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Laura's Diary

Well - Here I am again - but very determined as I have put on too much!!:cry:

Having lost it all last year (almost 3 stone!) I know I can do it again so I have started today Monday 4th January.

We have a hol booked in July so I am aiming for 2 stone by then - I think I can do it!!

I had a big operation in September and I am back to work tomorrow having had 12 weeks off. I have used this as an excuse to not eat healthily and because my level of activity has been low due to the surgery I have done no exercise at all! I got on my bike just before Christmas and it nearly killed me!:(

I will post my weight on a weekly basis and I will try and get on as often as time permits (- I work (2 jobs - full time), I have 4 children aged 4 - 11 yrs and I now have my 80 yr old mother in law living with us as she is now not able to live independently!) So ME time is often very much on the back burner and consequently I eat on the run, skip meals etc All of this is my choice I know and I plan to be more organised than I am at present and to make more time for me.........Wish me luck ;) because I need more than will power - and I certainly need you guys!!

Is there anyone else around ??? and is Jess still super slim??
Caroline and who else??? Good to hear you are still here Shep and Jan!
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Good Luck Laura - hope you manage to get some Me time. Looking forward to hearing how you get on.
Well so far -so GOOD!!!
Day 2 - and I can report 100% both days!! Yee Ha! I also weighed myself this morning and (I know they say not to, but I always have and always will!) and it looks like I am 3 lbs down already.... I have had the granola and a 0%fat activiva yoghurt, lots black coffee, a few cups of tea (with milk) ham and pea soup, 5 (prob too many!) ginger oat cakes and for tea I am having a moroccan tagine meal thingy roasted peppers, steamed broccoli and carrots and some fresh pineapple.
My body will not know what to do with all this healthy food - having had a diet laden in fats and carbs!! for the past few weeks......
Why oh why do we do this to ourselves - I wish I would learn.......
My motivation is very high as none of my work clothes fit me... and I am so NOT going out to buy new ones!!
The only negative bit so far is the stonking headache which I always get at this stage of cutting out the sugar, choc etc... I probably need to drink more water and less coffee.
I hope all the rest of you are on track - we all need to support each other and I hope to be there for you guys...
We are supposed to get snow here overnight - it NEVER usually happens so we will wait and see - I imagine most of you already have snow!! I will be back tomorrow.
A BIG thank you Setas for your words of encouragement and you look like you have done really well so far - Christmas is always so hard when you LOVE food!!!



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HI Laura,

I had a sneak on the scales this morning( as I end up doing most mornings) - 4lbs off so thats good news. Sounds like you have had a good day today. This is day 3 for me (although day 1 went wonky with a ham and cheese sandwich and 1/2 a peanut butter one at 10pm...oops. Still yesterday and today good, although I had to give half a pan of the childrens food to the dogs or I would have eaten it!

I've now worked out why i've had a stinking headache yesterday and today - didn't even think of it being due to restarting DC.. How dumb is that!

Good Luck for tomorrow.
The cooking for the children is always a tough one - I had to avoid potato wedges (homemade by me!) yummy sausages and tinned spagetti - they had all had school dinners but it is sooooo cold - I thought I would try and warm them all up with some hot food. But I resisted!!
Also still have choccie biscuits left from christmas and other delights to avoid. I can't even take them in to work as I will find it hard to resist them there! It was good to be back at work as I was so busy there was no time to think about food and I ended up having my soup at 2.30 !
I just changed my pic as that one was really old! - tho' this one was in the summer when I was a bit lighter!! It's funny I have tended to delete all the ones over Christmas! I wonder why!....


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I wonder why too. I always want loads of photos to scrapbook but at Christmas the camera doesn't see light of day! Well done on resisting your childrens food - I really do find that the hardest part - especially picking at what they leave. Hope you have a good day today. Its a snow day here so as soon as the snow stops I will bundle them up and take them outside.


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Hiya Laura! ... Doing good girl!! Did you get your snow?

We're usually quite lucky here but it's been dreadful snce Tuesday. My DDs car has been stuck in the snow/ice on the hill at the side of our house so - as I'm the only one with 4 wheel drive I have had the honour & the privilege of getting up at 6am to run her around her calls (she's a care assistant) - I'm feeling really rough with a very very sore throat which doesn't help .... God! I'm a moaning b**ch aren't I ;) :) HaHa. I'm glad to be able to help, just feeling a bit sorry for myself which is probably why I'm totally out of control today :(

Ah well only temporary. Keep up the good work Laura, you know you can do it :):) xx
I am sorry I didn't get on yesterday! We were a bit busy out on sledges and in the snow!! We probably have the least in the whole UK - BUT enough to have a lot of fun! There was no school for the children today or yesterday. But I had to go to work as I can walk!! Luckily my mum lives nearby so she walked over to look after my little ones! I think school will be open tomorrow as the roads are a bit better and we have had no more snow. Maybe we will get some more over the weekend - the children are certainly hoping for more! So far so good with the DC. My weight was 5 lbs down today. I have had another 100% day. Prob not drinking enough water! Also feeling really tired but I always do when I am eating so much less than normally! I tend to go to bed early which stops me from snacking! Hope you are all doing ok - it is quite hard to stick to a diet when it is so cold - you kind of crave all the unhealthy foods!
Day 5 - I always find Fridays tough - as my routine is different and we usually have a glass of wine or 2 with our meal and it is a bit of a reward for getting through yet another week of trials and tribulations!! So I have gone to bed to avoid temptation! Weight static today but that's OK!
I have had a good day again today!
Day 7 of my first week - I always find the weekends a bit of a challenge! We had a chinese takeaway on Saturday night with all the family and I was poured a glass of wine (I only had 1!!) and then today - Sunday - we had a big family meal - roast beef and all the trimmings. I ate less than normal and only had a small slice of pud. I have survived and I weigh in tomorrow Monday morning !! Hopefully a few pounds off. Hope all going well for the rest of you.


