remainder of the day, choose from the many 'Optional Adventures'
  • Full-board guests will enjoy dinner at your leisure in your hotel or chalet, to set the scene for tomorrow's excitement, whilst bed and breakfast guests may sample Saariselkä's choice of restaurants.
Day Three
We will pick you up for the ultimate Christmas adventure, enjoying all the following exciting activities at some point throughout the day, all of which are included in our prices.
  • Reindeer Sleigh Ride - meet your reindeer and your local Sami guide, learn the Lappish reindeer names, then take a wonderful 7-10 minute ride into the picturesque woods, with the children cuddled under blankets on your knee.
  • Husky Sled Ride, where the children go to ride with a parent (and shout 'mush, mush!' at every opportunity!) and grown-ups can all take a turn at actually 'driving' your own sled! Imagine you sled, drawn by five or six eager huskies, straining at the leash and desparate to run, then released and your off on a thrilling 20 - 30 minute adventure, racing through the snow-covered woods - the perfect way to experience Lapland's winter wonderland.
  • [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]Traditional Arctic Circle Ceremony[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]. Where a 'Sami' guide will introduce you to their traditional culture with stories and maybe a song or two, and every guest receives a special souvenir certificate to celebrate your intrepid crossing of the Arctic Circle![/SIZE][/FONT]
  • Lunch is also included to 'recharge your batteries' for the afternoon. This will be a simple 2-course meal with separate options for the children and plenty of hot berry juice, squash, tea and coffee available.
  • A host of snow and ice activities to enjoy such as ice-fishing, snow-hockey, kick-sledding (a crazy cross between scooter and a toboggan!), tandem skiing, mini skidoo rides for the children, tobogganing and snow sculpture - a chance for all budding artists to convert a large block of compact snow into a work of art.
  • See your children's faces light up with wonder as you fulfil your families Search for Santa and meet Santa Claus himself, in an exclusive private family meeting , in his hideaway log-cabin home, with his helpers on hand to make you welcome and ensure that there is magic in the air!
  • Refreshments are included too and are available indoors throughout the day, for those times when a few minutes warming up are welcomed.
  • Finally, back 'home' in your chalet or hotel, sit down as a family to enjoy a wonderful *Gala Dinner, and relive every unforgettable moment of your biggest ever Christmas adventure!
    (*Only available on Full Board Option)
Day Four
  • Fun-time again, with the chance to thrill to another big adventure, whether pre-booked in the UK or chosen the night before from our "Optional Adventures". You may have fallen in love with the huskies and want to enjoy the sled ride again, or perhaps experience skiing, Nordic style or downhill - there are plenty of options to choose from.
  • If you have booked our full-board option, a light packed lunch will be provided from your hotel or chalet to be eaten at your convenience. This allows you to make the most of your last morning in Saariselka, where time can also be spent in a range of souvenir shops, selling tradiotional lappish items and Christmas gifts
  • We will collect you from your doorstep by coach and take you to the airport to catch your flight home, to a chorus of fond farewells.
How magical does that sound!! O crikey more choice now! I'm stuck with choosing a location?? Luosto, Salla, Suomu?? Leaving from Manchester. Well thats if we can stay during christmas if not then there is more choice available.

I have been pricing up the 4 night stays and it really doesnt cost that much extra to spend it actually over christmas (considering the prices anyway!), I can't do anything until week friday (OH home then). I love christmas!!:D
Yeah me 2 ! I would book it for us but we are off to Florida again in April and that is a 6 grand holiday and Jo would kill me!!

If I win the quiz next week then I am sooooooo going to book it the next day although somehow I doubt that will happen!

Hey Annette

Glad to see you back again! Hope you are doing ok.

I just booked a trip to lapland on Sunday, going for 8 days on the 17th December, we booked it through Inghams as we are going skiing, but also booked husky sledding, snowmobiling and reindeer rides as well as a trip to see santa (I know we havent got any kids but hey its a life long dream to see santa at home LOL)!

It is expensive but I reckon it will be so worth it....We are going to a smaller town further north nearer the arctic circle as DH wants to try and see the northern lights...fingers crossed!

speak soon

A couple of years ago, me and my mum took my 3 kids to Kitilla (sp?) through Canterbury Travel. It was amazing!!!!!

My day was totally spoilt by my baby throwing a massive tantrum about wearing the snowsuit and helmet (for the skidoo ride) - it took 5 elves to hold her down! She then conked out whilst I cried for ages - bless me!! I had tonsilitis so wasn't myself lol.

My family had fun and ate loads of lush food while I queued in line in minus 7 conditions to bag their place to see Santa - so I was a bit fed up (make sure you go see Santa the minute you get there!!!) but I have to say that the ten mins we had with Santa was absolutely magical and well worth the 2 grand it cost us!!

He was wonderful and smiley with the most brilliant, twinkly eyes and was telling the kids about how their grandma and mum put out carrots for his reindeer when we were little girls. My baby jumped on his knee and declared - well, I like a kitkat, me!

I thought Santa was going to suffocate from trying to suppress his laughter - just magic!!

Go for it!! My kids will never forget it!!
Hey Victoria

I'm not doin' too bad but the diet is a different story! Hope everything is good with you hun.

Wow! your trip sounds amazing, OH really wants to do the whole husky thing and I just want to the see the look on Ellis' face when he meets santa.

Sorry Isobel but I couldn't do anything but LMAO at that! A kitkat! blumin' priceless!

I just want to book up NOW!
LOL - yeah my youngest is a classy lil chick! Not!

I could have quite honestly murdered her when she had her tantrum but at least she redeemed herself by making me laugh when it mattered!
Hi Annette,
if you go onto the web site Cheap Santa Holidays to Lapland, UK - they do lapland on a budget - for 3 nights (they do 4 nights as well £? and day trips) from Manchester for 2 adults 2 children full board all trips included for the Lappish Interval at Sodankyla - it is costing us about £2500 plus insurance. You can go skiing on one of the afternoons which appealed to me to see if the kids would like it (and OH) and a chance to see the northern lights :) . This web site is Canterbury as well just trips on a budget.

Hope this is useful