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Last chace saloon!

S: 19st9lb
Hiya losers :)
How is everyone around here!??
I lost 8st in 2009 on LT but regained 6-so ashamed :(
Well, I'm thinking of giving it ONE more try, buuut it's summer and i don't want to give up my voddies once a week.
A pharmacist doing LT before told me her friend drank vodka and diet coke every weekend and it had no affect on weight loss, now I know I know drinking it ketosis is meant to be dangerous but people on Atkins are in ketosis and still drink vodka, so I'm wondering has anyone drank on LT before and what affect did it have?

Thanks folks and Happy Fruday to all!
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Hi Daisy Happy,

I think drinking on LT is a big no-no...mind you I've never tried because I've been warned how dangerous it could be. Maybe wait for another LTer to let u know. Good luck with your weight loss journey anyway and fair play for getting back on track. Can I ask u a personal question Daisy? I have lost a good bit with LT and I intend to reach my goal...now I read your story and you said you lost 8 stone!! WOW! Can I please ask how did you put back on 6? Did u not follow re-feed or diet afterwards? Did you just go back eating the way you did before starting LT? I'm only asking because I want to so desperatley maintain my weight when I finish, just looking for pitfalls and I would be so glad if you wouldn't mind sharing your experience.
...On another note, if you did do another diet, non-ketosis, vodka is the least calorific bevarage there is...typical I like the bad ones, red wine and cider!! xxx
S: 19st9lb
Oh my favourite is white wine and beer but I'll have to say bye to them :(

Well, I went on to lose a further 7bls on maintanance so that's a positive.
Sadly, it's about the only one I have :(
I was so determined to keep it off I was a Hitler with myself, calorie counted, calculated fat, went to the gym, walked etc, but 2 stone creeped back as soon as I was off the shakes.
I'm sure plenty of you are thinking "yeah right", honest. It was the most depressing thing, and THIS led me to binge out of depression, putting on another 2 stone. Then I yo yo-ed on LT, everytime putting on more than I'd lost :(
This was all my own doing but NOT that first 2 stone, I drove myself mad just trying to keep me off that I was miserable.

I have heard of 2 or 3 people who've lost lots on LT and kept it off, maybe I lost too much, I went down to 10st 7bls, maybe I'm just not meant to be that? :/ I'm sceptical though.
I know about 5 people who've regained and that's personally not from this site.

It IS the best thing I've ever done, it proved I had the will power and made me feel great but I often wish I'd done WW instead.

Yet here I am, considering it again. Hense the term yo yo dieter!

Mrs. I wish you the very very best of luck, you've done amazingly well and I'm sure with hard work you will keep it off!
S: 19st9lb
And i'm really sorry if my story has annoyed anyone, cos I was very protective over any negative comments about LT when I was on it.
People who know nothing about it are too quick to judge!

But I am speaking from experiance, check out the stickies "READ THIS if you're thinking about doing LT"



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Ooooh Daisy, thank you so much for posting such a lovely, honest reply - I was wondering the same to be honest, about those who say they have gained most of the weight - was always wondering why - was it that they just returned to their "bad habits"....

Feel so sorry for you about that 2 stone just "popping" back on - you poor poor thing, after all your efforts!! think I would have comfort ate and done exactly what you did.. hmm..... definately food for thought (excuse the pun!)

Thanks again for the honesty xx
S: 19st9lb
Oh I was dreading getting slatted there when I saw a reply!
I used to always assume people who regained had went right back to their old ways.

It doesn't sound believable that it could pop back, I know i used to read messages just like mine and think, hmm suure but seriously it was a nightmare.
However, maybe it would have balanced out and I could have lost it slowly with healthy eating but when you've had so many people watch your weight go down (8stone doesn't go unnoticed) and they are watching the pounds go back on, ugh shudder. I lost so much more confidence than when I'd been a size 24!

Anyhoo, there HAVE been people who have lost it and kept it off so don't go by just me.

Thanks for not eating my head off, I used to hate any negativity against my pal Lipotrim when I was on it :)



Likes to eat
S: 15st6lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 2st9lb(17.13%)
Of course we wouldnt bite your head off!! we're a lovely bunch here, we are ;):D

Your more than entitled to your opinion and as I said your just being honest!!!. To be honest, I've been really negative about LT today and feel the same as you regarding a different thread - was waiting to be well and truely told off!! so I understand.

I know what you mean about regaining all the weight, I lost 7stone (on weight watchers though) in 2007 but have piled alot back on in the last year when pregnant - Im actually avoiding going out now, because I KNOW people will be thinking "God, she piled it back on..., didnt last long etc.."

Im really, really sorry to ask this, and I hope you dont think Im being so rude but I cant but - if you gained so quickly why are you doing LT again??
S: 19st9lb
Cos I'm an idiot! :(
It's more depressing having regained and being a size 18 than it was being a size 24.

I'm avoiding friends I haven't seen since I was a size 10, avoiding certain parties and groups. i even take my lunch breaks at different times because there were a bunch of lovely older women who used to egg me on while I was losing and congratulate me all the time, now they don't know what to say and it's awkward all round.

By the way, not blowing my own horn, ok I am, 15st 9bls ish but i am very in proportion and when I'm not bloated I look quite alright so don't get me wrong it's not that I hate how I look-though i'd love to be even a stone or 2 smaller, it's the massive difference from what I was, the embarrassment of failure etc that makes me want to get it off fast.

I kinda hate LT even thinking about it actually!!

