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leeannes diary

Well began slimming world in 2007 when my son was 6 months old. I lost 2 and half stone and I moved area to live with babys dad. I then got a job I wasn't happy with and ha panic attacks and ended up gainin. Me and Jacobs dad then split up and once I fell off track I couldn't get back on so now gained all plus more. I have moved back home with my new partner and I have began a week ago again by myself which is hard but I lost 2lb yesterday :) so I figured I would diary everything so I keep myself goin!!

Today I just woke and had some yummy bacon on brown bread toast and was yum! Then I think I will have a coffee and some kiwi fruit

Lunch I'm just having a prawn salad with some Mayo and salad cream and tom purée to create a thousan island sauce followed by an apple

Then I have fish pie for tea with veg an some yogurt and berries after.

My mate comes over today for her weekly catch up and she's been doin sw alone for a while now so we support each other!

Can't wait for tomorrow! Gotta try eat no syns all day as I got sw meat pizza and then off out clubbing :) needs syns for Malibu!!!!!
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Well today is gonna be a tough one. I know i'm goin out drinking tonight and I know I am gonna struggle to be on track so am worried I will binge thinkin I might as well.

Had a crap nights sleep too aste partners 16 month old kept us awake all night last night so am not impressed and my son has football today and I gotta walk into town in the freezing cold and I don't have a coat..... Today could be a bad one!

Well I am gonna be on a red day.... Gonna have some fruit and fibre for breakfast and ham sandwich for lunch, berries melon and apple to snack on and a yoghurt the sw mega meaty pizza and salad for tea...

Not feelin it today want junk foods
Well Friday I didn't do red in the end as I needed some starchy carby food!! Stuck to plan as best as poss although had 3 packs of French fries! But I saved it by deducting syns from next few days as I saved syns for booze.... Went out Friday and danced loads and drank my planned syns mmmm wine! But then was hungry when come home so had White bread toast! :( then hungover thanks to wine Saturday and had kfc with other half and pizza on the night with lots of cold coke from mc donalds dunno why but makes me feel better on a hangover!

I tried to put it behind me and was on plan yesterday with scrambled egg and toast, then Sunday din dins at moms... Then we had DVD night with my 3 yr old.... Included Bombay mix, galaxy minstrels and brevel sarnis :( so I bummed up the weekend!

Why can't I do weekends???!!!!!! The week i'm fine but weekends not so good!!! I don't really plan weekend food as we kinda do spontanious stuff cuz if we are alone the weekend we just graze and laze and stay in bed (well no kids u gotta!!) and if we got the boys we go parks or feed ducks or go for a meal as a family and plans go out window :(

On plan today and due to another weekend indulgence I weighed myself to get the worse over with to start again but scales said 5lb lost!! Hoowweee ok I goota wait till my set day of a Wednesday so am still yet to gain from the weekend!

Well here's to a better week!! I will get to 14stone for Xmas! Which was a mini goal of 9lb... 7lb to go.. If I count today's weigh in the just 2lb to go lol haha

Today's meals!
B= beans on toast
L= soup (not sure which one yet) and some bread
D= chilli burritos (synd tortillas)

Fruit for snacks or some veggis!

Note to self.....post more on my diary daily to help myself!
Well yesterday I stuck to plan! Had beans on toast for brekki, spicy butternut squash soup for lunch mmmmmm and chilli burritos followed by rice pudding and ong did I feel stuffed!! Good day!!!

Today's plan is
B= full cooked breakfast
L= chicken and leek soup
D= pork meatballs in ratatouille sauce

Jellies n fruit to snack on :)
Well yesterday I should of had a halo on my head I was that well behaved!! Lol

Had the following to munch:

Brekki: bacon egg mushroom and tomatoes
Snack: jam and flora on whm toast
Lunch: chicken leek onion and celery soup
Snack: sugar free smoothy jelly
Dinner: meatballs in ratatouille sauce and cheesy pasta followed by melon

Weighed myself today and considering how terrible I was fri night and weekend I have still managed to lose 2lb!!!

My oriiginal aim is to lose half a stone for Xmas but i'm 4lb down and only 3 lb to go! If I try I can lose a stone for Xmas but don't want to pressure myself too much so let's see how it goes!

Today's plan is as followed as today starts a new week!

B= mushroom and tomato omlette and beans
L= carrot corriander and sweet potatoe soup and sugar free jelly and bread
D= gammon and cheese and and potato pie and beans rice pudding for afters mmmm
found your food diary :) your food diaries look yum!
Thanks dreamaholic :)

Well yesterday didn't go to plan at all
Brekki i just had omlette but with mushroom onion n yellow pepper, lunch I had spinach and broccoli cheesy soup n bread. And didn't feel great was so drained and tired we had kfc, got home and my order was wrong so we took it back an got the right one! And had some galaxy minstrels :(

Woke today feelin like crap got bad throat and cold and aches n pains and tired still :(

Today is almost a semi plan... I have planned for the day but if don't stick to it I nit fussed I feel too blergh

B= ww toast sugar free jam extra light flora
L= carrot corriander n sweet potato soup
D= gammon cheese pot pie n beans
Well yesterday felt so unwell without energy spent all day on sofa drifting in and out if sleep andnin pjs all day. So ended up havin the following.... Was good for brekki then naughty all day... Especially for dinner we had a bit of an upset when oh came home thanks to his ex, I got angry and upset and started cryin loads :( I am starting to hate her especialy after I have been there for her!

