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Lent - bye bye chocolate!

i need to give up chocolate i'm not religionus but any excuse to give it up.
chocolate is the cause of all my dropping of plan
how long is lent (tommorrow till easter) maybe if i do it in small weeks of not having it it will seem easier
hi michelle

i am a catholic and every year i try and give up chocolate. i've promised my kids i'll stick to it this year as they are giving up too! can't be shown up by the kids.

lent is from tomorrow til easter, my cousin gave up choc and wine last year and lost 10 pounds!

good luck, let me know how you are getting on with it
Good luck with giving chocolate up for Lent!
I dont drink or smoke, and because Im sticking to plan 100%, Im refusing to give chocolate or crisps up, as they are within my syns!
There isnt anything else for me to give up!
Im going to give up chocoate too :) well im going to try, then i'm going to have an easter egg as a reward? what is the last day of lent? when will i be able to have a wee bit of chocolate again? Easter Sunday or Easter Monday or even better, Good friday??? if i could only give up my other major syn (mayonnaise):(
Well I am not religious either but I am giving up chocolate, crisps and wine as these are my downfalls and I am so close to target and want to be there for 22nd March wi as my birthday is 25th and we got weekend away with bike club. Good luck everyone hope we manage it xx


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:17729:Lent is 40 days and I really need to give up chocolate and all the yummies.
i dont think i can give up chocolate as i like my curly wurly and hot choc too much...plus im going on holiday in 9 days! Im going to give up bakery pastries instead. (i work at waitrose and often give in to the fresh donuts, pain au chocolates, iced buns etc)
I give it up every year and will do so again this year, along with biscuits and cakes.
Don't think that you can't do it, think that you CAN do it. To me, it's a challenge I quite enjoy each year!
Don't forget that during Lent, Sunday's are not included in the 40 days, however, I do include them as it would be too hard to start again!
I remember the 'Sundays off' discussion/revelation last Lent! What a winner!

I'm not giving anything up for religious reasons, but I do see this as a good opportunity to help my diet, with the support of other people giving things up too!

For me, it's going to be alcohol of any kind. I have cut drinking down quite a lot anyway, but still enjoy the occasional glass (or half bottle). I know it's empty calories and all that...but having done some reading about what it really does to inhibit weight loss...that was a deal breaker.
First day of lent and a day without chocolate :D:D Hope the first day is the worst x x
Me too - treated myself to a creme egg last night! Have made it through a whole day without chocolate - 39 to go!!!
Me too - treated myself to a creme egg last night! Have made it through a whole day without chocolate - 39 to go!!!
hmm creme eggs, i love them. :) Anyway 2nd day without chocolate. Cant believe how many of my friends dont think i can do it. Well im stubbornly going to prove them wrong :D (she says hopefully) Hope everyone is doing ok so far. x x
Well the sins of alcohol :mad: ive been without chocolate for over 2 weeks now but friday i had 3 glasses of wine whilst out at friends and they brought out a box of maltesers. After shovelling about 5 into my mouth i suddenly remembered id given up chocolate for lent, HOW ON EARTH COULD I FORGET THIS (im blaming the wine) . I felt gutted afterwards. Hope other people havent had such selective memory as i have ;)

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