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Restarting to lose 4stone
I wanted to start a thread for those on LighterLife. :)

I have found my journey so far to be relatively easy (*cough cough*) thanks to reading about the experiences of others and the tips and hints they had thanks to their experiences.

I am hoping this thread will appeal to you all no matter what stage of the programme you are at.

Those just starting out can draw inspiration from those that have been plugging away at it for a while whilst those that have been plugging away at it for a while can draw inspiration from reading the posts of the new starters becase they will be able to look back on just how far they have come.

If you are on another VLCD then please don't feel excluded. I have gained so much from reading from the experiences of those doing LT or CD and so much of what we go through is the same.

So come on people, get posting :D
Hi Chicken,

Great idea...well done:)

I'm in my third week of LL and, so far so very good lol
I am amazed at my total commitment!
I have had small weight losses compared to the others in my group, yet it hasn't bothered me at all. I feel 100% better than I did 3 weeks ago.
I keep a daily diary as I find my thoughts and feelings can change dramatically from one hour to the next. I believe it's the way I am thinking about all aspects of my life now...not just the eating. I am becoming quite the little madam lol...well a bit of a big madam really lol:eek:
I have gained so much from reading the posts here and on DH that I feel this should be included in the therapy.
Thank you for starting this thread, You're a star:)

Hi CoM

What a fab idea, I started LL nearly five weeks ago (I can't believe how quickly time has gone).

I haven't found it a particularly easy journey but it hasn't been too terrible either - much the same with any journey in life.

You are so right about finding others stories inspirational, it really helps to know others are having a similar issues.
Oh I'm so glad we have some interest in this. :D

What appealed to me with LL is the additional group work and the 'whole approach' attitude taken. This is why my doctor recommended it to me and why it is worth the extra £30 a week.

There is a thread on here somewhere that challenges why diets either don't work why people stick the weight back on after losing it. I personally think it is because losing the weight is just the first stage and that's no good if you haven't sorted out why you over ate in the first place because it WILL go straight back on again. LL tries to get its clients to do discovery their own particular demons and find ways of coping with them. It provides structure so that you can think about one thing at a time so you don't get swamped! :rolleyes:

I also love hearing the very personal stories of my group. All of us have very different stories and backgrounds and that feeling of being in this together (similar to the weight loss forums but on a personal level) is a real motivator.

By following LL I have increased my daily activity which there is no way I would have done left to my own devices. This means that my natural fitness levels have increased without the need to specifically exercise :D

I have found out things about myself that I would NEVER have been able to figure out without LL. Forewarned it forearmed - or whatever the saying is :p

All of this plus the route to management leaves me confident that not only will I get to my target weight (I have never been able to say that about any other 'diet') but also that I am better equiped to actually keep the weight off which I know will be a life long struggle.

My LLC also offers a weekly weigh in and advice stop for at least 1 year after you have completed the route to management FREE OF CHARGE which is going to be another great tool in my armoury for keeping the weight off.

My mum and grandfather lost a lot of weight years back through another VLCD but have since piled the weight back on plus more. I don't believe in the quick fix which is why I am so diligent in updating my blog with every thought I have! The thought records are going to be fantastic for me as I can look back at them when I am struggling for years to come and see how breaking my pattern of behaviour has paid off so that I don't lapse - fingers crossed.

I am determined to give myself the best chance posible of being that 1 in 10 person that doesn't pile the weight back on. :)

When I get a bit more time, i'll post some of the revelations that I have had over the past 70 days so that you can see why I wouldn't have thought of them myself. It is pretty deep stuff and very personal as is highlights that I have some very strange personality disorders which manifest themselves not just in fthe way I use food :rolleyes: but in all areas of my life.

Doing the group work has most certainly improved my life no end as I am more confident and this isn't because I am thinner although that is very nice ;)

I like being happy, confident and relaxed :eek:

Hi I have been on LL for 12 weeks and whilst its not always been easy its not been as difficult as I expected (well not so far anyway). I enjoy going to our sessions each week and get a lot from them. I have been on many other diets and none have made me feel this good about myself. For the first time I really believe that I can do this, that I can reach my goal. The extra cost for the counselling sessions are well worth it as I believe that I get so much from them. I love meeting up with my group, getting to know them and finding out how everyone is getting on etc. Left to my own devices I don't think I would cope anywhere near as well.
I am finding that doing the thought records is very empowering but I admit to being very sceptical to begin with. :rolleyes:

They seem to be charting the changes in behaviour compared to how I used to be although they are still identifying a few areas that need some work. A definite pattern has emerged. :)

I am far more relaxed now as I realise that I used to be a very uptight person and that it did nothing for me except make me turn to food. :(

Not only will the changes in me help to keep me on LL and keep the weight off but I also find myself thinking about how best to start the new business idea I have been mulling over for sometime now but never done anything due to lack of confidence even though on paper even I could see that it was a goer!

I am a happier peson and this is not because I am losing weight, it is because I am a changed person. My hubby can't believe the changes in me and my marriage is the best it ever has been :D
Hi Chicken

I did 27 weeks on LL and i too agree that you have to do the theory work as well as losing the weight,

I found out a lot of things about myself while doing LL and for that i am forever grateful.. I too was very sceptical about it working, but well it is and i am still going.

I think when you take a sit back and look at things in perspective and listen to outsiders point, it does help, and finding the TRUE you is amazing...
Keep up all your good work
I'm on a bit of a weird day today. I should be feeling on top of the world because I decided to try on the size 14 trousers that my lovely step mum gave me a few weeks ago and 3 out of 6 pairs fitted me at the waist and bum (the other 3 were nowhere near to even doing up! When o when will they standardise womens dress sizes :mad: ). The legs are tighter than I would want for comfort sake because they are straight legs style trousers and even when I was a size 10 I had to buy pyjama style, classic or relaxed fit trousers.

Getting into some size 14's then prompted me to sift through my wardrobe and ditch all the size 22 pants and size 42B 40B & 38B bras.

But despite doing all these feel good factor tasks for some reason I am having another 'fat' day. Where's the logic in that :(