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Lily's Refeed Diary

From looking around the forum keeping a diary seems to be a great idea while refeeding so while my first "proper" meal is in the oven getting all tasty i thought i'd put up my menu for day 1. Any of you successful (or even those who've struggled) refeeders and maintainers please feel free to offer any hints and tips and tell me if and where i'm going wrong. Thanks :)

Refeed Day 1:
Breakfast: (didn't have it till after 12 because i had to go to the pharmacy to get it)

  • Orange creme drink
Lunch: (Going to have the proper meal now, due to late breakfast, don't want to be absolutely stuffed going to bed later)

  • 100g cod fillet, oven baked/steamed in foil with sliced onions, peppers, mushrooms and tomato, steam created in the foil from a mix of balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and garlic. Topped with cracked mixed peppercorns. (Can't wait for it to be ready!)

  • Maintenance Veg soup.

  • 1 cup of tea with 10ml of low fat milk and 1 tablet sweetener (really didn't need the sweetener once i had the drop of milk)
  • 1 cup of Coffee as above
  • 4L of good old water.
I'm thinking of doing tomorrow as day 1 again because i'm terrifed of having TWO meals. I felt like i had put on about half a stone after my orange drink this afternoon! Sound okay to do?
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oh my sweet merciful god, that lunch/dinner was A-mazing! the layers of flavour sweet, savoury, and acidic. it was like a party in my mouth:drool:! sadly, despite a stong desire to eat every last bit of it, i was stuffed with about 1/4 left. :cry:
Here's a photo of my delicious creation, and sure i may as well be brave and throw up my before and afters :)



No longer "Overweight" !
Wow! How glam is that "after" photo? :) You can tell from the pose how proud you must feel... Brilliant!
Haha thanks ShinyPurple I saw the dress a while ago and fell in love with it but it was the last one in the shop so i had to buy it no matter what size! i was absolutely delighted with myself for being able to fit into it in time for a wedding. Had great fun posing for the photographer (my bf) before we left for the reception.
Refeed Day 2 (Did day 1 again, really felt like I couldn't face 2 meals)


  • Maintenance Summer Fruits Drink

  • 100g cod fillet, oven baked/steamed in foil with sliced onions, peppers, mushrooms and tomato, a mix of balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and garlic. Topped with cracked mixed peppercorns.

  • Maintenance Caramel Bar (suprisingly tasty after trying the so called "flapjacks" in week 2.)

  • About 8 pints of water
  • 1 cup of tea with a splash of low fat milk.
Refeed Day 3 (As day 1 from sheet again)


  • Maintenance Orange Creme Drink

  • 3.5oz Chicken fillet Marinated in balsamic vinegar and grilled on the george foreman, paprika, chilli flakes and cayenne pepper. (should be interesting :p) Served with a salad of 4 baby gem lettuce leaves, cucumber, peppers and red onion.
Dinner: planned on having baked cod but wasn't feeling upto it so i sipped on:

  • Summer fruits maintenance drink

  • 6-8 pints of water
  • 1 cup of tea, splash of low fat milk
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Your food looks and sounds delish.

Your before and afters are fab too, well done u look really happy :) x
Thanks Lis, you look like a new woman!:eek: You're so inspiring, good job!

Refeed day 4 (sunday):


  • Orange creme drink

  • Spicy chicken salad, same as above except 1/2 a chicken fillet instead, and less salad. (managed to finish this one!)
  • Weight watchers yoghurt

  • Baked cod as before

  • 7 pints of water
  • 1 cup of tea, low fat milk
I felt like i did well to eat the two meals today, even if the pieces of chicken and fish were very small. I was still nicely full though.

Refeed day 5 (monday)


  • Orange creme drink

  • 4 oz potato, baked and served with cayenne pepper and 30g of 1% fat cottage cheese and a few leaves of rocket. (first proper carby thing on refeed and made me feel so full, i couldn't finish it, my little sisters fought over the last 1/4 though! Don't know how the sheet can suggest eating a potato TWICE the size with a meal?! And on only day 3! :confused:)

  • Small bowl of chilli, made using 50g of quorn mince, chopped courgette, peppers, onions and mushrooms and 1/4 jar of ww chilli con carne sauce.

  • ww yoghurt

  • 2.5 Litres of water
  • 2 cups of tea with low fat soya milk. I was in the shop and saw soya milk, curiosity got the better of me and i decided to give it a try. Since i only use a splash of milk a day, buying normal milk wasn't economical because the shelf life is so short, but the soya milk is dated til the 9th of september so it made sense to try it. to be honest i couldn't tell the difference in my tea, and when i tasted a little bit of the milk by itself it was surpisingly creamy and actually quite tasty.:cool:
I thought that on refeed we supposed to drink TRF shakes, not the maintanance one. Wow this is a good news :D Well.. I still need to lose about 12kg so another 2 months left but hey -I'm just looking forward to it hehehe

You doing great Lily - keep going.


