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large calf's exercise ideas


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im quite interested in what people will advise for this also! my calves need to shrink! lol x

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Mine too!!! z


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spin would make your legs grow in size as you are developing the muscles. I've only done 4 weeks of spin twice a week and my muscles are already shaping up well :)

If your legs are "fat" the only thing you can do is continue to lose weight. Its genetically inherited where one tends to lose weight and you can't make your body lose weight where you want it to..
Calves are tricky. I have quite muscular legs anyway so they never go very slim even when I am lighter. I have always tried not to do too much to build them even when slimmer. Walking is Ok and jogging to some extent. I would not do spinning or anything involving weights for them.

With extra weight calves will gain more muscle to compensate. With any luck they should lose some of their size as the weight comes off.

Good luck and try to be patient!
I have absolutely no back up for this, but I think stretching helps (as someone who also has big carves - I hate zip up boots!). I always stretch my calves as much as possible after exercise.
Cherry Pie

I would agree with that. Stretching out after exercise does certainly help avoid that calf bulk.

I found even wearing very high shoes, which I used to, madethe calf muscles too pronounced.

Yes, yes stretching always helped.

I have my dads legs!

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