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Lianne's diary


I used to be a member a few months ago but stopped. I don't think I've put much weight on since; perhaps a couple of cheeky pounds. Now I'm back and on a mission to lose enough weight so that I look fabulous on my wedding day (3rd May).

Any tips and advice will be gratefully received.

Today's intake:

Breakfast - Banana, apple muller light (free)

Lunch - Steamed Veg and one slice of turkey (heb)

Tea - Stir fry (free) and small piece of makerel (syn)

Snacks - apples.
hea - milk in coffee

How is this?
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I take it you are on a green day Hun???

Dont forget to eat loads of fruit and veg and drink plenty of water. The 3rd May will come around sooner than you think!
Hooray - My first day back on it was a complete sucess!

Thanks Mrs V & Knitter - I was hungry by the time I had my stirfry so did add a packet of noodles between two. It was delicious.

Today - Green:

Breakfast - Banana, apple & Muller light.

Lunch - Brown roll (HEB) laughin cow cheese (Can't remeber how many of the extra light one's I'm allowed?) (HEA) tomato.

Snacks - banana & apple

Tea - Makerel (HEB) with bachelors savoury rice and veg.
Had a look on the recipes section and have bought the ingredients for Mushy pea curry and the sausage and butternut squash caserole - spoilt for choice this week!

I'm going to do the curry with a little chicken instead though as a heb, I really don't get on with the quorn style chicken pieces.

Excercise - 3/4 hour squash
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Yesterday was a complete success horraY!

I made the mushy pea and tinned tomato curry with half a chicken breast as (heb) las night. It was delicious! I had SW chips and rice and felt like I was just having a normal curry so I'll definately be doing that one time and time again.

Ok so today's diet:

Breakfast - Banana, apple & muller light

Lunch - Brown roll (HEB), x light laughing cow cheese (HEA) and tomato

Snack - banana

Tea - Makerel (heb), savoury rice and veg.

Excercise - 45 mins squash

4 Bourbon biscuits
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A little bit of a slip up last night when I ate 4 bourbon biscuits - 14 syns eek

Other than that, another good day.

Todays intake:

Break - Muller light, banana & apple.

hea - x lite laughing cow cheeses
Lunch - 2 x nimble (HEB) and baked beans
Pickled Egg
Four cherry tomatoes

Tea - Roasted Butternut squash and onion with quorn sausage caserole - bit of mash and veg.

Freddo - or like a freddo with popping candy inside. 5.5 syns I believe

Excercise - 45 mins squash.
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Friday - Green

Break - Muller light, banana, apple

Lunch - Brown roll(HEB), X lite laughing cow cheese (HEA), cherry toms and a pickled egg.

Tea - Bachelors pasta n sauce and quorn sausage

HEB - going to use a little oil for the sausages

Excercise - Circuit training

I'm feeling a little bored of day time eating now! The evenings meals are fine as I'm at home and come rustle things up. I just want nicer things to eat at work! Some thinspiration needed!
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Saturday 1st Red

Break - 2 x boiled egg - 2 x nimble bread (heb)

Lunch - fruit and muller light.

Tea - tbc

I'm too embarressed to write what I ate and drank on Saturday and Sunday - let's just say, not one item was good for me apart from a salad I had at Saturday lunch :( All down hill after that.
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Breakfast - Sugary doughnut :( - I need help! How do I come back from starting the day this way!

Partners parents over for dinner tonight - so doing veggie lasagne, jacket potato and salad.

There will be birthday cake - arrrghhh! Not a good start to the week and my dress fitting is Saturday.

Lunch - Cous Cous, king prawn (HEB) and cherry tomatos.

Tea - Veggie Lasagne, Jacket potato and salad.

Perhaps a little birthday cake - We'll see.

3 thornton chocolates - 2 x large chocolate cookies :(
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Breakfast - Banana, apple & muller light

Lunch - left over veggie lasagne

Tea - prawn(heb) Tagliteli

HEA - cheese
HEB. 2 x alpen light

Excercise - 1hour circuit training

2 x crisps & 1/4 brown cheese sandwich
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Are you back on track now Hun??? Its difficult when there are other things that can get in your way, but you have to be really determined and it will just click back into place.
Good luck!!
Are you back on track now Hun??? Its difficult when there are other things that can get in your way, but you have to be really determined and it will just click back into place.
Good luck!!

Cheers - Yeh I think I'm back on track. Have kept to it so far. There was a doughnut and a piece of birthday cake yesterday but I'm going to stick to it 100% today and hopefully up until a week Friday and Saturday where I have two meals out. I'm not going to worry about it though, I'm not going to give up the celebrations - just be good when I'm not celebrating something.

PS. Boss tells me there is free left over buffett food in the kitchen. I am sitting tight and not caving in!

DOH!! Caved but only had 1/4 cheese sandwich and 2 x crisps. Haven't yet had my alpen lights - if i use this bit of sandwich as HEB might that help? x
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Wednesday - Green day

Breakfast - Banana, apple and muller light

Lunch - Large salad with low fat dressing, 3 x eggs and quorn style ham.

Tea - I'm over my friends tonight but she is making a vegetable curry and brown rice as she is on a diet as well - hopefully not too many syns in it!

HEB - I'm assuming she may use oil in curry
HEA - milk in tea

45 mins of squash
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Break - 2 x muller light and apple (no bananas left)

Lunch - mushroom and wine pasta and sauce & brown roll (heB)

Tea - Mushy pea and tin tom curry and rice - Chicken (heb)

Small piece of birthday cake

45 mins of squash
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Weighed last night and I have put on 5.5lb in one week OOOh - I don't think that would be possible even if I tried to gain as much weight as possible in a week. It is also that time of month so I'm putting it down to that and will weigh again next week to check.

I have my wedding dress fitting tomorrow eek.

Todays diet - Green

Breakfast -- 2 x brown nimble (HEB) - x lite laughing cow cheese (HEA)

Snack - banana, apple, muller light

Lunch - Ainsley Harriot tomato cous cous

Tea - Cheese and brocolli pasta n sauce and quorn sausage.

Excercise - 1 hour circuit training
Monday - Green

Been very good this morning and was in the gym just after 7 and burnt 250 calories on the treadmill in half hour so I feel quite energised now and ready for a good week's weight loss.

Breakfast - 2 x nimble (heb) - x light laughing cow cheese (hea)
Banana, 2 x apple.

Lunch - Ainsley harriot cous cous, tomatoes, sweetcorn & quorn style ham

Tea - Quorn bolognaise (free)

Heb - 1 tbsp oil in bolognaise
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Tuesday - Green

I didn't use any syns yesterday as I'm going out fot two meals this weekend and I'm going to try to keep mine to a minimum until then.

I went to the gym again this morning and burnt 300 calories on the cross trainer and am determined to stick to the diet again today:

Breakfast - 2 x nimble (HEB) and light laughing cow cheese (HEA)

Snack - banana, apple and muller light

Lunch - Brocolli and cheese pasta n sauce

Tea - Quorn peppered steak, Jacket potato and salad.

45 mins of squash this afternoon.

3 x thornton chocs
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