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Lee-Anne's Dukan Diary.

Well where to begin...

I decided to give this diet a go after speaking to a few people who were on high protein, low carb plans. I bought the book and as I read it I found it making perfect sense to me.

I had my second baby four months ago and was 14st 2lbs. I joined slimming world and got down to 12st 12lbs with their plan but it wasn't dealing with my issues. I eat too many carbs. When I lose weight I put it back on becuse although I eat well I eat too much.

I am also left with the dreaded mummy tummy. Everybody I spoke to said I needed to try a high protein diet and keep up my exercise to get rid of it. So here I am...

I have booked onto the Zumba instructors training in Spetptember and my first goal is to feel fit and confident enough to wear that much lycra in front of so many strangers.

I did my first day yesterday and felt great. Not hungry or deprived. I drank about two and a half litres of fluid (mostly water) and went to my Zumba class for exercise.

Jumped on the scales (well crept gingerly but you know what I mean!) this morning and to my amazement and delight I had lost four whole pounds!

Will update on a Thursday as I will finish attack on weds.
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I can if I think I can.
What a great start! You must be thrilled. I'm the same as you and have come to accept carbs are my nemesis. If I could stick to wholegrain foods, life would be great but it's all the fattening baked goods that I can't contol how much I eat. Once I start.......:(

Again, well done, you'll get great support from the folks on here. I'll pop back in tomorrow to see how you're getting on. :) Xx
Hi Lee-Anne, well done on your weightloss so far.

You look like you are similar to me statistics wise so I will be nosy in your diary if you don't mind.

I am blaming my children for my extra weight but unfortunately that excuse is wearing very thin as my youngest is now 6!! ;-)
Well done iv been on diets for the last 10 years and I find this the easiest one to follow I like strict rules and I'm a bread addict so this plan is great I can't stop at 1 slice

Tasha x
Well I hopped on the scales this morning and they said 12st 7lbs. So a loss of 5lbs over the attack phase. Now onto cruise.

I had a bit of a wobble last night. My baby is teething and my toddler is going through the terrible twos. Meal times are always chaos but last night my husband came home from work and totally undermined my discipline by imposing more sanctions on my son for throwing a temper tantrum and not eating his dinner (I had taken a toy away) and this escalted it all. I am tired and it is too wet to go anywhere with the kids so I think I may be getting cabin fever!

However, today is a new day and it the start of the next phase in my weight loss. Will see what the scales say on Monday.


I can if I think I can.
Well I hopped on the scales this morning and they said 12st 7lbs. So a loss of 5lbs over the attack phase. Now onto cruise.

A fantastic loss! :happy096: How you getting on with Cruise? Isn't it great to be able to eat veggies, who knew a tomato could be so enjoyable?!! :) Xx

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Well done on the Attack loss and good luck with your weigh in tomorrow. :)
Well weighed in this morning and I am 12st,8lbs. So a four pound weight loss in total over the first week. I have had totm and done two pv days together so I will stick with it and sed what happens.

Trying not to be disillusioned with a gain from attack. For lbs in a week is a great weight loss given that I have ben following sw for for months and then switching.

Any advice guys?
So this week has been...

10 hours driving
9 toilet stops
8 hours working
7 trips to tesco
6 lots of porridge
4 whole chickens
3 lots of eggs
2 puking children and..
1 bloody slice of cake

So overall it was busy.

I am enjoying the diet but not my tendency to sabotage myself. With the support I get here and a bit of determination I will be back in size 14 clothes when I go back to work.


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