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Here's a photo of my delicious creation, and sure i may as well be brave and throw up my before and afters :)
My God, you look amazing and you have kept all your hair:D
Well done and congratulations, so proud of you:)
hehe thanks so much for the lovely compliments, ye are making me blush! I have to say, the support and encouragement on here is really invaluable, don't know how long i would have lasted if i hadn't found this forum. :flowers:

Avaya, i think you can use either the tfr shakes or the maintenance foods but the refeed sheet says maintenance foods so i went with them, mainly because they're cheaper! It's also amazing getting to taste different shakes and having vegetable soup is amazing after so many days having chicken soup for lunch! haha! You're over half way there so keep going, you're doing great! :girlpower:

Dolphin you did really well on your refeed week! down 2 and a half pounds! :eek:I hope i get a result like that on thursday morning! yeah the hair is all still here so far anyway, did you lose some of yours?
Refeed day 6 (Tuesday)


  • Tesco Light choices fromage frais (100g) with blueberries (12) and raspberries (6)

  • Maintenance veg soup
  • ww lemon tart yoghut

  • Spicy Chicken fillet, (chilli flakes, cayenne pepper and paprika)
  • 25g of quinoa (dry weight)
  • Mixed leaf salad with 3 gherkins sliced through it.
  • 45g 1% fat cottage cheese

  • As usual, lots of water and 1 cup of tea.
Refeed day 7 (wednesday)


  • Tesco Light choices fromage frais (100g) with blueberries (12) and raspberries (6)

  • Maintenance veg soup
  • green tea, slice of lemon.
Dinner: went to a football match this evening (ireland v croatia) so had dinner out :eek:. Eddie rockets have a new section on their menu especially for dieters, they designed it with unislim, a club quite like weight watchers, so the meals are meant to be low cal and low fat. i had:

  • Asian chilli chicken salad (basically a marinated grilled chicken breast on a bed of iceberg lettuce, mixed peppers, water chestnuts and topped with jalapeno peppers, spring onion and these crispy tortilla strips (over half of which i removed in an attempt to do less damage fo my WI in the morning) I also didn't use any of the sweet chilli sauce that was served on the side. It was a delicious salad even if ridiculously large! Hopefully i didn't do too much damage!
WISH ME LUCK FOR MY WEIGH IN THE MORNING!-would love to see a loss :D, will be happy with a sts though:) just hope its not a gain!:(
Yippeeee! I lost 2lbs! I'm delighted, i was so scared of stepping on those scales this morning! the relief when i saw the numbers come up put the biggest grin on my face :D

I've been looking at different ways of losing a bit more, then maintaining and i think i'm going to be a calorie counter...gonna stick with 1 maintenance meal a day for the forseeable future anyway as a bit of a safety net since lipotrim has been so good to me. I bought a little calorie counter pocket book and you'd be amazed at how much food you can eat if you pick the right kind of stuff! The calorie counters have a forum on here and i've been having a poke around that, a lot of great losses to be seen over there too!!

So far today (because i was so proud of my successful refeed) i have eaten:

Breakfast (after WI)

  • A 125g jar of baby fruity muesli (i love baby food, nom nom nom) 80 cals
  • A packet of strawberry fruit flakes 66 cals

  • 2 ryvita wholegrain crispbreads 64cals
  • 15g of ww raspberry jam 23cals

  • Bowl of quorn and veg bolognese (homemade) 110cals
  • 25g (dry weight) quinoa 82 cals
  • 1/2 a bag of mixed lettuce and rocket leaves 10 cals
  • 60g cottage cheese (1% fat) 53cals
So, so far today, as you can see form the calories i have eaten a total of 488 calories! When you compare that to the 425 calories we get form our TFR shakes its pretty amazing, considering the amout i've eaten for nearly the same calories and how ridiculously full i am as i type this! :L

According to Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs these are my guideline calorie intake levels for maintaining, fat loss, and extreme fat loss.

Maintenance: 1969 Calories/day
Fat Loss: 1575 Calories/day
Extreme Fat Loss: 1200 Calories/day

That is a **** load of calories! I'm barely managing to hit the 550-600 mark! According to this i'd need to eat twice as much as i am just to have extreme fat loss! Hahaha i think i'm gonna like calorie counting ;):gimi:

I'm gonna stick around and i'll be keeping an eye on this forum as well as my new home with the calorie counters. Best of luck everyone, keep going and i promise you will get where you want to be, and then you can enjoy all the wonderful flavours of refeed and beyond! Thanks for all the support xx:thankyou:
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Just be aware, the shakes on tfr although low in cals for the day contained all the nutrients etc our body needed for a day. It was scientifically designed that way.

With eating you are going to need atleast the 1,200 cals in good wholesome healthy food (5a day etc) in order to try & match the shakes.

In the long run eating less than a 1000 cals a day isn't going to do you good.
Thanks summergirl,
i know i'm gonna have to eat the 1200 calories, i'm just struggling to physically eat them! Do you know if i can just go straight into the 1200 a day without putting on weight (with healthy food obviously, not a big chocolate cake :8855:) or should i slowly increase my calorie intake?
You are doing fantastic Lily, I'm looking forward to refeed again. I lost 3 lbs the first time but then took a week off and gained 2lbs. I didn't calorie count at all. I was on holidays and a wedding and ate and drank too much. I knew I would gain but wasn't too concerned as I knew i was going back on tfr and would lose it again.
I'm really nervous about this time round though! i also plan to aim for 1200 calories a day, max 1500 as I would love to shift another few pounds. I really need to tone up though, after 3 babies my tummy is still flabby!, I'm starting bootcamp next week so hopefully that will help me tone up :)
I'll be reading your menu's again next week!!!


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If you have done a full week of refeed there is no reason why you can't, but just make healthy choices. If you don't feel comfortable with that much yet then slowly increase it untill you are there :)
Thanks summergirl, i will try increase my intake, don't want to be passing out or anything! By the way your pictures at the end of your signature are amazing, well done girl! The blonde hair is fabulous on you!

Minnieme i'm flattered that you think so highly of my menu! :eek: hehe! you know the way people always say that healthy food isn't as tasty as stuff that's bad for you? After that week I totally disagree with that, the flavours on refeed are so intense after weeks of not eating "real food". I can honestly say i haven't enjoyed food that much, ever in all my 22 years! Hope you enjoy your refeed as much as i enjoyed mine!:eat: Good luck with it!

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