B= ww toast sugar free jam and ex light flora
L= cheese ham and tomoato brevilles on White bread :(
D= mc donalds :(

And mini pack of haribo sweets and mini milybar bar of choc :(

So had a bad night

Today feeling like crap still but got no White bread and almost had honey hoops but chose porridge all heb so it's lookin like a good start an I have prepared my lunch!! The following for today as a green day

B= porridge followed by berries and yogurt
L= carrot corriander n sweet potato soup followed by apple n kiwi fruit salad
D= fish pie and veg followed by pineapple

Am hoping that by munching my way through super speed foods and speed foods I can fix any damage by Wednesday and also might fill my body with goodness to get better!
Nope Friday was a bad day and yesterday!

Never felt so ill!!!

Last night I was lyin in bed thinkin I don't wanna gain! And that I wanna start exercise too...
Luckily today feel better, had paracetemol, vix vapour rub on me and karvol on my pillow so I could breathe so has better sleep!

So today i wanna be on plan! And this week I am gonna try to do ee this week as I have ever ever ventured it!!

Today's plan

B= porridge strawberries and raspberries
L= leek and potato soup followed by pineapple
D= chicken roast with veg followed by rice pudding and apple
Well I can say today I been a good girl yeeyyy

Stuck to my set plan!
Just not felt like eating pineapple or apple and I had carrot and corriander and sweet potato soup rather than potato and leek but I'm sure I had enough free foods on the soup and on my Sunday dinner to stick to extra easy!!!

Am so happy cuz I still feel unwell!

Sooooo tomorow I have a mental plan of!!

berries and yogurt and quorn sausages and scrambled egg
Potato and leek soup then some pineapple
Sw kfc chips low syn coleslaw using cabbage and carrot and side salad

Omg mmmm can't wait yey for wanting to get bk on it!!
Well been on plan some minor hiccups as didn't know some syns! Here's wat I had

B: quorn sausages scrambled egg
L: potato leek soup
D: syn free kfc sw chips beans (low fat coleslaw???) pineapple

Sweet sour noodle mugshot???
Jelly sweets sw style 1.5 syns


Well today I have more energy than I have had in ages soooooo exercise time today!!!!!

Meals for today are!!!

B= just ate bbeans on ww toast (heb) and ex light fora (3)
And strawberries and raspberries and cherry muller light and 1 pint of water

L= will be chicken leek celery soup 1 pint of water

D= cottage pie veg and pineapple 1 pint of water

And going to try a minimum of a half hour on gravity Walker and half hour on wii active!!
Just finished doing 20min of stretching including using dumbells and also sit ups an press ups and done 30 mins on gravity walker :) yehhhh I kept closing my eyes and thinking of the thin sexy me :)
Well plan didn't go as set! In the end
B= was as said
L= creamy cheese pasta mugshot (2)
Chicken and leek soup
5x laughing cow liight (hea)
Pack of belight crisps (6.5)
D= savoury rice mince beef and spinach and Philly cheese light 28g (2)

Milk in coffee semi skimmed 4tbs (1)

Total syns 14.5

Not gone over but could have almost!
Tomorrows plan issssssss

B= weetabix heb berries and yogurt
L= spicy butternut squash soup
D= fish pie and veg parsley sauce (3 between 3ppl = 1 syn)

Snacks= mugshot roast chicken (free) pineapple (free)
Milk hea for coffee

Also attempt some exercise and finish my housework!!
Ok today so far!!

B= weetabix(heb) berries and yog
S= roast chicken noodle mugshot and wotsits (5.5)
L= spicy butternutsquash and red pepper soup

Done 40 mins of walking to town and back in the soddin cold and 20 min of exercise combined of dumbells stretches and sit ups and press ups...

For tea I got fish pie with veg and parsely sauce (1) but am feeling hungry and want something sweet! Like a biccy!! Hmmm so far a total of 6.5!! sooo I'm sure I can have some thin!!!

Options and a biccy maybe :)
Thu 25/11/10
Ok today I have a rotten cough and my original mental plan went out the window!!!

Today I went up clent hills for a walk even though it was freezing cold! For like hour and half up steep hills boy was I cold and tired!! Come back and done stretches sit ups and press ups and dumbells!

Here us what I ate::
B- 2 wholemeal toast (heb) flora (3) scrambled egg
Followed by apple
1 pint water
L- free mugshot roast chicken flavour, aldi belight crisps (6.5)
1 pint water
D- pasta in sauce bacon and mushroom in followed by raspberries and muller light
1 pint water

Snack: galaxy ripple (8.5)

Total syns (18) bum cheeks :( 3 over!!!
Well today I'm flipping freeeezin!!!
I plan on no syns today!!

Soooo going to have following

B- bacon fry light egg 2 wholemeal bread (heb) followed by stawberries and muller light

L- potato and leek soup followed by apple and kiwi fruit salad

D- smash pizza with cheese (hea) passata ham mushroom and sweetcorn and onion with gherkins and pickled onions followed by melon

That's extra easy day and no syns and making sure I keep up with third super free and mostly containing of speedy foods :)

If I get through today all is not lost by choccy!! And tomorrow I can have syn free am and pm and then on the night go german market. And count syns there!
Well yesterday I stuck to plan I just had an added mugshot of 2 syns!

But I did 80 mins of walking!!!

Today's plan Saturday 27/11/10.

B: bacon egg mushrooms beans tomatoes quorn followed by some kiwi

L: pasta in sauce with brocolli in

German Market festivities :) nooooo idea how man syns! Involving booze and bratwurst cheese and puds

D: if I am still hungry syn free or low syn Chinese consisting of Chicken chow pain sweet sour prawns mushy pea curry and egg fried ruce

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