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Lar's Journey to slimdom

Well thought I would join the rest of you with an online diary of my own.

Rejoined for the 1**th time, not sure how many times but it is a lot and every time I say this is the time I will do it but this is the time I WILL DO IT.

Just came back from a lovely holiday and the sea was lovely and blue but because I thought they might harpoon me if I went into the sea I have decided to spend the next year getting the figure I feel confortable with and will go back into the sea with confidence when I go back next year.

Food for the day:

Breakfast - 2 weetabix with blueberries/mango/raspberries and strawberries. Was delish.

Lunch - jacket potato/salad and beans

Tea: Spanish Omelette with salad/beetroot and sweetcorn.

Home made yogurt icecream with fruit

Syns: Dressings/packet of rivita minis and cottage cheese

Lots of water/tea milk from allowance.

Having just returned from an All Inclusive Holiday my stomach thinks it has done something wrong cos its having withdrawal symptoms from the cakes and cocktails .

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soon to be slim...x
Good luck to you ! This is also my "last time" cos am on holiday in september and dont wana be mistaken for a beached whale lol
Happy slimming!
k x
Have also made some free soup with a carrot/onion/potato and some oxo - will have this when I am feeling hungry.
Have nibbled on fruit and yogurt this evening as I was craving something sweet .

Have had to spend a penny many times today - one of the downsides of dieting x
Saturday -

Spent most of the morning hanging around waiting for my car to be MOT'd - thankfully it passed.

Food for the day:

Breakfast - Weetabix with mixed fruits

Lunch - jacket potato with beans and salad

Tea - Pasta, mixed leaves and ham

Pkt of snack a jacks sweet chilli curls 4.5
dressing/salad cream

supper - Mixed summer fruits and fromage frais.


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looking forward to following your progress i also have had a few previous attempts to my name and a lot to lose before then hopefully we can all help each other x
meant to say we seem to have similar goal weights as well
Sundays food

Breakfast: 2 Weetabix with fromage frais and mixed berries
Lunch: 2 pieces of sainsbury's chicken in sundried tomatoes/basil Marinade (2 syns) stirfry vegetables with soy sauce and flavouring
Mango and Apple yogurt with strawberries

Tea: lettuce. onion, and carrot with ham and new potatoes
Salad dressing (5 syns)

pkt of prawn snack a jacks (5 1/2 syns)

Total syns - 12 1/2 syns

Today is the first weight in since I rejoined (for the millionth time) so hopefully I will have lost some weight. As the week has gone on I have started to lapse a little and have not been on here to write out my food diary.

Will ddd my weightloss and food eaten later today. Fingers crossed!!
All I can say is OMG - lost 8lbs which is an amazing start for me. So onwards and upwards. :)

Food for today:

Breakfast - Porridge and fruit with a WW yogurt

Lunch - wafer thin chicken, salad, carrot, sweetcorn and beetroot.
Fresh fruit salad with fromage frais

Dinner - chicken, new potatoes and mixed salad followed by
SF Jelly (1 1/2 syns) sweetened fromage frais, meringue
(2 1/2 syns) and raspberries and strawberries.
taking a bit of a detour

Have decided to try Paul McKenna for 2 weeks just to see if I can kickstart my weightloss cos I'm losing the plot a bit!!!

Have listened to the tape and read the book and what he says if commensense. Have been on one diet or another for most of my adult life and I am fatter now than ever.

This is day three :0)

Food for the day:


One egg scrambled
one slice of toast
with thinly spread butter (left a third)

shape chocolate mousse

3 slices of wafer thin chicken
green salad
balsamic dressing (left a third)

rice and quorn tikka masala (left third rice)

pkt of baked crisps

feel this has been a reasonable good day so far, its eat what you want when you are hungry.

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Saturday 12th November 2011


2 weetabix & banana with milk from allowance

lunch - jacket potato/ spaghetti/beetroot
clementine and apple

Stir fry vegetables and mushrooms with sweet chilli cooked chicken (1 syn ) five spice and soy sauce
apple and clementine

2 breadsticks (3 syns)
day 4 of 100%

Breakfast : apple, 2 oranges and banana

Lunch jacket potato with tuna and salad
yogurt and banana

Tea will be gammon, sw chips and egg, mushrooms and carrots

tea and coffee with milk from allowance
after many detours back onto SW.

Breakfast: 35g porridge with blueberries and a banana

lunch: McCain Jacket potato (1) portion mince, tinned tomato, onion and oxo cube, bistro salad

Tea: shepherds pie (sweet potato, potato, extra lean mince, tomato, onion, oxo)
broccoli (wholegrain mustard (1) WW creme fresh (1) )

Going to try and fill up on free foods as much as possible.
Went to class on Thursday and had put 1lb on which isnt a lot but it is one step in the wrong direction. One of my friends has lost 22lbs in 4 weeks with WW and here's me putting it on :0(

Work has been so so busy and stressful and covering for, well it seems like everybody at the moment!! hence why I have not stuck to plan cos when I am stressed all I want to do is eat, gotta snap out of it before it is 1/2 stone. Managed to get to class which wasnt easy seeing as I only had 1/2 an hour for lunch and the class is 10 mins away but managed it just for a weigh-in. The class was practically empty but the leader was so busy gossiping with her friends she didnt even say hello so feel a bit fed up with her class and feel like jacking it all in :eek:(

Anyway today's food.

2 Oatibix (3) with a banana.

lunch: McCain jacket potato (1) with Asda Veg chilli
WW yogurt

Tea will be pork chop no fat, broccoli, carrots, potato and peas


pkt cheese curls (4 1/2) mug shot (F)

so total syns so far 8 1/2
Have not been to class or followed the plan for a while but today is "another" fresh start.

Decided to go to a different class and try a different leader and what a lovely class and consultant. She was full of excitement about the class and everyone seemed to be so positive instead of what I had with my last class.

Today's food:

Breakfast: 2 weetabix with a banana
lunch: Two slices of lean ham, small jacket potato, large salad, beetroot and cottage cheese.
Tea: will be - homemade turkey and leek burgers, with salad and potato wedges. Sugar free jelly, raspberries and ww yogurt.

Anyone advise me on whether this sounds ok???

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breakfast : magic porridge with blueberries and a banana

Break: banana

Lunch: jacket potato and beans and salad

Break: banana

Tea: brown rice, home made beef curry with peppers and mushrooms and onions
sugar free jelly ( 1/2 syn ) with blueberries and raspberries, ww yougurt.

snack = pkt of french fries (4 syns)
not_lar_croft said:
maybe too many bananas :(
Hi :) I wouldn't worry about the too many bananas unless you're not losing weight. They can slow some people down but not everyone :) x
1st weigh in

Well today was my first weigh in at my new class and I lost 5 1/2lbs and I was really happy with that and I havent starved or been 100% all of the time.

Need to keep up the momentum and have a weightloss of 1 1/2 at least next week to get to my 1/2 stone target.


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