Lemon Juice Vs Real Lemons ???

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by ScouseBird83, 31 May 2014.

  1. ScouseBird83

    ScouseBird83 Well-Known Member

    Hey :)

    I cooked a SW EE recipe this evening, although the recipe suggested to use the juice of a real lemon, I didn't have one and instead, used lemon juice (like the Jiffy type, only a cheaper version!)

    Just wondering how many syns would there be using this method? Or would the juice just be free also?

    Thanks guys :eek: x
  2. Lemon juice is free. So is lime juice.
  3. rm247

    rm247 Well-Known Member

    you don't overindulge on lemon/lime juice and the pre-juiced bottles don't contian anything extra thats bad for you so treat the bottles like you would a fresh lemon.

    I often use Lime juice in cooking especially to mix with a bit of frylight to fry meat in.

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