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Levels of ketosis


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Light pink would suggest you're in mild ketosis but the sticks are quite unreliable apparently x
I wouldn't worry too much about ketosis. Ketosis is desirable because it stops you feeling hungry and protects you from losing muscle tissue. But I've worked with young people who use ketosis as a way to control epilepsy and they don't all lose weight, it depends on the calories they eat. Cambridge works because you are eating far fewer calories than you burn, and if you stick to it, it can't not work!


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If your sticks are darker pink then you are not drinking enough, and therefore you are putting extra strain on your kidneys to excrete the ketones.

Even if the sticks fail to change colour, at this stage in the game you can be sure that you are in Ketosis! Honestly!;)
If your sticks are darker pink then you are not drinking enough, and therefore you are putting extra strain on your kidneys to excrete the ketones.
Ive never been convinced by that personally, I can be drinking 4/5 litres a day and I can still show very dark. Ive certainly never heard that your putting strain on your kidneys :confused:

Theres a limit to what you can do about the colour, if youre drinking plenty and sticking to your plan and your a particular colour then theres not much else you can do.

There seems to be conflicting advice about what colour you 'should' be, bearing in mind ketostix arent actually designed for VLCDers. And theyre notoriously unreliable with the readings

If you google it, there are as many things saying purple is a good colour to be as saying its bad. In fact there are a lot of people saying purple is the best colour to be :confused:

Main thing is to be drinking plenty and sticking to your pack. Once youre in ketosis throw the damn sticks away, you dont need them ;) So long as youre 'in the pink' youve cracked it :)


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You kidneys are essentially a sieve... taking out all of the waste products from your body.
When you are in Ketosis, your body has extra waste to contend with in the form of ketones... VLCD'ers are more likely to develop urinary tract infections because the kidney are working harder to get rid of extra waste.

Having high levels of ketones indicates that the kidneys are sifting out extra waste.... by increasing fluid intake slightly you increase the volume of liquid through the kidneys and therefore dilute the waste products, therefore easing the burden on your kidneys.... Dark purple on your ketostix is NOT good, for anyone.
So on that basis what is a person to do though if they get constant purple readings theres only so much water you can take and in my case it didnt make a damn bit of difference how much I drank. I got as much as 6 litres one day and felt absolutely ill. Threw the sticks in the bin went back to 3 litres a day and never checked a ketostix again.

Like I said, opinion seems to differ depending where you read it :confused:

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