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Lipotrim Flapjacks Have you tried them


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Hi I asked my chemist for some flapjacks to try.OMG does anyone like them.
I tried the cocconut one but could only manage a quarter of it.The taste is terrible.
I was almost sick.I think ill stick to the shakes from now on.
Has anyone else tried them?
Did you like them?
Any tips to make them taste better?
Thanks in advance Cathy
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i had a crisis and ran out of shakes coz i ordered 7 days worth not 8 and then there was a bank holiday and my delivery was delayed...

all the chemist had was flapjacks.. they dont stock lipotrim they just order for you weekely.

so i bought her entire stock of 6 emergency flapjacks

must say the first took me an hour to eat and i said never again......:jelous:

next morning it was nothing all day or 3 flapjacks...so i ate them


must say after the 6th one went down on the second day.... yea there ok...

i keep one in my bag and if im out and cant get home or cant get to make a shake.. i know i have a meal there....

i order 3 a week now and use them when im on the go.. they still dont taste to good.. but you get used to them.....



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Thanks Nix.
Poor you running out of shakes.
I tried to persevere by nibbling then chewing for ages but still didnt like the strong burnt sour taste.I asked my OH to taste it and he said I think it is off there is something wrong with it.:rolleyes:.
So Ive made myself a strawberry shake instead.


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Hiya, I'm gonna have my first one tomorrow morning (peanuts one) and have heard that they're wile but are edible when you dip them into a coffee. So that's my plan :) It's gonna be my morning treat LOL

Don't forget, none of these foods are made for an enjoyment.....imagine you liked them, it would be soooo easy to eat loads of them at the same time ;-) At least I keep thinking.....I'm gonna have more choc mousse....hm, and it's sooo salty and quite yucky but because I love the consistency (my fave type of food consistency) I could literally eat more if I didn't control myself! So I guess the wile taste is there for purpose :)


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HeHe Yes your right if they tasted nice then I would probably be tempted to eat half a dozen.
Might try a peanut one dunked in coffee over the weekend.
Take Care
Hi all,
I dont mind them and have 2 a day it helps to get the water down as each one needs approx 1/2 ltr theye are an aquired taste.

Sharron xx
Hiya Sharron

I don't know how you stick the flapjacks. I took 2 to try one week. They were so bad I just did without. I only take the chocolate shakes yes all chocolate no other flavour. They are the only ones I can tolerate.
You cant make Flapjacks taste any better, and the only time I could actually eat them was after 2 weeks of TFR. Because at that time your tastebuds are so bland that absolutely everything would seem edible!. It usually takes me a one litre bottle of water in order to be able to swallow 1. I would only recommend them when you are out and about as they are convienient, and also if you really miss having something to chew.
How many flavoured flapjacks are there? Didnt realise you could have them bars if one fancied a chew instead of slurping mousse!


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Hiya guys, so I've just had my first flapjack today (the peanuts one) and yep, it's pretty wile LOL However, it's edible if you take only tiny bites that were dunked into a coffee (for me, without any sweetener, but if you're taking sweeteners than I guess they'll taste better....well, a bit anyway ;-) ). I've got 3 for this week as I'd love to be able to chew a little, so that's the only reason why I've got them.

Sharron, can you have 2 a day?? I thought a max was 1 a day only. Not that I would like more then one every other day ;-)

My pharmacist didn't have my fave milkshake this week (vanilla) :-( so it's gonna be a bland week. But I won't care once I loose more weight I guess.

Take care guys.


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Interesting reading how diiferent people manage to eat the flapjacks.
I think Ill give it another week and try one then see if my tastebuds have changed.
I got them really for when im out and about,and because I miss chewing LOL.


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How many flavoured flapjacks are there? Didnt realise you could have them bars if one fancied a chew instead of slurping mousse!
Hi Fatbusterforever
There are two flavours,cocconut and peanut.
Thanks for letting me know. I will at the end of week 2, on restocking my LP supply order some flapjacks. Cheers! :)
Forgive my ignorance, but what does HTH stand for Cathy?
HTH possibly happy to help not sure tho

No ones ever said a max of 1 a day still having steady weight loss so cant be a bad thing

I think the word needs to be used in very loose terms they more resemble a carpet til but as I said helps get the water down

Keep strong everyone

Sharron xx


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i think the word flapjack is loose description.. there the size of a rich tea and double the thickness...
they have a powdery and almost pasty texture and are dense as hell...

they have lil lumpy bits in them either coconut or peanut but honestly they both taste the same

but yea they take a while to eat and are definately an aquired taste...

i keep them for when im out.. dont know if i can have two a day one is enough..

but then i do love the shakes and soups.. although i make them with 300ml water so there a bit thinner .. and the waters gotta be iced too,,,,

almost time for my soup....


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There aren't words in the oxford dictionary for those "flapjacks" I try to bring htem for lunch at work but i cant finish them. I didnt mind at the start but i cant face the smell of them now


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I was going to order a couple but I think I might wait a couple more weeks until my need to chew wins the battle against my taste buds!


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I was going to order a couple but I think I might wait a couple more weeks until my need to chew wins the battle against my taste buds!
Best of luck Lisa You'll get to goal in no time!

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