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Last Leg of the Race to the New Me


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I've been wondering if it's time for a last push diary. I probably wouldn't have dared to put it in here since I have so much more left to lose had it not been for alexmummy07's (cheers for starting yours hon!) but if mods think it's breaking rules please move it!

Previously I had thought I ought to only start a diary when I actually have something to say, at the end, when I reach goal and am going to maintenance thinking it's only natural to start it when there's some full success to announce and when there's something exciting food and exercise wise to track. -and let's face it 110% SSing is none too exciting but maybe my desperate mental ramblings will provide some entertainment-

Another reason why I didn't want to start it yet was so that I don't tell people what the actual weight was. I still don't intend to tell people IRL how much I used to weight till I get to goal but you lot know and well, unlikely you'll sell the story to the newspapers.

So with those two out of the way, some success is better than no success so I may as well share this last leg of the race with everyone.

So yeah, I've started in January and here we are 6 months later, tens of inches gone, 102 lbs (45kg) and 17 BMI points gone. I expect I am another 12 weeks stint away from goal give or take but we'll see how it goes.

Panic du jour today is that I've started the 810 mandatory break week yesterday, had 150 g tuna, 50 g of cucumber and some cottage cheese -all within allocated kcals!- and gained 900 grams! All that after a stall of NINE days.All very disheartening but at the end of the day it's still only 48 lbs lost to goal.

Some people would argue 48 lbs is not "only" by far but when you're 102 lbs down, 48 is just a drop in the sea :)

So if you wanna get bored with my whines and panic attacks for the next few months pull up a chair and welcome to my journal.
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Hi MissAma

Welcome to Maintenance Forum.

Well done on your fantastic losses so far! 102 lbs is amazing! so really wellllll done!!!!

Are you planning 810 all the way now, or are you going back down to SS again after this week?

Wishing you all the success in the world for getting to goal and beyond.

Claire xx


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Hey cheers for the first reply in my new home! :)

Going back to SS till closer to goal and then working up the steps so practically illegally in this section but maybe I get to stay as I'd much rather think of this last part as the road to maintenance than the ongoing weight loss process if you know what I mean ;)

You've done amazing yourself! I look forward to reading more from you!


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Thank you muchly ladies. Since it hasn't been moved I presume I get to keep the diary here. Cheers for that.

It seems one of the two pesky lbs gained have left me this morning so I am feeling a tad more relieved. I guess if I keep the water up all week and don't panic it will all even out. Hopefully.

We'll see what it's like tomorrow. Today - 1 can of tuna in brine, 70 g cottage cheese and half a cucumber aside from the 3 shakes.

Yesterday was measuring day though and I was shocked to see that my measurements are approaching "ideal" (in cm 90/60/90) although "approaching" is not to be taken that literal.

I will be looking into getting a new CDC tonight -haven't had one for the past 4 months- as I am wanting to get a doctor that understands the diet to get some measurements of my blood -cholesterol, sugar, electrolytes, etc- so that I'm sure I'm on track.
Hi MissAma, hope your meeting with your CDC goes okay tonight, what plan are you going to be doing? I stupidly never did my measurements when I started CD, so have no idea how many inches I have lost, I just know that I have dropped from a size 20 to a size 10 bottoms and size 10/12 tops (bought my first size 10 top today as the 12 swamped me)... its great when your clothes get too big... dont mean to be picky, but on the CD diet it says Tuna in Spring Water as the brine is salt water and will make you retain water... but just ignore me if you knew that and dont care.... lol
Have a great day... take care


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Hello and thanks for the visit Greeneyes!

Yes you're correct, spring water but we don't have that in Sweden from what I can find. And at the end of the day yeah water retention is an issue, it's also irrelevant since it's not weight and this is not a contest :) Besides on Sunday I'll be back to Sole Source so it will all come out.

Which brings me to the meeting. I didn't have one, she was on a short vacation but she talked to the mister by phone and scared him about how if I have low blood pressure I should have never been allowed to do SS and how she thinks maybe I shouldn't go back to it but to two meals and two shakes. What?!? I'm sorry but an telephonic examination by someone who's never met me, has no clue what health state I am in and generally just wants to cover her behind and still sell the shakes (2 meals and 2 shakes is WHAT step now? - her own that's what Grrrrrr) is not gonna make me get off track.

I have asked her to provide me with a doctor recommendation, I am perfectly willing to do the necessary blood tests to establish if I am okay or not and if not then we'll see but for now there's no way I am gonna let anyone sway me on a maybe-it's-not-good-for-this-long hunch! -If she won't give me a recommendation I'll find a private clinic (not easy in this place) to check my cholesterol, my sugar, my electrolyte balance, my blood pressure and so on. And if all indicators are that I'm fine all I can say is PPBBBBTTTTTTTTTTT!

In any case. Down 500 grams which puts me a bit under the weight I started the week of break with so I guess it's looking good.
Woohoo, good that the weight is coming off, but bad about the 2 meal, 2 shake recommendations, hope you can find someone to do the tests that you need.... didn't realise you were in Sweden, will teach me to read properly, over here the tuna in spring water is twice the price of the brine, so maybe next time I will buy the brine anyway and just drink more.... lol

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