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Lighterlife featured negatively on Diet Doctors!

Did anyone watch Diet Doctors on Channel 5 tonight? There was a section on it about Lighterlife (I could tell - they didn't mention the name outright but the woman was pictured emptying what I could see was a banana flavoured sachet into a cup) and it was totally negative and one-sided! This woman was complaining about how doing 'a VCLD' had ruined her life and ever since she's done it she's put all the weight back on and more. The only thing is, she didn't even do the diet properly and cheated all the way through it! No wonder she was yo-yoing - she was pictured drinking a LL shake and then eating a big cream cake straight after!

What a bloody cheek - she was being so negative about it when she hadn't even done it properly in the first place! Argh - it makes me so mad! I was originally a fan of Diet Doctors, but now I'm thinking they need to do their research properly - clearly if they did they wouldn't be taking the opinion of a woman who made a half, no, quarter-arsed attempt at LL and then complains that it didn't work for her!
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Yeah, that made me SO angry that I was shouting at the chuffing telly!!!

Where was the explanation about the CBT and AT counselling?

Where was the explanation about abstainance, and for them saying " x shouldn't have been scoffing cream cakes while she was on the diet?"

Where was the explanation about Ketosis and drinking four litres of water? If she'd have been doing it right she wouldn't have felt hungry, or felt the need to scoff cream cakes.

Where was the explanation about being monitored for BP every month, and needing a doctors signature?

Where was the explanation about needing a BMI of over 29 to be able to join?

I normally love this programme but was really annoyed with its one-sided attitude! And to balance it out, where was the success story eh?


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I did not see the programme! What about you contacting them with your views of this plan? Might be worth a letter/email
Hiya, Yes, I saw it too, and I then emailed all my LL buddies from my group in a rage to see if they had seen it! Even my hubby watched it, and he said the silly woman hadn't followed it properly! He was worried it might freak me out before I saw it, but as I'm 10 weeks in, I'm a total convert!

Did you see the amount of cheese she was shoving down her neck? Well, durrrr, wonder why it didn't work??!!

I was very surprised that the programme didn't show more of a balanced tone to the diet, no spokesperson from LL or anything? Very disappointing!!!
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Just my take on it, and playing devil's advocate... who finances Channel 5? and who financed the programme...? it isn't 'politically correct' for the media to put a positive and balanced view on a VLCD because it doesn't fit into the 'accepted' view of healthy eating and I wonder if perhaps that is why Channel 5 did what they did. Not condoning them, just thinking aloud really.

The problem with VLCD's is the same as every single other 'diet' on this planet... if you don't stick to it (and its maintenance plans) it won't work, it can't... it isn't rocket science and I would hope that the viewing public would realise that gorging on cream cakes and cheese whilst claiming to be on a VLCD.. well... only serves to make the woman in question look ridiculous... and who knows... if there is enough of a backlash from committed and confirmed LL'ers then they may just do a follow up!! (People power and all that.....)

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