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Lewis Hamilton

It was too close for comfort for me though, my heart is beating so hard!!!!

Need to calm down now :eek:
I agree....he had us all panicking here !!!

great win though....and very well deserved !!!!

D xx
Well, after drinking loads of water today I nearly bloody wet myself!!! Couldnt drag myself away from the TV!!! :D
So pleased Lewis has done it! Hopefully I'll get a cut from a mates bet! He bet when Lewis was 15 that he would win the championship before 2009! Nice amount of money coming his way lol!!!
Felt a little sorry for Massa..actaully no I didnt :p
GO LEWIS !!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well i got back from swimming to see the last lap & half whooo hooo go lewis bloody brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm glad Hammertime* did it, he deserves to be champ!

*it's what we call Lewis in our house, every time he comes on the telly we go 'Stop! Hammertime!'... well, it keeps us happy anyways lol
I take it he's the new F1 World Champion then

Did he actually win the race or just come in better than 5th?
Jammy dodger!
Good to see a British champion but F1 these days is more like a procession......... if Ayrton Senna had been around these days he would have lapped people like Massa and Hamilton at least 2 times during a race. Backwards!!
Ahhhh... the good old days!
I can still remember being at the British Grand Prix when John Watson won. It was a wonderful day and I was so ticked off that he moved into 1st place just after the chicane as it was the only bit of the track we couldn't see from our patch of grass. You could also get much closer to the track back then!

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