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Leaving CD to start Slim Fast!!!

I can't believe I lasted FOUR DAYS on the CD lol!!! I just had enough, I thought f*** this for 3 months, drinking sloppy flavoured water every day, on 800 cals, even less because it's hard to make a high cal meal out of chicken and some BOLIED veg arrrgh!!! Can't believe I wasted 40quid on 21 shakes!!! I still have quite a few left too. I just thought, I can do this, but I do not want to, that is the thing. I don't want to starve myself and be misreble just to put it all back on. So last night I told my CDC that I wanted to discontinue, got online and baught 24 bottles of slim fast, which are all ready made to go in your fridge 250 cal a bottle, made with MILK not water and full of protein. The shakes that will last me 12 days, cost £20 and they taste lush. I also baught 7 toffe snack bars ( you are to have up to 3 100 cal snacks a day) which cost altogether about 3quid something and I baught to pretzal crisps from them that are for snacking which cost a quid. So I am really happy with this, alot more than CD, and at a cheaper cost. I even baught myself 3 bottles of magners for the weekend which I will drink on fri or sat!! I'm not going to feel guilty either!!! I starved myself for 4days - well near enough, and I think I actually put weight on, because my body held onto my fat and everything I did eat was making me gain. I just did not find this diet good for me. Slim fast is 1300 cal diet you have to have a 600cal meal as long as its healthy on top of you 2 shakes per day and 2 snacks, this is much better for me and the shakes just taste like real milkshake not vomit!! Sorry guys but I just cant see a good side of CD but wish you all the best!! I can now exercise with energy and still have calories left over to keep me going, I couldnt even do that on the other one. But good luck and follow me on here I will update how my new diet goes!!!
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good luck on your choice. I actually found the diet that suits me the best while on CD. I've made a lot of trials and errors before, tried my best friends diets and it did never work on me. Everyone has a path that she needs to find and follow. Hope you'll find yours with slimfast.
Thank you!! Hope you do well - don't know how yous girls do it!! I just had to stop, I couldnt stand putting myself through that, I know slim fast I'll still be hungry but not as hungry as I was on that one or ill even. It's just not for everyone I guess but I didn't binge Iv just went straight on to slim fast!! Looking forward to my magners this weekend lol x


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I did Slim FAst for 6 months while off work and found it quite easy - although I only liked the cafe shakes. But once back at work I found by 4pm I was just too hungry to think.

Good luck, hope it goes ok for you!

Slim Fast and other dramatic calorie options will definitely bring weight off. Do you not worry what happens once you stop? I doubt you can stay on the plan strictly forever and when you eat again surely you realise you'll gain the weight back?

For sustainable loss you would be better having your diet and lifestyle analysed and then from there you can be given a number of choices and strategies that will move you towards th weight you want but CRITICALLLY allow you to keep the benefits without rebound.

Have a think about it. Whatever you choose, best of luck.

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Good luck on Slim Fast Lipsy, we all have to do what is right for us and it's different for everyone. Its important you feel able to maintain whatever diet you decide to do otherwise it's going to be tough to stay motivated and on track.

Keep us updated :)
Good luck lipsyx, I hope you go on enjoying SF and lose tons of weight on it.

VCLDs appeal because of ketosis - this takes away most cravings and hunger. Not 100% and not every second of the day but most of the time. They appeal even more, however, because of the very fast weight loss. People feel that they would rather follow a tough plan that guarantees a stone off every month for as long as it takes to reach goal, than take the slower route where you eat at least double the calories of CD.

I once used CD and yes it was very very hard. After a while I couldn't stick to it any more. I then switched to Atkins because I am very sensitive to carbs - they make me binge - and I needed a plan where I could eat healthily and still lose.

I also tried SF but the high amounts of sugar in all the products made me starving hungry. It may not affect you in that way but most people whose binges are triggered by sugar find SF difficult.

The shakes and bars do taste lovely though so enjoy!
Thanks girls for all the great support.
Well I'm day 2 on SF and I've not felt hungry once and yesterday done my dvd!!
I think once I see the weight off I will work hard to keep it off. I know that the quicker you lose the weight the faster you put it back on and I feel that with this diet It will come of slowly but surely so am not going to worry about it all coming back on fast, if I lose it slowly it will have a harder time of coming back on. I want to lose a stone and a half or 2stone, so 2lb a week would be good enough for me. I will keep everyone updated and look forward to hearing how every one else gets on and all of your success stories xx :)


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Good luck with slimfast and hope the losses are good for you, yep it is more easier than cd, but just because weight loss is slower doesn't mean you'll gain it slower, it all depends how you go back to food after the diet, the whole lose weight fast, gain it fast isn't true, i know from weight watchers that it's all to do with what you do to maintain:) good luck tho and enjoy slimfast :D

P.s maybe ask to move your diary to slim fast section as be more support from people on same diet :)


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S: 47.2kg C: 43.2kg G: 24.5kg BMI: 16.5 Loss: 3.9kg(8.37%)
I think the paradigme of slower weight loss/slower possible gain is an old one that should be updated...I've put on pounds after WW like crazy....
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i done cd and lost 2stone 10lbs switched to ww this week and im down 3lbs :) couldnt believe it! good luck, cd isnt for everyone i switched as i no longer felt good i felt like i was depriving myself and am now much happier!

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