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Lean mince (not extra lean)

Basic/Non Branded Foods Beef, mince, lean 28g raw

½ Syn on Extra Easy
Original ½ Syn
Green 2½ Syns

Yes its still right. It needs to be "EXTRA LEAN" to be syn free...

Basic/Non Branded Foods Beef, mince, extra lean 28g raw

0 Syn on Extra Easy
Original Free
Green 2 Syns

Thank you - I couldn't get any extra lean - I'm quite relieved that's all it is, should easily be able to save enough syns.


Minimin Addict
My class leader told me if a dry fry the normal mince then scold it with hot water through a colinder to get rid of the fat that this will count at syn free.
I was told the same thing, i get my mince from the butcher and can only get lean so i do this, although i never get alot of fat out of it anyway.
I get tesco healthy options lean mince as they don't do extra lean and I drain off any fat. I have never synned for this as to me it is free. If I don't lose weight one week I will syn, but so far it hasn't affected me.
I buy steak mince, as I do most of the family shopping in Aldi and don't see the point in getting something special just for me, or having to shop elsewhere. I have always dry fried and then put mince in colander and poured boiling water over it, I also clean out the frying pan and then cook the mince a bit longer, season it, so it browns it up a bit more.
The tesco here doesn't do that one as I used to buy that back in Scotland...we only have the tesco lean mince here....wish they would show some parity the wee raspers! (my other swear wasn't allowed) :)
Have you tried asking them to stock it and telling them that SW members would buy it if they did?
I could certainly try, only issue may be that slimming world hasn't really taken off here...had to join online as they have no classes near me. But I can only ask, what's the worst that could happen.... :)

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