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last 8 weeks pg damage limitation ..


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i was doing well on sw middle of my pg, until my mw refused to let me join a sw club .. i then went totally off the rails, i know i have put on much more than baby weight so its now time to get a grip .. im going to keep an ee sw diary for the last 8 weeks of my pg just in the hope that i maintain and dont put on any more weight .. i can then join sw when baby arrives and tackle my weight loss with a bit of a head start! so here goes ..
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S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
Good luck hun!! I have nothing but good things to say about following SW whilst preggers - don't be too strict with yourself and make the most of all the yummy free foods and i'm sure you'll do great!! xxx


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thank you both, think i need all the luck i can get ! xx

breakfast : 2 sml wmeal toast (1 hxb) 2 tsp low fat spread, 2 tsp jam (4 sins)
snack : 1 peach
lunch : pasta salad with 2 tbsp philidelphia light (3 sins?) 2 slices grilled bacon + cooked broccoli
slices of peach and kiwi fruit
snack: activia 0% fat yogurt
dinner: mashed potato with small portion of sausage casserole (made with lean sausage) (6 sins?) + fruit salad + jelly (1 sin)
milk : 6 cups tea - skim milk (1 hxa) 1 tsp sugar (1 sins)
extra flexi sins: 3.5 med wmeal bread (10.5) + 3.5 tsp low fat spread (3.5) + misc picky bits (3 sins)
total flexi sin day : 32 sins
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day 2

breakfast: 2 small w/meal toast (1 hxb) 2 tsp l/fat spread (2 sins) topped with sliced banana + activia 0% fat fruit yog
snack: 1 apple
lunch: tuna with rice and salad, 1 small w/meal bread + 1 tsp l/fat spread (4 sins) + wedges of water melon
snack : 2 weetabix ( 6 sins) + skim milk from allowance
dinner: pasta + pasata + mushrooms, brocolli & onion with few small meatballs
fruit salad
flexible extra sins : 3 med slices w'meal bread + low fat spread + marmite (12 sins) flump (3 sins)
total sins: 27 sins
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day 3

green day :

breakfast: 2 med slices w'meal bread (1hxb) 2 tsp l/fat spread (2 sins) + sliced banana
snack: 2 nectarines
lunch: pasta + brocolli with 4 tsp l/fat spread (4 sins) slices of melon + 0% fat activia yogurt
snack: 1 small banana
dinner : jacket potato with baked beans + 2 tsp l/fat spread (2 sins) slices of melon + apple
extra: 1 w'meal slice bread + 1 tsp l/fat spread + 1 fried egg (5 sins) fudge bar + lolly (7 sins)
2 weetabix (1 hxb) + skim milk from allowance
total sins : 20 sins
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have to step up my game ..

im drawing a line under the last few days, i went totally off the rails .. hence me not writing in this food diary! its hard trying to eat healthily when bored at home, waiting for the days to pass until baby is born and surrounded by friends and family who just want to feed you up! oh well, excuses over - i just have to get back on track, otherwise i will only regret it in the long term - i have just over 6 weeks left until baby is born, i need to try and maintain now and not put on any more excess weight than i need to .. so here goes ..


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day 1

day 1 - EE

bfast: 1 peach + 2 x 400g w/meal toast (1 hea) spread with 2 tsp low fat spread (2 sins) topped with thin slices of banana with a sprinkling of cinnamon (yum!)
lunch: couscous salad with peppers, onions + courgettes fried in fry lite + 1 lean chop, 1 x 0% fat activia yogurt
dinner: 2 fried eggs (2 sins) sw chips with slices of ham + fruit salad

milk allowance: skim milk used in cups of tea