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Lipotrim Dreams - come share!


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I forgot!!! And then it happened. Was in the queue lining up for food and I opted for a scrummy sweetcorn fritter and it was great.

The next day I was so very disappointed with myself for eating the fritter - then I remembered - it was just a dream!

I forgot this side effect at the begining and I used to dream of eating whole roast dinners - the relief of realised it WAS just a dream was far nicer than eating the fantasy food.

So have you had a food/meal dream?
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Glad someone else has these! I can't remember most of them, but latest one was me devouring choc biscuits. And that feeling of annoyance/disappointment etc is very vivid.
yes i have them too, especially if i've been planning meals for when i refeed, i remember last night dreaming i had a bean and cheese toastie, my brothers fault because he was eating one earlier on in the evening and i do love them :( was so relieved when i realised it was a dream tho, but i do get these often xx


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I have these dreams all the time.

The worst one was of me ordering a huge chinese and making a pig of myself. I felt sooo bad afterwards

I was very happy when I woke up and realised I was still 100%
Wow me too! I dreamt I was really angry and was eating a curry with naan(dont even like Indian very much!!)

Lol glad its not just me :) and yes the relief when I realised it was all just a dream... haha :)

I have these all the time - feel terribly guilty when I do, wake up in sweats n everything! except this one time I realized I was dreaming so took advantage of enjoying KFC chicken! haaaha! (do they call that a lucid dream?)

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