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Let's talk about hairstyles...


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I have had the same hairstyle for nearly 25 years - how sad is that???!! This is apart from a couple of years when I had it all chopped off and dyed red in a fit of pique and then spent the next 24 months growing it out. Basically it is about 4" past my shoulders, highlighted blonde hair with a couple of half-hearted layers and a fringe. The reason I like it is that it disguises my grey and I can change my styles with a lot of effort or tie it up when I want to make no effort. I believe it is a fairly "forgiving" style that balances out my weight. My real fear is looking like a "pin head". And rightly or wrongly I do think it is a "young" style as I never want to look frumpy.

You'll see from my signature that I want to change my hair style if I can lose some weight. And am considering having a different style for each stone I lose gradually getting shorter (I feel quite excited about this.)

I'm interested in how other people feel about their hair and any suggestions for what I could have done. xx
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I do like my hair, I've grown it out so its nice and long now, and once i get a bit of colour into it I'll be happy, but I found that any huge changes (such as hairstyle etc) are scary. Maybe because you think people will notice you more, if it doesn't suit you're pretty much stuck like it, and like you say the 'pin head' effect. I'm terrified of this one, no short hair for me!
I hae noticed though that I'll have my hair down all of the time as I'm paranoid about my side profile if it's tied up.
I think it's easy to hide behind your hair, and get stuck into a huge rut with it!
I think your idea of having a new hairstyle is great, not only will you feel amazing about the weight loss, you'll be more confident about the haircut. It'll make you feel even better, I'm sure!


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I've had long hair ever since I can remember. My OH likes it long so I don't really think about it too much. It's easy to do in the mornings especially with the kids and the school run etc. but also when we go out on that rare occasion I can do something more with it. I usually have it tied back off my face, but in what I refer to as a half pony tail, half up and half down. I could never cut it short, but I am prone to colour change - alot! I have blond streaks, red streaks, all blonde, all copper, all red and blond....the list goes on. I do like the idea of a new hairstyle (in my case a new colour) as I loose more weight as it does always give me more confidence. Would never cut it short though - far tooo scared for that.



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My hair has only been long about 3 times in my life. I could never manage to do anything nice with it, I can barely tie a ponytail nicely never mind anything more complicated lol.

I've had braided hair ext put in twice and liked it but I am too impatient to grow my hair and being an impulsive person I take notions to get it whacked off at times when I am suppose to be growing it lol.

Like last Thurs I went into hairdresser's to get more blonde highlights onto my hair which was ear-length and came out with a choc brown crop!

I used to worry about my face being too fat but it'll be fat no matter what length my hair is. I find it very easy to get washed and dried, I only wash my hair with conditioner now (usually the big tubes you get in home colouring pack) it leaves my hair in great condition (also helped by coconut oil left in overnight about once a month) and helps my scalp psoriasis.

I probably will grow it again some point, cheaper than ext lol. Plus I've never had really long hair, down middle of my back and wonder what it'd look like.
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I have long hair at the moment too (although have literally just finished growing it out) I much prefer long hair, I kind of hide behind it. The whole if I can't see you you can't see me thing :D

I do think it makes my face look slimmer long than short. But I mainly have it long since I have a weird little hump of fat just below the back of my neck which I hate! I rarely tie my hair back.


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Well I've made my first step. I've decided to take 3" off each time I lose a stone. I've had my hairdresser for 20 years and she's a good mate so we sat down with hair magazines and planned the phases. Yesterday I had 3" off and a restyle into what she called "the early Rachel" (from Friends). And the colour was changed a bit with some additional caramel streaks. Its really cheered me up! I would deffo recommend having your long locks just restyled a bit for a lift.


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I'm really lazy when it comes to my hair. I can't be bothered to toussle it into elaborate styles so I just have a bob. Had it for years but tbh I can't think what other style I'd like & would have the time to sort out.

I do change the colour though. I was blonde for years, am brunette now. With grey roots!

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