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  1. Reena

    Reena Full Member

    Hello all :)

    To cut a long story short, I've been here many times before and even though I've lost 3.5 stone with cwp I've regained and made excuses since. This is it now, no stories, gotta get the job done and lose this weight once and for all. I am now on week two and thought starting a diary would help make me more accountable so here I am.
    A mum of three under 8s, busy and teaching full time, doing it for them and most importantly myself. I know that sounds selfish but I've never in my life put myself first, so I think I have to now, as it will only make me better as a wife and a mother.

    Looking forward to reading everyone's journeys and getting inspired.

    Week 2 - bring it on!!:D:thumbup:

    Week 1 -8lbs
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  3. Reena

    Reena Full Member

    Off for second consultation with my consultant tonight, can't have bars until next week boo! Tummy rumbling not with hunger but like excessive wind :eek:
    Found out I'm teaching science from next week, talk about being thrown into the deep end! Haven't taught science since well about 6 years ago. Stress getting to me but diet wise still going...totm next week so expecting a blip...

    On the positive side two people told me my trousers are far too big and I'm looking a lot slimmer! This time I'm being upfront and telling them I'm doing the diet, makes me more determined when seeing their look of doubt!

    Week 1 -8lbs
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