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Let's hope it helps


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Hi everybody,
I'm starting my own food diary as it really helped me reading all yours in the last few weeks.
I have been doing Slimming World for a few months now but have only lost about 10 pounds :(
I have been losing and putting on the same few pounds for a while now and need a kickstart. Got one by reading all the food diaries on here last week but then my friends came over from France (I'm French but have lived here for 12 years now) this weekend and my diet has been horrendous (they arrived with boxes of celebrations and toblerones + a few other boxes of sweets and cakes...and we went out for a meal once a day).
Anyway, I'm going to give a lot of these to my mother-in-law tonight (might keep an unopened box of toblerone...if I feel strong enough) and get back to the plan straight away in order to limit the damage at Friday's weigh in.

So anyway, today I had loads of rubbish for breakfast (my friends were still here): 2 slices wholemeal bread, one small slice of brioche and one crumpet...with spread, brie, ham and a glass of orange juice.
At lunch time I had cooked chicken, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, bacon and a slice of wholemeal bread...and 4 chocolates :( oops, definitely getting back to plan from tonight (to be honest I'm starting to get sick of chocolate, just eating them because they're here).
I'm not going to count the syns for today as it would put me off but will do from tomorrow.
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Will be thin god dammit!!
Kibou ive just posted something very similar!
Ive had friends over for the bank holiday weekend and been really bad.
I hope we both get back on track soon x


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Hi Moomintrolljen,
I hope we both get back on track too.
I've just noticed you're from Sunderland...me too (Barnes area)!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Yay! so your an adopted Mackem then ;)
I know i can do this and im sure you can too. If im honest i HATE restricting what i eat and thats my problem but SW helps me get round that


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Yes I'm exactly the same...I want to lose weight but I also want to be able to eat nice things and sw is probably the closest I can get to be able to do it...


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Ok, so even though I will start properly again tomorrow, it's still a food diary, here's what I had for dinner tonight:
Lasagne (syn free apart from cheese, with courgettes and mushrooms), a pear and an activia fat free yogurt.


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Ok, here's what I had today.
Feel free to give me advice or tell me if I do something wrong.

Activia fat free strawberry yogurt + raspberries + a tiny bit of the slice of brioche my daughter ate (2 syns)

jacket potato with tuna and a tablespoon of extra light mayonaise (1syn) + 20g reduced fat cheddar (1/2 HEA)+ cucumber+ cherry tomatoes + a pear + one mini blueberry muffin (5.5 syns)

Afternoon snack:
activia fat free raspberry yogurt + apple + slice of bread (HEB) + slice of ham
(not all at once but I always find it very difficult not to eat from 1 till 7-8 o'clock at night)

Tonight I'll have:
Spaghetti with garlic, chili and brocoli
+ 14g parmesan (1/2 HEA)
I'll probably have yogurt and fruit too.

TOTAL SYNS: 8.5...so I still have enough left for one or two chocolates if I really can't resist tonight.
Hi Kibou, you sound just like me!! I have just decided to take the plunge and keep a diary as well, as I have been losing and gaining the same 5lb or so for the last few months. Lets hope we can get ourselves motivated, good luck with your weight loss hun x


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Change of plan for dinner tonight. My husband didn't fancy spaghetti and brocoli. We went to Morrisons (to get some cheese scones for him :mad:) and bought gnochis (2.5 syns), reduced fat tomato sauce (1.5) and gammon...Quite a weird combination but it was quite nice.

My total syns for today is now 12.5...no chocolate for me today :( I'll have a yogurt instead!


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Hi everyone,
Well I haven't done very well so far today.
For breakfast:
half a little brioche roll (3 syns)
Went shopping all morning, came back home late, hungry and tired and couldn't be bothered to cook anything.

So for lunch:
parma ham (2 slices 1 syn)
28g cheddar (HEA)
2 slices of bread (HEB)
2 chocolates (4 syns)

I'm going to do a bit of housework and then prepare a fruit salad ready for when I'll be starving in about 2 hours. I also need to make sure I'm cooking a healthy dinner tonight.


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Well, I'm quite proud of myself as I haven't snacked at all this afternoon :)
Here's tonight's menu:
2 reduced fat sausages (2 syns)
1 egg fried in frylight
SW potato wedges
1 tbsp ketchup (1 syn)



Slimming for my children
hy well done so far. your menu looks varied.
keep it varied and you should be able to stay on the plan.

