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Lindsay's Diary - i'm back!!

Evening all, just on for a moan, does anybody else ever feel like you have zero willpower! I'm really struggling these last few days and feel really dissapointed with myself, I have eaten everything in sight tonight and it is just sheer greed and because i know its in the cupboard and near the weekend! Also anybody else really struggle to actually feel full? I can eat and eat and eat!

I work in a school so had 6 weeks holiday, which is when i usually pile the weight on due to bored eating, but this year got really focused on my WW and was really in control, thought it would be easier when i went back to work but its not! I have really upped my physical exercise in the hope it evens out. I am going for a 100% day tomorrow, I know a bit daft starting on a Friday but hey. All the junk food is almost finished so when its done its done!

I don't have much to loose, and i'm technically a healthy weight but just put it on sooo easily! Really have to work hard at trying to maintain.

I even have a night out in newcastle next sat and though that would have been insentive for me but greed just gets the better of me then i feel so bad :( staying away from scales though, too depressing :( Going for it next week, will be on here everyday for you lovely ladies support, sorry about the very long self centred post, but not really got anyone else to moan at and i know you all know what its like :) x
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Lovin it !!! :)

we all get days like this - I certainly do - it will pass - honest xx

You are a healthy bmi though & weigh in low so try not to be so hard on yourself - I bet you look fab !!
I know it is how WE FEEL that makes all the difference but losing & maintaining weight is a flippin battle & can make ya feel so low sometimes - chin up love - tomorrow is another day - its friday, it possibly will be sunny and we will all STILL be here xx


Hiya Chucks!!
Hiya...I think you shouldnt be too hard on yourself,small amounts of weight are just as hard to lose as large amounts..

Just take one day at a time and maybe try something different...keep posting on the board for support ,weve all been there (i have loads of times)and im sure you will find your mojo very soon..
Good luck xx :)
Oh Yes I know how you feel ( as the girls on here can confirm)
I am another that can go without food all day - and when I start to eat I just dont know if I am full and can keep eating:):)
stick with it it will come off and it doesnt matter if you have stones to loose or a couple of lbs - its about how we feel in our own bodies

good luck and why not start on a Friday - its as good a day as any :):)


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Hey, we totally all have days where we just eat and eat! When I went back to school last week I was constantly hungry, had 2 breakfasts one day! I think its from the long holidays then suddenly having a class again and doing work! body needs more food for energy! it will all settle soon tho! :D Keep going!!


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Hey linds just popping by to try get some of my happy feelings to rub off on you!

As you know i got to goal this week but have set myself another so if your stats are correct on your thread we both have 6 or 7lb to lose. We can do it hun ive really learnt that the last few pounds are the hardest to lose but i will suceed & so will you! xxx
Aw thankyou charly :) yeah we do both have the same mini target i'm so glad i found this lovely forum! Feeling better already, going for it tomorrow will be on in the evening for a catch up of course! x
Hi Linds I sometimes have a word of the day on my diary - something for me to focus on
today my word is going to be belief to believe I can do this - and so can you - just have a little faith in YOU :):)


In the 10s at last!
Hey linds just bumping your diary back up to page 1!
Just noticed you are off on hols
soon where are you going hun? anywhere nice & hot? xx
Aw thanks hun :) O/T how do you edit the titley bit? See how technical i am? lol I'm away to Turkey for a week, i have never been before i hope its still quite hot there at the end of september, there is aload of us going, i cant wait! :) xx


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Hey my lovely. So sorry i have been away and so nice to see that you have a diary. Yay! I glad you are feeling better and sorry i missed you when you were feeling down. *hugs* oOo turkey should still be hot then i'm sure. I'm off to Cyprus early October so i'm hoping for the same. Hope you have a brilliant week in preparation for Newcastle. Remember if you need anything you only need to ask. xxx
Thanks you lovely lovely lot! Well i hope everyone is having a fine day, the sun is shining here and i'm feeling very positive! Going for a 100% mon-thurs anyway! Not going to try and kid myself ;P lol hehe xx

Sask, i have never been to Cyprus, that will be good, yeah i rekon it will still be nice and sunny for us :) at least we both have a target to keep us going! :D xx
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100% monday to thursday sounds good to me :D

I'm defo going to have to do some damage control prior to the holiday i'm there for 2 weeks. Eeek i wil just have to try to behave myself. Not too worried food wise the cocktails could be more of an issue though :D tehe. Hope your 100% Tuesday goes well tomorrow. xxx


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You will love turkey ive been twice but i went in july/aug so it was boiling!

Prob a bit more bearable when you are going.
Glad you are feeling more positive this week hun:D just goes to show what a rollercoaster this dieting lark is. I was on cloud 9 last week then it all went downhill when i stuffed my face at the weekend & i felt peed off with myself!
Hey charly thanks cant wait now i'm a real sun worshiper i will pay for it by the time i'm 25 tho probably! Don't feel annoyed at yourself hun, its done now just draw a line, you doing great so far!

Thanks bev :)

O/T - anyone ever go through motions for dried cereal?! I'm a major picker, and have been nibling away at the cheerios box for no aparent reason! I have not weighed it, but should still be ok calling on APs lol it's daft though wishi could get out the habit! Find myself buying weetabix all the time so i don't nible it! lol

as you can see i have had a very exciting day, see trying to back into this work lark! lol x


In the 10s at last!
Im the biggest sun worshipper ever linds(have you looked at my hol pix in my album?) i bake myself every year & at 38 it hasnt caught up with me yet so you have got a few years more sunbathing in you!

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