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LED's Maintenance Diary - marking my place for 1st December!

Right, am back from my holiday, don't have too many distractions or events booked in, and am 100% determined to get to goal by 1st December! So marking my place now for my up and coming maintenance diary, to keep me focused. Need to spend the next few weeks thinking about whats going to make it different this time round, and whats going to keep me at goal instead of yoyoing up and down! Any tips or inspiration I have I'll put here to remind myself come December... this time I know that getting to goal is only the beginning of the journey and I want to not only have a skinny Christmas 2011 but a skinny Christmas 2012 too!
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Right, have been thinking about what went wrong on my recent holiday, in the hope it will help me stick to my plans when I get to maintenance. I think part of the problem was that I had too much food to hand, and once it was there figured that it needed eating, whether I was hungry or not! My AAM weeks have generally gone quite well because I only buy exactly what I need, that way I don't go overboard. So I think this is one of the things I need to focus on when reintroducing food in a few weeks time.
Also, I realy struggle to eat slowly, mindfully and enjoy every mouthful! You'd think after a month with hardly any food it would be easy to savour every bite, but I still find myself shovelling it in. Not sure how to get better at this but think I will dig out my Paul McKenna stuff and work on that as part f my maintenance plan. Ideally I eventually want to be able to get whatever I want, in healthy portions, but I think I'm a long way off this! I think I read somewhere that for every lb you've lost you need a week on a focused maintenance diet in order to learn new habits - that will mean about a year and a half for me... if I can keep to my goal weight for that long I might just have cracked it!
Anyone else with any maintenance tips please add them - know I'm going to need all the help I can get!
Hey Dusty
Thanks for popping in! We've both got the same amount to lose so looking forward to seeing your maintenance diary too!
LastEverDiet said:
Hey Dusty
Thanks for popping in! We've both got the same amount to lose so looking forward to seeing your maintenance diary too!
Yeah feels like it's a little while off but really looking forward to it :)
Well, I'm 8lbs closer to my goal and am thinking about how I'm going to manage Christmas... I think I will need some rules such as no desserts other than on Christmas day (I'm not much of a pudding person anyway) and will try to have a mix of days when I have a few treats and days where I cut back. If I could manage a couple of TS days inbetween Christmas and New Year I'm sure that would help but don't know how realistic that is!
Know its a bit early for Crimbo planning but its all dark outside and I'm feeling Christmassy :D

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