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Lasagne please need help!!

Bolognaise sauce is easy! jus make your own using tinned chopped toms, onion, garlic, herbs, worc's, tabasco (cause i like it spicy) and a bit of tom puree! the only syns you use then is for the tom puree and you only need 1 tablspoon for the whole lot!!

It's trial and error just keep adding things until it tastes how you want it to!
Sorry that's meant to say Worcester sauce!! I also pack it full of peppers and mushrooms to add some veg and sometimes chopped carrot!


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Does it taste nice then? or is it bland? sometimes i think some of the sw recipies are a bit bland :-(

so then do i just mix the sauce with the mince and layer the pasta the sauce and the cheese sauce and cook it? do you know how long for please?
You cook the onion off first and any veg you might want to put in (mushrooms peppers etc) the add the mince to the pan and brown it off then add your chopped toms and all other ingredients and leave to cook for at least 20 mins on a simmer!

Then layer the mince, pasta and cheese sauce (in that order) and sprinkle a little cheese on top and then put in oven on 180 degrees for about 30-45mins, keep an eye on it though!!

Really isn't bgland, this is exactly how i used to make my bolognaise sauce before i was even on slimmingworld and I have had many compliments on it!


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Ohhh wow thank you so much :) i am going to try this tommoro on a EE day i will let you know how it is ,, hope my mister likes it too!!!
Another topping instead of spending your syns which is ACE is this:
large tub v l f natural yoghurt, whisk in 3 eggs, 1 tsp ground cumin, salt n pepper and grated cheese (1xhe per person). There you have a lovely topping which actually works!! Just pour over the top of your layers.


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ohh i will trt that thank you, gonna use the cheezse sauce tonight av saved sins for it,, should be ok :)


mines a skimmed latte
i love loads of layers of lasagne so i make my sauce with quorn mince SUPERFREE
i made lasafne for tonight aint fot a lot syns used cheese sauce pack from asda pack had 10 syns used 2 oz cheese for top cut into 4 i make it 5.5 syns a portion or 2.5 syns and half hex dont think that works out to bad ops thats on ee


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Welll i made it with morrisons cheese sauce only 4 sins a pack and then the tom puree and worcester and tomato sauce was 4 sins for the amount i used worked out 2 sins a qurter plus a hex :)

it was soooooooooooooo nice :)
HHmmm Lasagne at the weekend I think...
A quick way to maake bolognese sauce is passata and a dried packet of sauce mix (5.5 syns for whole packet) and add mince, onions, mushrooms, garlic and peppers...good mid week spag bol!
I've made my cheese sauce more or less as posted and it's FAB.
Don't forget to syn a large glass of vino ;)
yes it was well worth the syns and as soon as we get them to tellus whats happening with the car and give us a courtesy car if they are going to fix the car then i might be able to get to morrisions and then it would only be 1 syn and half hex but well worth it what ever way its made:)
I have just made a lasagne tonight, the bolognese sauce I make is just passata, quorn mince, baked beans (sounds vile but its yummy and really filling), worcester sauce, garlic and italian herbs.

For the white sauce, I followed a tip I read on here I think which is to whisk a tub of quark with some water to thin it and make it pourable, I added a little salt and pepper and cheese (it makes four portions so I added most of 112g of cheese but saved a little for the top, one HE per portion). Totally syn free, easy and yummy!

I layer it up with wholewheat lasagne sheets (the ones that dont need to be presoaked), bake in the oven at gas 6 for about 35 mins, and voila! Syn free and just one HE per serving. Totally worth it cos I can take it to work and nuke it in the microwave tomorrow for lunch. Nom nom! :eatdrink051:


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To make the chesse sauce i put some nutmeg in it and it is sooooooo much nicer than it already is :)

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