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My New Start Starts Here

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by hayley6698, 25 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. hayley6698

    hayley6698 Member

    Hi everyone,

    I made a conscious decision a few weeks ago that I need a new start and to get back to my old self, however moving house and having my birthday one week later meant that is has taken me until today to make the first real step. I decided to start this thread as a way of keeping myself motivated (I am a serial diet failure), motivate others, get and give advice. This will be the most honest I have ever been about what I'm eating and the way I feel about myself so I'm really hoping it helps to give me that extra bit of motivation.

    A bit about me:

    I met my boyfriend a little over 6 years ago weighing around 12-12.5 stone, my weight had never really bothered me until that point so I'm not exactly sure how much I weighed but judging from pictures and the way I look now, I guess around that. Having himself just lost 5 stone my boyfriend was very conscious of his own weight and, although he never ever commented on mine, it opened my eyes to how blindly I was eating and how big I was starting to get. I think the first throngs of love and the fact that his house was a 2 mile walk from mine, a walk which I made at least once a day helped the weight drop off quickly and by the time Christmas came 9 months later I was down to 9st 10, a weight which I had never dared to even dream about before without making any real effort to follow a diet or to take any exercise. Anyway, a couple of years passed, my university work got more challenging meaning I was sat at a desk more often, my boyfriend and I moved in together, removing the walk which was keeping my legs and bum firm, and slowly the compliments about how great I was looking stopped. Then I realised that all the weight I had lost had crept back on and it had brought with it a friend, a great big 1 stone friend! For the past couple of years I've been ignoring this fact, I know it's there but I pretend it isn't but recently I've realised that it is getting out of control, I've never felt uncomfortable in my own body before like I do now, I've never not wanted to socialise because I feel embarrassed about the way I look but that's how I feel now and that's why I'm taking the bull by the horns and starting today!

    This year has been one of new starts, I have moved back to the city I love and I will shortly be getting out of a job I loathe (which I don't think helps with the lack of confidence) to go back to uni to train as a history teacher, and the start of my journey to a slimmer, healthier, more confident me is being added to the list.

    It might be a bit late to get a super bikini body for my summer holiday in 6 weeks but I'm hoping to at least be starting to feel a little better about myself by then.

    I am not going to Slimming World meetings as I really can't afford them at the moment so any support and advice which could be offered here would be really appreciated as would any recipe recommendations!

    Lots of love
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  3. hayley6698

    hayley6698 Member

    Today's food:

    Breakfast: Strawberries and red grapes with 0% fat natural yoghurt & cup of tea with a splash of milk

    Lunch: 20g mature cheddar cheese (plus splash of milk for tea = HExA), wholemeal bread roll (HExB), 1tbspn Branston pickle (1 syn), cucumber, cherry toms and a kiwi fruit

    Dinner: Pasta with arabiata sauce and Quorn fillets

    Snacks: 1x banana, 1x apple, 2x cups green tea

    1x HExA 1xHExB and 1 syn

    Not bad considering the first thing I was asked when I got to work this morning was 'do you want a bacon sandwich? Cupcake?'!!
  4. hayley6698

    hayley6698 Member

    So my first week didn't go exactly to plan!

    My grandma visited at the weekend and although I was planning on being as good as possible, a new house, a birthday, a new job and a holiday booked was too much to celebrate and the cocktails flowed all night, whoops!

    Anyway, today marks a full week and the scales have still gone down 2.4lbs so I can't be too displeased with that. I would usually expect at least a 4lb loss in the first week but I was pretty naughty at the weekend, maybe that big loss will come this week instead.

    So today I am back on it big time and I am going to have a few red days to try to give my weight loss that bit of a boost.
  5. lorniex

    lorniex Full Member

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    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    Slimming World
    Thats still really good! 2.4 lbs is a good result! plus, maybe this week you wont have so many drinks if you haven't got a special occasion or anything so it can balance out :)

    I have tryed to see slimming world as a healthy eating plan rather than a diet. I know that when I go back to uni I will probably overdo it on alcohol at some point and the odd takeaway but hey, its freshers! so I will expect September to not be the best month for the most part but freshers has to be done in style lol. If I didn't do it big I would be so fed up :(

    So if you see it as a healhty eating rather than a diet you don't get too upset and realise that even the skinniest of people go on holidays, have blow outs etc!
  6. BubblesAnseo

    BubblesAnseo Full Member

    Here to subscribe :D best of luck xxx
  7. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Congratulations with weight loss!! Good job, though you were not so strict to the plan;-) Good luck!
  8. BubblesAnseo

    BubblesAnseo Full Member

    Hey how are u getting on :) xxx
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