I see you did great on WW, I just posted over there! Would you recommend it? I do have willpower, that may sound hard to believe, but I want something I believe in and even long term.



Likes to eat
S: 15st6lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 2st9lb(17.13%)
I completely understand where your coming from and how you feel!! I am EXACTLY the same. (have a posted a reply on ww forum - am officially your stalker)


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Hi Daisy,

Thanks so much for sharing that and no one should ever slate you, we are not living in a magical paradise where veryone is a size 10, we are living in the real world...you are just human. I really applaud you for going for it again. Thanks so much for sharing and I will try to avoid being too strict...I will just keep my food diary and remember how hard I have worked to get down. You will lose it again too xxx
S: 19st9lb
Don't get disheartened and freak out -like me- if you do get a gain a few weeks, it may be just body adjusting and it would come off after or could be your bodies natural weight because these days it's so easy to believe we're all meant to be 9st, I looked sick at 10st and even too thin at 11st, everyone said it to me but my BMI told me to be 9st7bls or something and I was sure I was a whale when those machines told me I was "overweight"- I shoulda thanked my lucky stars I wasn't still "morbidly obese"!
What I'm trying to say is, on LT, it stops being a struggle being on TFR after a few weeks so you really do have the pick of any weight you like so try be sensible, i've seen so many people lower and lower their goal weight, whatever suits you!

Jeeez I'm in a very rambley mood tonight!

Anyhoo, good luck you'll do great!


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Hi Daisy,

Thank you very sound advice. Well I have no size 0 notions! Ypou highlight a very good point that with tfr u can be any size u want but maintaining it is the difficult part. You talk a lot of sense, no doubt you will lose what you want to and keep it off this time. Good luck :)


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Ok so, re the alcohol and TFR thing ... it can affect you very very badly. I have just spent 5 mins looking for the thread but cant find it. A girl posted it after drinking alcohol whilst on lipotrim and she suffered extreme disorientating effects.

Im not slating you but i cant see how 2st just magically 'popped' back on!

Eating again is the toughest thing i have ever had to do. I too lost 8stone last year. I'm 13lbs up from when i finished TFR but i have been maintaining at the same weight now for a few months. Its tough but my sweet (and i dont want to sound patronising so i apologise if i do) it does depend on how much you want to keep that weight off, how determined you are. A tfr diet and maintaining isnt for everyone. If you feel like that was a part of why you gained the weight again how about a diet that also teaches you to change your eating habits? I think sw or ww or something similar might 'teach' you although your weight loss will be slower.

Either way chick good luck for this time around, you can do it :)
S: 19st9lb
Well done on your loss and maintaining!
I wouldn't have ever believed that 2stone could come back while following everything to the letter and exercising daily, but sadly, it did!
I will admit that the stones to follow were my own doing but absolutly
not the initial 2. I did everything to lose it and the only thing that worked was full TFR. Anyhoo I'm not here to explain myself, just saying it as it is :) and sadly is for many of the re-starters on here.

I have nothing against Lipotrim, I'm still 2stone down thanks to it but I've seen too many people on here regain the lost weight to believe that they didn't reeally want to keep it off.
It's overall a quick fix, i'm delighted it worked for you but doesn't work for all, and it's handy for a quick boost - hence I'll be recommencing my love hate relationship with it tomorrow for two weeks :) then off to weight watchers with me to hopefully change my eating habits totally. Fingers Crossed! :)



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S: 14st11lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 4st0lb(27.05%)
Good luck Daisy Happy, you can do it whichever diet you decide to follow. Thaks for highlighting the difficulties that we will all face when we come off tfr. I for one have already started planning daily 'menus' and what happens food/drink wise when faced with certain situations. I want to try LOW GI I've ordered a cookbook from Amazon already and I want to not eat too late in the evening. Someone said on here that the difficult part starts when you are finished tfr and I must say I agree, it will be a challenge but I so want it badly and have no choice, my wedding dress is ordered and I'm not getting it taken out! I want to be very strict with myself!!
Fair play Summergurl for keeping it all off, thats great, I'm going to try to follow your lead and make good food choices...I think once you fall back into habits, which can be so easily done, you could get used to eating the way you did before. Its really difficult.
I hope I'm never a re-started but always a maintainer because I've worked hard for this.
Daisy good luck with ur 2 weeks of LT and good luck with WW!


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Im also trying again

Hi there I lost all my weight on lipotrim a few years ago and regained it all and some.:cry I to am back to try again struggling but hanging in there as for me it is the only diet that I ever suceeded in getting it off with. I think this time I really need more help and advice on maintenance. I really want to lose and keep it off this time :) laura


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All our bodies are made up differently and I think the key is to find the foods that work for us as individuals.

I maintained the loss when I finished TFR in April 2009 and I only gained weight when I stopped smoking for over 3 months, but thankfully that has now nearly gone and I am back to smoking, so a bit of a wasted effort really.

Daisy I wish you luck on WW/SW whichever you choose to follow.

As to the original question regarding alcohol on lipotrim, its not recommended, but I did have a couple of glasses of white wine when I was on TFR, but I only allowed myself to have it on the evenings when I would have a small piece of chicken or fish with some vegetables. I used to do this every couple of weeks, and my weight losses were consistent.

We are all different - but good luck to both of you.
S: 19st9lb
Hi Laura,
I understand completely. I'm the same because of the extremity of the results with LT, everything else pales in comparison.
I'm tempted to try again even just for 2stone (just!), then lose the rest in WW. Oh i dunno, I'm sceptical cos soooo many people regain!



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