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Leaf Tea (s)


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i have bought myself some fennel and nettle, i think they are allowed not 100% sure thou
Does that mean cammomile and spearmint tea is not allowed? Thats what i have been drinking and find it a nice alternative to tea or coffee with milk and sugar!!
Spearmint is a leaf tea, it's fine. Chamomile's probably OK too. Give one a go now and then.

I stuck a longer response on another thread in the past, not going to repeat it, it's there to be found. But in short, the fruity/flower ones may contain sweeteners and/or preservatives. Either can prevent you getting into ketosis. However once ketosis is established, it's a moot point as to whether citric acid will bring you out of it.

We all have our own individual tolerances to carbs and citric acid, and you may well be able to get away with the occasional lemony tea, without it denting ketosis at all. Wait until ketosis is properly established, and give one a go. You'll probably find the odd suspect teabag will do you no harm at all, in the grand scheme of things.

The diet police aren't going to kick your door down and confiscate your supplies... ;)

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