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Life After LighterLife Management - What do you eat?

This subject came up in our Foundation group this week and as I don't know anyone personally who has gone through Foundation, Development and Management, I thought I would ask the Minimins community.

What do people eat after Management? I understand that Management is really controlled, etc but do people who maintain their weight find that they have to watch everything they eat?

Do post-Management people find that their genunine appetite is much reduced?

This may seem like worrying in advance; it isn't really (well maybe a bit) but I am very curious and would like some insight into this. I've seen Management discussed on here but not life after Management. Would be really grateful for any replies and/or to be pointed in the right direction.

Many thanks.

Mrs L xxx
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I'm interested in that too! The answer lies here: AJs Maintenance Journey Part 1. This is the ongoing account of what happens post-12 weeks of management. I am an avid reader! It's worth looking for AJ's management thread too - it's brilliant. I think that I will have to watch myself in the future but hope I will establish new, good habits. I'm seriously considering cutting out certain foods as it's great being free of cravings for sugar, but I'll have to see how things pan out. From what I've learned so far, LL has given me the tools to eat healthily for the rest of my life. It's up to me to remember to use them!
Hmmm ... question I asked my LLC many a time only to be shouted at 'worry about the NOW, not the future'! :eek: :ignore:

But I'll answer your question! :D

Basically you can eat ANYTHING YOU WANT! It's up to you. Your choice.

LL give you the basic tools to think about what you're going to eat, but IMHO they were only the basics, and I really feel LL management could have done more to keep people on the straight and narrow.

I didn't believe my LLC when I was abstaining that returning to food was the hard part. 'How much harder can it be than not eating at all?' was my thought, but boy was she right.

Old habits come flooding back and it's all too easy to stop thinking of yourself, taking time to prepare, grabbing a quick calorie/fat laden sandwich or bowl of cereal (or 2) on the run.

Basically I wish I'd learnt more of PMcK's techniques of listening to your body, stopping when full, eating slowly etc.

I've also followed an Ayurvedic principled diet where I've looked at my body type and eliminated foods which didn't suit my metabolism. Such as red meat, wheat, dairy, alcohol - to name but a few. It really suited me and I felt great on it. Swapped my milk for rice or soya, cereals to wheat free or fruit, ate live yogurts, more oily fish, chicken ...

But, as I said before, old habits are hard to kick and it's only YOUR decision what goes in your mouth. If you return to how you used to eat, you will put weight back on, without a doubt.

And another thing! Portion size! Bloody hell - how naive was I?! How on earth did I expect to stay at 9.5 stone when I was gradually creeping up to the same portion size as when I was 19.10 stone?!?! Idiot. :doh:

So there you have it. I'm sure you've heard it all before. You can eat anything you want, but listen to your body. If it makes you bloated (wheat), cut it out or reduce. If you end up feeling stuffed and uncomfortable, slow down and stop when full. Get the message?!

Now, as my lovely LLC used to say - be in the moment and concentrate on that ;)


Mandana x
Life After Management

Thank you both so much for such great (helpful) answers. I will definitely look at AJ's diary.

I am also very interested in Paul McKenna as I think listening to your body is critical.

I guess my question was really to uncover what, if anything, becomes off limits and yes, portion size is bound to come up, isn't it? My LLC, for example, doesn't do sugar - at all. She has been very open about that.

I think I know what mine will be - our old friend bread and..pasta! But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, really I will! It's just helpful for me to know what may lie ahead.

Thank you both so much. Really appreciate the effort you put into responding.

Take care.

Mrs Lxxxxx

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