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Lipotrim from the doctors.


I will do this!!!


I will do this!!!
oh! in that case i really hope i can get it on presciption!!! do you know what the criteria is to get it??
No sorry pizzle I don't, I didn't think to ask actually.....presumably you have to have a BMI of over 25?


I will do this!!!
check! well im seeing my gp on monday so i'll ask. thanks :)
Oh no pizzle, I don't think it's an NHS prescription, it must be a private one, which means you pay for it anyway. And £28 is the lowest I've seen anybody pay for it!
I tried to get it on prescription, but my GP said the NHS couldn't afford it, so waterworks could well be right and it will be a private prescription.

How come you only pay £28?, i pay £36 and i know some others pay more that that x x


I will do this!!!
oh, i thought i could get it cheaper :(


I will do this!!!
its just £28 from my gp, in down in cornwall.
Well done you.. You got the bargain!! lol

Mine is £36 and some are even more.. Perhaps it's cos it's from your GP and mine is from a pharmacist x x

Are you on LT? I am only asking cos your diet thingy under your name says sw?

Good luck on it hun x x x


I will do this!!!
oh i was on LT then went on Slimming world but im restarting LT on monday!
Hiya, I'm in cornwall too and I get my from the GPs (well nurse usually) but they don't do it as an NHS prescription, you'd still have to pay no matter what. I was told that "the NHS wouldn't pay for anyone elses food everyday so why should they pay for our food on liptotrim?"

I was told by my nurse the reason the price varies so much can depend on where you get it from, pharmacies charge more because they work on a "for profit basis" where as the NHS doesn't (although if you go to a doctors surgery that your not a registered patient at, they would treat you as a private patient and charge more) - apparently supply and depend also plays a factor.

I was referred onto Lipotrim as i'm due to have an operation next year and it was suggested that losing weight would be in my best interest for that which is why mines through the GP (and so they can monitor my health too).

Hope this helps a little.

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