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Linessa at Lidl


Gonna be skinny!
Now I know Lidl is like the satan of supermarkets but I happend to have a sneak in there yesterday, and they have their own light brand called Linessa. I grabbed some of the low fat soft cheese and it works out at 1pt for half a tub! I could smother the whole damn thing on a jacket and it would only be 2pts worth of cheese! MY MY MY!!! I got some of the linessa crisps too. They work out at 2, not as low as some crisps we can find but they are really tatsty!

x ;)
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Hey hun,

That's one of the best posts I've ever read! Thought you should know. Not only informative but it made me laugh lots!

Kudos to you xxx


Gonna be skinny!
:) yep - ha ha - well I aim to please! It's only 0.2% fat - yes it may be as little bland to some, but mix it with some garlic granuals and u have a garlic dip! Oh yes, gonna have the best fun with this cheese! Yeeeeeha! x


Me on the right! x
Oooo theres a Lidl right by my train station (I too pop in when no-ones looking if I need to grab something on the way home from work!) ;-)
I'll have to sneak in there again and grab some soft cheese. I've been having feta on my salad thinking it was ok points wise - its about 4 points!!! Having low fat cheese would REALLY help save points for a wine and Lidl crisps in the evening! Hehe. xx
Hi peeps and sorry for sticking my nose in but would you tell me why Lidl is the satan of all supermarkets? I love Lidl because of what they have and the prices they sell them at..:wave_cry:

I am a CDer so maybe that explains the lack of knowledge here....

sorry, just curious..

:sad0071:...butting out now...



Gonna be skinny!
Well, it's just not quite Waitrose is it :) No offence intended.


Going From Flab to FAB!
Lidl rocks! .... everything is so much cheaper than Mr Ts! ... i dont get to go often as its to far away but always stock up on loo rolls etc when i get there !


Going From Flab to FAB!
hehe its not quite waitrose no! but hey i cant afford to shop at waitrose so make do with what i can afford!


Gonna be skinny!
Yup - it's usually Tesco for me but lidl is so cheap! x
I go in for my fruit and veg. I find it so much fresher and tastier than Asda's.

Will keep an eye open for the linessa stuff!:)


Gone fishing
Lidl is fab...as is Aldi. A lot of the foods there are considered 'top makes' in other parts of Europe :clap:

Once you know what to go for there's some great quality food for a fab price.


Gone fishing
I think with both Lidl and Aldi, you need to know what to buy before you go. I know mse had a huge thread of recommendations. Haven't seen that thread for a while though.

I love the wholegrain yoghurts in Aldi. Lubberly stuff. Also buy the trout in Lidl if it's on special. Have it with a salad and it's gorgeous.

I also try to buy my sliced meat for sandwiches from Lidl as theirs doesn't contain added water :clap:


Gonna be skinny!
Update - Lidl sell sorbet at 2.5 pts.....per TUB! and also mini cornettos which work out at 1.5 pts each :)


nearly there!! :)
per tub??? ok ill be heading there in a couple of mins haha

Principessa N

Minimins Addict
Right no where i'm going tonight,
there sausage rolls are to die for, got no idea what points are in them as i haven't had them for years, until tonight.
What flavour is it?


Gonna be skinny!
Sorbet - variety of flavours, lemon, strawberry, banana.... Cornetto's vanilla and also hazelnut (both with choc)! x


Me on the right! x
I'm there tomorrow!!!! Wowzers!!! xx Good find Lou! x

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