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Lipotrim 2nd week no loss!!

:eek:Bummer, thats pants isnt it. I dont understand that I have never heard of it before. Im really gutted for you and I hope it doesnt put you off.
All I will say is hammer the water it is really important. Anyhow chin up and stick with it;)
That is bad luck .... but it will show even more next week! :)

I have just had my 2nd weigh-in & only lost 2 lbs - but then I thought 8 lbs in 2 weeks is a great loss! And I wondered whether I might have dipped out on the water the last couple of days.

Well done you for sticking to it! Carry on ... I am sure the scales will show a different result next week.
thanks for the reply.

I am gutted stuck to it as well 100% as said water intake might have not been enough so we will see.

I need to go on a re-feed after 1 more week due to holiday but am going straight back on it when back and as said if i can make a 1 stone loss in 3 weeks i will be happy!...so fingers crossed!
Crossed mine as well, you can borrow some of my -lb's if you wish:confused:


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i dont blame you for being disappointed at all, i would be too. You just need to remember that whatever the reason, if you havent cheated and if you up the water the weight loss will start again. Good luck xxx
I would be gutted if that happened, it is tough enough to stick to the diet and you live for the weigh in, but at least you recognise what the problem could possibly be so its important this week to watch your water intake and stay motivated. Goodluck xx :)


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Its not the 'wrong time' is it? I know that affected my weigh in. I bet you lose LOADS next week. Stick with it, it will pay off honestly.

Good luck hun.x
Its not the 'wrong time' is it? I know that affected my weigh in. I bet you lose LOADS next week. Stick with it, it will pay off honestly.

Good luck hun.x
Shaz its a man:eek:


Back on the wagon!
Thats a pain when you have no losses....I lost only 0.5llbs a few times - all down to low water intake....really step it up this week and the pounds will fly off.......
hahaha i was going to say the same thing as Shaz but wasnt too sure so though i'd better not lol.
You're lucky xxx


Back on the wagon!
I dont have to worry about "the wrong time" :p:p

Yeah as said sorry am a man! well i am trying to be !:D


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LOL. Woops sorry :eek:.

I don't know the answer then. It will definitely come off next week. Just blame the scales......bet next week you'll have a huge loss!
Thats good mate, you want to be peeing for england, fill ya boots...... well not literally:eek:
thanks for the replys i know i have lost inches because my 40inch jeans now are way too big even after 2 weeks!!

Got my old 38 levis out and they fit nicely! in fact they have a little slack in them so alls good.

Am a little gutted i have to come off it soon for the holiday but if i do the re-feed properly and then eat sensibly should i be ok?

thanks again this is a great forum!

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