Have you thought about doing a sw quiche to just have in the fridge in case your hungry?


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Thanks for all your comments.
I lost 1.5 pounds today. I'm really happy, especially given my weekend of indulgence...Although after chatting to my consultant I realised all my meals were pretty much slimming world friendly and I didn't drink much alcohol at all so my "only" syns were the chocolates and cakes!
Fatty no more, a quiche is a good idea, I used to make them all the time when I first did SW. I usually just put bacon and mushrooms and a HEA of cheese. What do you put in yours?

Here's my menu for today:

Mullerlight yogurt (weigh in at 11.30 and wasn't sure I would lose so had a last minute attempt at being as light as I could :rolleyes:)

Sainsbury's sushi (4 syns I think but can't find it online)
chicken pieces and salad (lettuce, beetroot and cherry tomatoes)
1tbsp extra light mayo (1)

Tonigh should be:
Beef stew (beef, carrots, mushrooms, stock, little wine-1 syn)
peas and potato wedges from yesterday.
Might make a scan bran chocolate cake (HEB+6 syns)


Slimming for my children
here you go

x4 eggs,
500g tub of cottage cheese,
Sweetcorn or anything free you fancy.

Mix the eggs together, don't beat them, pour in the cottage cheese. I Fry light the mushrooms and bacon and onion (cut the bacon into bits)
then add to the mixture and pour into a flan/quiche dish.

Cook on 200 for 1/2 hour or until firm to the touch.

yum yum


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Thanks for the recipe Fattynomore. I might make one this week although we're going on holiday at the end of the week and I don't want to do any more shopping. I think I have a tube of quark I might replace the cottage cheese with.
I haven't posted any menus yesterday and I think I won't even go there. I had planned all my meals but then ended up going out for lunch and having friends round in the evening and I went completely crazy and made all the wrong choices (pizza, chocolate cake, cashew nuts and a bottle of wine to name the worst offenders...then there was still cheese, houmous, pitta bread, olives...)
Anyway, the good thing is that I have my meals for today all worked out and almost all cooked since I didn't eat them yesterday!.
This morning I had a wholemeal pitta bread (from Lidl so not really HEB but I'll still count as one + 2 syns as it's the only bread I have left...and hangover demands bread!!!) with chicken, cherry tomatoes and a Laughing Cow light. I'm about to have some strawberries, blueberries, blackberries too.

Lunch is going to be:
trout, rice, mushrooms and green beans

Beef stew, peas and potato wedges


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Right, I'm glad I followed my plan for lunch and dinner... I'm going to have a yogurt now and plan what I'll eat tomorrow.
Thanks girls, it helps to write it and it helps to know you're reading it!
It's a bit of a weird week because as I said we're going on holiday and emptying the fridge...I hate doing that and I would love to do a shop but really can't justify spending the money and taking the risk of leaving fruit and veg to rot.
I've just received my new tankini today and I actually quite liked what I saw in the mirror...I would like it even more if it was a size 10 (actually 12 or 14 would be fine too!) but I thought it fitted well. Unfortunately, I know that once I'll be at the beach surrounded by size 10 bikinis I'll probably not feel this way...At least I have lost some weight since last year and I could have felt a lot worse...I'm annoyed with myself though because it'll be one more holiday where I won't feel totally comfortable. But I hope this time, when I get back from holiday and promise myself to do something about my weight, I will really stick to it. Really I only have myself to blame and I'm the only one who can solve my problem. I stopped smoking very easily 4 years ago and really I should be able to lose weight too...It's easy isn't it? You just need to stop eating rubbish!

Anyway, rant over!!!
Here's today's menu:

Mullerlight, strawberries and blueberries

2 hours later:
2 slices of toast (Warburtons, 400g loaf) and 2 slices of ham

Mexican chicken pieces (Sainsbury's prepacked, I think they're free)
Salad (lettuce, beetroot, cucumber, tomatoes)
1 tbsp extra light mayonaise (1 syn)

Not sure yet as my husband is coming back tonight (was away with work since Thursday). We have lasagne, bolognese and chili in the freezer so I think it'll be one of these. I'm going to have to keep my HEA until tonight just in case we have lasagne or bolognese.
Haven't really used any syns so maybe I'll have some ice cream...unless I do a scan bran cake...mmm, I'll see if I'm capable to control portion size though, otherwise I'll stick with yogurt.

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