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Im having one of those nights where my brains gone into overdrive lol. Just been thinking.....lately ive been telling myself "dont eat will enjoy it more when at goal". But will i? We all know that this is not just a short term fix.....weve got to keep up the healthy lifestyle for good or end up back here again in a few years.

How do u plan to keep up the good work?

Ive came up with my long term plan to be a case of healthy low carb, high protein 1500cals a day but plan to still have a "treat" at the weekend so instead of my "before" where id have a takeaway any night and think nothing of eating junk everyday i will have this treat once a week. Has anyone really thought about how your goin to work this? I know its a long way off for me....but its something ive been thinking about a lot lately! I dotn want to be on a "diet" forever but defo dont want to get to goal then regain weight. x
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Having got to goal before on a vlcd and then regained 5 of the 7 1/2 stone I lost I can honestly say that dieting is the easy bit and maintaining is the hard part :(
But I am determined to change my ways some how!
I am planning to stabilise at goal and then follow a sw kind of eating plan as its quite easy to follow and you are encourage to have a little of what you fancy (I just cant bear losing slowly to get to goal on it) I also plan to start excercising more so that if I do go a little over I can pull it back easier.
The other thing is to keep weighing every week and then start reigning in the treats if the weight starts creeping up!
I may even try the paul mckenna cd to retrain my brain as I know a few people have found it fantastic.

I cant honestly say this will be the last time I ever diet but Im gonna try everything I can to make it that way lol

Its scary buy Im sure you will find a way :D


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I'm reading Beyond Chocolate which is helping me learn to control what I want to put in my mouth, then I plan to do low carb, as I feel better off sugar and carbs.


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My plan is to do ww as soon as I get to goal, to keep me on track. I think weighing regularly is the way forward.


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I also plan on following SW as a lifestyle. Am so scared of getting to goal then regaining weight.....


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I'm going to get to 1st off my goal weight then switch to ww as that way when I start eatign food again it will be healthly and controlled (hopefully)


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Im going to stick to low carb as much as possible and stick with having a shake for breakfast simply because they are really quick and easy and I do actually enjoy them.

Other than that I will be ensuring I weigh myself weekly and any creeping upwards will be followed by a week on Exante to get rid of it again.

Thats the current plan anyway.