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Lexie's very first baby diary !


I will do this!
congratulations and welcome to the club x
Hi Lexie. Nice to see a name/face I recognise from back when I posted on the CD hour-by-hour threads :D Huge congratulations on your pregnancy, you must be so excited! Looking forward to hearing how the next 30 odd weeks go for you. Look after yourself xx


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Congratulations. I remember you from the CD forum last year.

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Hi Lexie. Nice to see a name/face I recognise from back when I posted on the CD hour-by-hour threads :D Huge congratulations on your pregnancy, you must be so excited! Looking forward to hearing how the next 30 odd weeks go for you. Look after yourself xx
how did i miss tha you're expecting congrats hun xxx


Oh its all so exciting!
I'm 7 weeks and 2 days Sunshine, got my first scan yesterday due to abdo pain and backache and its all lovely and wonderful.

Good yolk sac, good length which puts me 3 days behind my dates (but I've not to worry) and best of all a really good heartbeat flickering away on the screen.

So reassuring and strange seeing the heartbeat, I knew I was pregnant but seeing the scan was amazing. Husband was thrilled.

Good times :D


Well, not updated here in a while.

As far as pregnancy goes, its all going well. We paid for a private scan, and at 10 weeks our wee bundle is swimming about something mental, wee legs kicking about everywhere.

We went for a private one, as on week 9 my symptoms suddenly disappeared, no nausea, no breast tenderness and no needing a nap during the day. Felt like a bit of a muppet going to docs, so went private. Thankfully everything is okay.

Cravings wise, I dont really know if it counts as cravings, but I'm really loving fruit and Kelloggs "Just Right" cereal with lots of milk at the moment. And salads. And noodle soups. The key seems to be lots of fluids.

Not really took a notion for anything "bad" yet. Still got loads of choc from Christmas, and whilst I'm picking at one or two, here and there, I've not went mad and eaten a whole box like I would have usually done.

I dont know if its the baby/hormones or me subconciously choosing to eat a bit better, either way its a good development.

Genderwise the guessing game has begun. I think it's a boy (even though I always wanted a girl for first baby), wedding ring test says girl, then boy. Symptom checker says girl.

Chinese calender says girl, then another says boy. Have to wait til the scan!! :D

We have so much to do, we have to decorate, market, sell up and move house before baby gets here. Not a lot of time!


Oh and I meant to say 11 weeks in and I've put on a total of 1lb despite going up a dress size so I'm quite pleased with that.
Well done on the very little weight gain! The thing with the Chinese predictor is it goes by your details not the father's, yet it's the sperm that determines the sex of the baby! (not that it's highly scientific anyway!). It was wrong for me too :)

I found I had about 50% of the it's a girl myths and 50% it's a boy so guessing is probably the most accurate at this point!

Glad all is going well for you :)


Well, was hoping to get out today for carpet and lino, but the place is shut. Unimpressed.

Got up, walked dog, had my cereal and husband troops in with a McDonalds! At 11am?!?! (or not long past it). Ate half a chicken burger and 1/2 the fries. He had got me a large fries and 2 burgers (how much does he think I'll eat?) then proceeded to feel sick for the rest of the day up til now, when I've managed 1/2 a melon and a plum and now feel a bit better.

I'm not sure if I have a bump or not, I think not as its too early but uncomfortable lying on my stomach at night.

I'm so bored being stuck in the house. Got cabin fever. Even Facebook is boring. :(


Dear Lord I'm tired.

I think its karma, I've seen pregnant women before saying they are shattered when pregnant and I've always thought "we're all tired" but this is terrible. I do one thing like take the dog out and I'm shattered. Strip the bed and I'm shattered. Walked around town with my friend yesterday - shattered and sore back and fell asleep in her house at 5:30. Ridiculous.

Hopefully it will pass, and if not I'll trade feeling energetic for a healthy baby. Its only a wee while and worth it.

Appetite is variable at the moment, I'm starving and then go to eat something and full very quickly. Today I've had half a small melon and one piece of Gregg's bread with 2 slices of ham and sandwich pickle. Mug of milk in the morning too.

Very unlike me.

Also not sleeping very well, unable to get really comfortable and then when I do I need to get up and pee. Then I take ages to get comfy again and then I'm having horrible dreams.

Last night I dreamt we went to view our new house and someone was murdered in the bedroom. Blood everywhere and my phone wouldnt work for the police. Then by the time I came out husband was missing. Horrible.

I think I'm just anxious and a bit stressed.

Hopefully that too will pass.

Week 12 symptoms:

Abdo pain when standing up too quickly/sneezing (think its ligaments)
Tender but not too sore boobs
Feel hot a lot of the time
Variable appetite
Very blocked/stuffy nose

Met a friend yesterday who knows I am pregnant and she said "DEAR GOD LOOK AT THE SIZE OF YOUR A**E" Its true, its kinda exploded over the past week and all contained in my bum. She thinks I'm having a girl.
Hi im feeling tired all the time too, its always like that for me in the beginning, after about 13-14 weeks it gets a lot easier. Just listen to your body and rest as much as you can.


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Early pregnancy tiredness is just so draining, i remember when i was expecting I would go sit in my car at lunchtime to have a sleep then go to bed again as soon as i go home. And that abdo pain you mentioned, I would get that really badly too, always worried the hell out of me.

The tiredness will stop in a few weeks, I think its natures way of making you slow down during the critical early part of pregnancy and the abdo pain is most likely just ligaments loosening up. Hope all goes well for you! its so exciting with a baby on the way!


I'mnot worried about the abdo pain as it only seems to come one when I have sudden jerky movement like sneezing, or standing up too quick. If I hold my belly when I sneeze then its not bad at all.

The tiredness though. up for 6 hours today and went back to bed for a wee hour.

Napping during the day is a lifesaver!


So excited! Tomorrow I see my midwife for first time, and a proper scan when we'll see this wee person.

I'm going alone though as husband can't get time off work, which is a bit disappointing but I'll cope.



I will do this!
oh lexie, it is very exciting! Enjoy every second of your scan x

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