leg cramps/wobbles


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Hi everyone thanks for great support yesterday..really kept me going ...back to work today & feel ok....breath is an issue..very self conscious at meetings etc so have a small bottle of listerine in bag and swigging it when go to loo which is often!!!apart from that had good day..but one issue concerns me....my legs felt quite weak all day and now tonight are heavy/crampy like I had just done a very long walk...what's that about?? will it go away??
thanks for support, Ro:confused:
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must lose twinny belly :)
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leg cramps can be a lack of postasiam or u may just be tired hunni xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Hiya mine were same yest after a day shopping and all i did was walk round the mall a few times, i presumed it was cos now im in ketosis every bit of movement is fat burning so almost like a workout would be pre lt diet, prob fat burning away xx sure someone with better explanation will be along soon lol but i had the same yest and was like when id been on my treadmill b4 my diet started xx