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Hi ,can anyone give me some info on the lighterlife lite programme pls,i contacted LL back in nov and waited 3 wks for the councellor to contact me when she eventually did she said she was arranging an information meeting and would phone me to let me know when it wld to date ive still not heard,im so dissapointed i was really hoping to start in the new self esteem is really low re my weight so this is a kick in the teeth for me.i am now debating whether to bother with LL as i feel that my local councellor isnt really bothered and do i really want to pay all that money if im not going to get the support that i need. what do i do???:(
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Is there another counsellor near to you? Or perhaps the counsellor has been really busy with lots of queries - could you contact her again?


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I would suggest giving head office a call. I waited for 6 weeks to be given a start date after my information meeting. Maybe because LL lite is new its taking her some time to get everything put together for it, however she should really keep you informed. Give her another call or email, I imagine her phone and email will be very busy now Christmas is over and everyone wanting to lose weight in t he new year.

If you dont get far call head office. If its something you really want to do then dont give up. its so worth it when you get started! Also have a look and see if there is another LLC in your area.


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yeh i would def say give ur ll councellor another call its porb not she not bothered but more like emski said she is busy! I waited 6 weeks think it was to start... i know how anoying it is!!
Dnt no alot bout LL lite but our concellor told us its just the packs for brekky n dinner and one sensible meal a day!! maybe the LL website would be usefull for you to look at! gd luck with starting and dnt give up its worth giving it a go!!!


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I'd call the counsellor again and hear what she has to say.

I'd use that to judge how committed she sounds. I emailed before Xmas and didn't get a response so phoned and she called me back almost immediately.

I was worried because I wanted to start asap in the New Year but she called me Monday and confirmed my start.

Like everyone else says this is a really busy time so she might be snowed under (excuse the pun) and is ploughing her way through potential new starters xxx