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lilyx calorie counting diary

Hello everyone, I've decided its time to lose weight AGAIN and actually stick to it this time.

A little about me, Im 21 & since 2010 I've lost about 30lbs, A few months ago I was down to 132lbs and somehow managed to gain it all back, by somehow I mean eat so much junk food I can barely move. As I sit here and type Im just cringing at how much I've put back on after working so hard to lose all the weight. Im now back at 140lbs and it means Im back to dieting.

I've always been overweight and chubbier than everyone else I knew, something hit me christmas 2009 that made me realize I needed to loose the weight and I did and I worked hard and went to the gym and ate the right things, I split up with my long term boyfriend about 9 months ago and since then my life has just gone downhill to the point where Im bored so eat for the sake of eating.

Ideally Id like the be back at 132lbs by the end of the month, and then slowly make my way to my ultimate goal which is 125lbs. Anything smaller would be a shocker. Im 5ft5.

I've decided to start tomorrow and be doing around 1000 calories a day to begin with, then moving up to 1200. Im not so good at healthy eating as I tend to snack alot... But Im really going to try.

Will post back tomorrow with what I've eaten and a "before" photo to help motivate me.
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Good luck :) I did pretty much the same as you last yr too. It kinda sucks losing weight you've already shifted!! But at least you KNOW you can do it!!

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Good luck! Yeah, agree with legomom. You know you can do it! :)
So I dropped off the face of the earth but all was not lost! I'm still 140lbs but I've been eating good the last few days.

Today I've had

2x slices of bread (116)
nutella (80)

tomato soup (77)
2x slices of bread (116)
quavers (88)

ww tomato and basil ready meal (254)
rocket & cucumber salad (20)
dressing (45)
quavers (88)

drinks: hot chocolate (40) & 2 diet cokes (2)
= 838

Dont really like to eat ready meals but was so busy this evening just had to bung it in the microwave! I normally eat more snacky foods in the evenings but I've not really fancied anything tonight! I dont know if I should force another few hundred calories down me before I go to bed or just leave it!
today I woke up late so skipped breakfast, made a cheese and salsa toasted sandwich in my george foreman grill and it was just lovely! really hit the spot and came just under 200 calories!

2 x slices of bread (116)
30g LF mozzarella (47)
cool salsa (29)
few sprays of frylight (5)
rocket (5)
vinaigrette (7)

drinks: coffee w/splenda (2)

supposed to be going to a friends birthday party tonight but I kinda really dont want to go, which makes me a awful friend but the temptation to over eat will be everywhere! I dont drink so thats fine as i'll bring some diet coke (woo!) I've said that Im driving if I do go. I hate that dieting makes me feel awkward in social situations!

I didnt weigh today either because i've decided to stop being a slave to the scales and stop weighing multiple times a day. urgh!
I did thank you! Was good because it was a BBQ with tons of grilled chicken and salad. So I just had some of that and alot of diet coke! Was very pleased with myself!

Yesterday was good too, I didnt calorie count but I did eat well! Had fruit salad for breakfast, a low cal store bought sandwhich (>300 calories) then a roast beef dinner with no potatoes or extras! just veggies and some bisto to save on the calories!

I've not eaten yet today as I've been a bit ill, so Im probs going to have a big dinner in the hopes I'll feel better!


I love fruit and veg. ;)
Well done you :D Mmm roast dinner, its my favourite meal haha. Aww hope you feel better soon.
had a sandwich earlier

beef (200)
bread (58)
bread (58)
salad leaves (5)
=321 so far

not decided what im eating later still and times getting on!
i have the warbatons medium sliced white, but the smaller sized loaf one. its 58 calories a slice and seems like normal bread compared to the diet ones!


I love fruit and veg. ;)
lilyx said:
i have the warbatons medium sliced white, but the smaller sized loaf one. its 58 calories a slice and seems like normal bread compared to the diet ones!
Ah, that's good :) white bread makes me bloat :(

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