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Day 7 of my first week - I always find the weekends a bit of a challenge! We had a chinese takeaway on Saturday night with all the family and I was poured a glass of wine (I only had 1!!) and then today - Sunday - we had a big family meal - roast beef and all the trimmings. I ate less than normal and only had a small slice of pud. I have survived and I weigh in tomorrow Monday morning !! Hopefully a few pounds off. Hope all going well for the rest of you.
Good morning, i am dying to know how did the weigh in go????? I am starting today but I have a cold as well so not feeling great this morning, got daughter too school having a lemsip and then going back to bed for a few hours. :wave_cry::wave_cry:
How did your weigh in go Laura? Mine is delayed until tomorrow as Dh spent 4 days cooking for me last week ;-(.

Shep hope you are feeling better soon.


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How'd it go Laura?

Hope you're feeling better Shep! x
Sorry to be so late posting! A bit of a mad day - well I am only 4 lbs down - not as good as I had hoped but OK. I am finding it harder this time I was sooooo focussed first time around!!
My mum fell on the ice on Sunday morning and banged her head yesterday - so the outcome was although she was ok and shaken up the hospital said she had to stay with someone for 24 - 48 hrs so she stayed overnight. Today I weighed first thing and then did the school run - collected the little girl I look after and came home to my ma and m in l and dd. Was busy all day sorting the kitchen, housework, washing etc and DC wise was good! School run in afternnoon, homework (children - not me! - but books to listen to, 6 year old needs supervision with his maths!)quick baths x 4 and all boys into Beaver, Cub an Scout uniforms as panto trip tonight with family! Dick Whittington! All children in bed and just having first 5 mins to myself!!
On reflection not my best week but it could have been worse! Had a few sweets at panto and 1/4 ice cream as dd gave me hers 3/4's into it and no where to put it!! Hopefully weightloss will start again tomorrow. How's it going for the rest of you??


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How'd it go Laura?

Hope you're feeling better Shep! x
Hi Jan, Laura, Setas

Not good atrted off ok as went to bed after school run, got up bout 12 with a banging headache. Took some tablets and after school run cooked dinner and done an omelette for OM and myself with bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion and lots of cheese, only had 1/4 of that felt sick, went to bed bout 9.30 after daughter finally settled and up at 2.00 in the toilet. Boy was i rough!! finally staggered into bed bout 4 something and then up for 6.30 to start all over again. But my tummy hurts and my head is banging again and keep having coughing fits so must of caught a real nice bug this time.

The extra vitamins been taking didn't work this time.

Well off to get breakfasts and then school run and pre school so no extra sleep today. :wave_cry::wave_cry:


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4lbs is brill Laura! Well done! Good thing to be busy when you're being 'good' but try not to overdo it! (Easier said I know!) xx

AWWW Shep! So sorry you're poorly :( look after yourself hon. xx

I got stuff in today to 'sort of' do DC for a couple of weeks. Can't seem to get the dinners like you used to though. Sainsbury's have chilli and meatballs but I'm not fussy on the meatballs. I got a chick pea tagine and a thai fragrant curry in tesco, loads of different soups, Lizi's granola and some 'healthy' snacks as well.
Fell down a bit when i did the fridge out as I found a tub of cheese & onion sandwich filler with quite a bit in it, so of course I put washing up liquid in it and put it straight in the bin HA HA HA!!! Like hell!!!! I piled it on a ryvita and ate it!! :eek:

Sorry to hi-jack your thread Laura just wanted to say I'm sort of doing it with you for a week or 2 so good luck to all of us!! xx
Hi Everyone - I am so not doing this...............Last week was Ok mon - fri and then the weekend came and Bam! all my resolve out of the window. Anyway suffice to say weighed yesterday and was 3lbs down so not too bad all in all! However I have completely sabotaged this over the past 48 hrs - do not ask me why - for I do not know what I am doing!! However off to bed in a mo as up since 4 am with DD ( again why?? Try asking a 4 year old... - she thought it was morning and was up and ready for the day! and certainly was not going to be quiet at all!) so I am shattered as on a course all day 9 - 5 pm. Tomorrow is a new day - I'll be back!
Hi guys - I am around just really busy and no time to post! I did get down to 15 stone and then my aunt died and also someone crashed into my car whilst i was driving and well....

I have started again and today I am 15lbs 3 lbs. I have a friend who wants to lose a stone by Easter so I am trying to be more motivated!

I will do my best to get on here as much as I can! xxxx


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Sorry to hear about your Aunt and your car Laura :( ... 3lbs after all that is okay imho!

Best of luck with getting back on track x

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